Radio Interview: Arthur Topham & Hans Krampe – World War II History, Propaganda and Modern Day Canadian Revisionist Witch Hunts

In this radio show interview from May 2011, Deanna Spingola and her guests Arthur Topham, publisher of the “Radical Press“, and author Hans Krampe discuss World War II History, propaganda and modern day Canadian Revisionist witch hunts.  Arthur speaks about his long-term persecution by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, as well as, the persecution and trials of Ernst Zundel in Canada.  Hans Krampe also discusses his book “Swastika and Scimitar” and related topics.


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In May 2012, Arthur Topham, a Canadian dissident voice and long-time defender of Free Speech became the latest victim of Canada’s infamous “Hate Speech” laws. He was arrested at his home,  his home was searched, his computers seized, and he was ordered by Canadian authorities to cease publishing. Arthur has been banned from using his computers, sending e-mails and from using the Internet, and thereby, has been effectively silenced by the enemies of Free Speech.

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(Canada’s latest free speech victim Arthur Topham of Radical Press, charged under Canada’s hate law and gagged – Paul Fromm)

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Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Swastika and Scimitar: Brothers in Arms
by Hans Krampe

The sequel to VIP’s “A New Look at Hitler’s Armed Forces” and prequel to “The Hyenas of High Finance”. A mysterious Standartenfuehrer is sent by Adolf Hitler to Tanganyika on a special mission that few knew about then and even fewer know about today: to foment African resistance against British imperialism. No historians have yet detailed his remarkable adventures recruiting African intriguers against the British mandate government, and Arab special forces for sabotage and warfare against Imperial Britain in Iraq. He recruited prostitutes, Jews, homosexuals, Asians, Arabs and Africans to assist the NS-German cause, and all did so voluntarily. Ever heard of the African American man who assisted the Nazis in Tanganyika? How about the Arab officer who earned the Iron Cross? All VIP books are created by American workers and printed in the United States.

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