Dresden holocaust

About Germany

At the Conference in Casablanca (1943), the Allies had agreed on ‘unconditional surrender’ as the final goal of the war. They decided to ‘prepare’ the Germans for accepting their conditions by the strategy of ‘moral bombing’ (which had been applied ‘successfully’ by England since the beginning of the war). The destruction of German cities (every city with more than 60 000 inhabitants) and the number of killed civilians (several millions) has no equal in human history. One of the most devastating attacks was carried out against the city of Dresden on February 13th, 1945 – when the war was almost over. This city did not have any relevant industry or military facilities but it was giving shelter to hundreds of thousands of refugees. The goal of the attack was obviously to kill as many people as possible. Thus, shortly after a first devastating strike, when people were leaving the cellars and air…

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