Rodney Martin – From Weimar Germany to Weimar America

Freedom for GermanyDeanna Spingola’s guest, historian Rodney Martin, discuss the effects of the First World War,Treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, etc, and the democratization of Germany, with the creation of the Weimar Republic. He discusses the subversive forces within, and the negative effects on German society and culture, which was the genesis for the NSDAP. Martin details how, just as the National Socialists came into power, influential Jews emigrated straight to America (NYC and Hollywood) and began the demonization of Hitler and the NSDAP, while others were recruited as US Intel agents, as well as, how International Jewry (Judea) then declared war on Germany. Martin then goes on to relates this history to present day America, and how the US is now comparable to the Weimar Republic.



The show aired July 19, 2012. This archive is edited and commercial free. “Spingola Speaks” radio show airs daily on the Republic Broadcasting Network.

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