World War II: A Discussion of the Means, Motives, Opportunities, Beneficiaries, and the Justifications for War

The above video is a 28 minute excerpt from “Der ewige Jude” or “The Eternal Jew” (English translation) of an NSDAP propaganda film that was widely circulated in Germany in 1940. Some have suggested that Hitler was a Jew and even a Rothschild, but such theories do not hold up to close scrutiny as shown on a previous post.

This film clearly shows that the NSDAP government of Adolf Hitler was exposed and opposing the Rothschild Banking Empire, and agree or not, the filmmakers attempt to show the level Jewish influence in German society in the Weimar years, and how concerned the NSDAP were about the perceived danger that Jewish influence posed to their financial system and economy, their political system, national security, as well as, to their cultural heritage, and to the traditional Christian moral values of the German people. It should be clear too, as Rodney Martin (and others) have pointed out that the National Socialist race policies toward Jews were not about “hate”, but rather, self-preservation in the face of a perceived threat.  Whether or not you agree with the seriousness of that threat is irrelevant. Hitler and his NSDAP were at war with Bolshevists from the start. He also declared war against Freemasonry (video), other secret societies, and interest groups, all of which which he denounced as subversive “fifth columnists”.

Germany was an autonomous nation, or at least, trying to re-assert itself as such, and to protect herself and her interests, and what nation on Earth does not assert the right to protect itself and its interests? Who would object to that? Obviously someone did! The question is, who, and why? And to what lengths would they go to prevent that, and to justify their actions? Would they lie and incite fear and hatred in their peoples to do their bidding? Much has been written and said about Hitler and Goebbels and the so-called “Big Lie” technique, but in fact, in ‘Mein Kampf’, Hitler was merely describing the tactics of the enemy. He himself was nothing but forthright about his own intentions, both domestically and in his pronouncements to the world about Germany’s desires for peace.

Since the events of September 11th, 2001, the USA and other Western nations have declared themselves to be in a “War On Terrorism”, against a perceived threat, based on the theory that Osama bin Laden and 19 Arab Muslims with box cutters defeated the most heavily defended nation on Earth on 9/11. Regardless of whether you believe that or not (and many do not), America and her NATO allies have continued to use this pretext of 9/11 to wage wars in the Middle East and to overthrow various regimes, in some cases democratically elected, for their stated goals of “world peace, liberty, freedom and democracy”, all the while, killing many innocent people in the process, whom they simply write off as “collateral damage”.  And lest we forget, alleged WMDs were the pretext to invade Irag. None were found and the expert inspectors knew all along that there weren’t any. That it was all “a Big Lie”.  But no one is held accountable.  Though the leaders have and regimes have changed in America, they continue to claim there is a world wide conspiracy of hate-filled, crazy extremist Muslims with the means and motive to strike America and Israel at any time. The point is, that the USA and NATO have used the doctrine of “preemptive strikes”, as has Israel, with the claim that they were necessary to prevent attacks against their own countries. They also use the same playbook or M/O in their justifications, claiming the their latest enemy is “the next Hitler!”.  Have we noticed? Do we see the pattern yet?

At Nuremberg, the Germans were tried as “war criminals” by the victorious allies for using this doctrine of preemptive war, and for not sitting back and waiting for Poland to attack her, or for the Soviet Union to roll across Europe and attack (as per their doctrine since Lenin). They accused the Germans of waging an “aggressive war” and war crimes against humanity”, and declared them guilty, meted out what they called “justice” while no one on the allied side was ever accused much investigated for their own war crimes and atrocities. One must ask, how fair were these trials, what was the process, who conducted them, who were the witnesses, and what was the standard of evidence which was used? It was a  kangaroo court and a show trial, and most of what was presented and how it was conducted would not have been permitted in an an American court of law.

Historians have since proven that, both Poland and the Soviet Union had the the plans, motives, and the means, to attack Germany, and that such attacks were imminent. Indeed, their armed forces were in a high state of war preparedness, while Germany was NOT, in spite of allied claims to the contrary. Poland had in fact, already made incursions into German border cities and the Polish people were engaged in brutal pogroms against the ethnic German minority (More on this to come in future posts.) And if the Brits and French were really so keen to help poor Poland, what did they ever actually do to help them? Why did they not accept Hitler’s offer to withdraw?

Why indeed? Because meanwhile, the English, French and the USA had also been building up their military forces, weapons and munition stocks following the First World War, in spite of their promise and duty to as signatories of the Versailles Treaty to disarm, as Germany had done. Was this honourable? The British and Americans had also built up their Air-forces with long range heavy bombers designed for massive carpet bombing of cities. Germany had none, and had no plans or any means to engage in long distance air warfare, with which to heavily bomb distant cities and populations. As the war started, Germany had to play catch up, to improvise and use innovative strategy. Why? Because most of their budget was spent on rebuilding Germany’s economy, industry, infrastructure, health care and other innovative social programs, and putting 7 million people back to work in honest and productive, well paying jobs with benefits, and thereby, creating a truly stable, independent and self-sufficient state that could not be controlled by unscrupulous International Bankers, financiers and market speculators, nor ruined by subversive elements from within (ie “enemies, foreign and domestic”). Contrary to popular belief, Hitler did NOT achieve his economic miracle in Germany through focusing on re-arming his nation and spending borrowed money from the Bankster Gangsters as the allies had done, in preparation for war.

So, which of these world leaders led a government that was really doing what an honourable government should do for its people? Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, or Adolf Hitler?  Which ones really had peaceful intentions. Who was making outrageous demands? Who was secretly thwarting peace efforts? Who was it that was really secretly conspiring to wage war, and actually planning and preparing for it?  Who was it that was using military spending to re-float their own shattered economies after WWI and the Great Depression?  And perhaps more importantly, who were the “special interest” groups and individuals who held sway with or over the allied leaders? Who or what groups had both the means and motive to both incite hatred against the Germans, and to finance the allied nation’s war aims? Who profited handsomely from the war, both financially and politically, at the expense of their own people, in terms of money, debt slavery and blood? Who lost? Who won?

Did Hitler, the National Socialists and Germany gain anything from the Second World War? Were they really “liberated from evil”? And do “conspiracy theorists” still really think Hitler was a Jew or a Rothschild? Or their “agent”? Do you really believe that Hitler was part of the New World Order agenda, and that he left his country in ruins and went off to some exotic place to retire? He killed himself in 1945, rather than surrender and suffer at the hands of his enemies. The Russians had circulated the rumours of his escape, but when the Soviet Union collapsed, and the archives were opened, they revealed his jaw bones which were positively identified through his dental records.

Again, who benefited, and is still benefiting from World War II?

I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

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