The Transfer Agreement and Boycott Fever of 1933 – part 1

Deanna Spingola reads from “The Transfer Agreement and Boycott Fever of 1933” by Professor Udo Walendy. This 40 page, illustrated and well sourced booklet goes into all of the pertinent background information regarding the open declaration of war against Germany by self-described “World Jewry” or “Judea” , and their global boycott of German goods and services, all based upon anti-German fear mongering propaganda. Their stated objective was to bring Germany to  destroy Germany.  They began to implement this plan as soon as the National Socialists came to power in order to undermine Hitler, and thereby, subvert the will of the German people who had elected his party and it’s economic rescue plan.  But who, or what other agenda, was served by this economic terrorism, hmmm?

Deanna completed reading about half of the booklet, and will continue with the rest in a future show.

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You can read the illustrated and sourced booklet for yourself here:

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