Rodney Martin: The Economic Plan of the NSDAP

Historian Rodney Martin of the World View Foundation narrates an English translation of the National Socialist Economic Plan (1932) to rescue and restore Germany’s economy, to put the population back to work, increase production and prosperity for the people, to halt usury, exploitation, foreign speculation and interference in the economy, and to increase independence, etc. Mr. Martin simultaneously compares and contrasts what was happening in the Weimar Republic with the USA in 2012.


Audio mp3

A copy of the English translation of this document can be downloaded here in pdf format  (23 MB)

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4 Responses to Rodney Martin: The Economic Plan of the NSDAP

  1. irokoin says:

    Thank you for all of this work

  2. irokoin says:

    Couple of questions:

    1) how is it that the german people have not realized that their flag is up side down ?

    2) just curious, is it truth that there are germans that do not know who hitler was ?

    • 1. Some have known this for quite some time, and more people are realizing it nowadays. You have to realize that in Germany, the people have been gone through massive brainwashing and “de-Germanization” program for many decades and are forbidden from questioning many things, and patriotism is discouraged. The victors was called “de-Nazification” but really, it was to destroy German nationalism, pride, and the memory of their true cultural heritage, and to enforce “collective guilt and shame”.

      2. Everybody in Germany knows who Hitler was and his false legacy is constantly thrown in their faces as a reminder of their alleged “collective guilt”. It would be impossible for any German to not know who he was, but it is forbidden to question what they are taught about him and National Socialism.

      • irokoin says:

        I know how you feel… I am Arab, we are constantly been demonized too, we are “terrorist”… It not just in Germany, every time i try to explain people that Hitler was not “evil” I get attack and people gets angry, people is indeed programmed.

        But I’ll continue to do it, and thank to people like you that takes time to gather important information such as this, we all be better informed.

        Thanks man and if you ever need help, just ask

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