Trailer: Hitler & Himmler UNCENSORED

Trailer for a great book published by VK Clark. If you think you know and understand anything about National Socialist racial views and policies, watch this video, read this book (and others in this series), and think again. Chances are that everything you thought you knew is merely allied and Jewish propaganda. NSDAP racial policy was NEVER about “hate” or “superiority”, but rather, “self-preservation”.  That is to say, preservation of the German / European heritage (racial heritage, history, values, language, culture, and her autonomy, economy and security) and once again, becoming the masters within their own house (not to “rule the world”), following the post-WWI  Weimar Republic chaos.

The intention was to free Germany from the control of subversive elements (“enemies both foreign and domestic”, in American vernacular) which had run Germany into the ground, through introduction of official policy, not through violence. Yes, indeed, it was racial, but it was NOT  an “extermination policy”. Foreigners were still welcome, respected and treated well, as Ms Clark points out in several of her books, the actions of the National Socialists did not always live up to their rhetoric. She makes the case, through documents, speeches, pictures, interviews and “exemptions” by Hitler himself, that Germany was far more racially tolerant and ambivalent than most imagine, or have been led to believe.

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3 Responses to Trailer: Hitler & Himmler UNCENSORED

  1. irokoin says:

    Is it true that Himmler was a traitor?

    • Yes, I don’t have all of the details handy, just a quick reply here, but in “Hitler’s Last Will and Political Testament” he removed both Himmler and Goering from all of their government and party positions due to their disloyalty.

      • irokoin says:

        Yes, that is precisely why i ask, because Hitler wrote it.. Thanks for respond, and for your job here

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