The Transfer Agreement and Boycott Fever of 1933 – part 2

In her Tuesday, November 6th radio show, Deanna Spingola continued reading from “The Transfer Agreement and Boycott Fever of 1933″ by Professor Udo Walendy. This book debunks the notion that “Hitler created Israel” as many have falsely claimed. Watch the above video (42 minutes)  or…

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NOTE: Deanna is the author of 2 books in what will become a trilogy, based upon her many years of historical research into the real facts, personalities, organizations and forces which have shaped the world as we know it today.

The following is her latest book, containing 780 pages and is available through my affiliate store “Justice for Germans Books and DVDs

The Ruling Elite: The Zionist Seizure of World Power

The Ruling Elite: The Zionist Seizure of World Power
by Deanna Spingola
CDN$ 28.42


“The U.S. government, complicit with the well-connected corporations, since the so-called Civil War, continues to wage war and destruction. Lincoln’s revolutionary war, supported by Marx and Engels, caused at least 618,222 and perhaps as many as 700,000 deaths, including about 50,000 Confederate civilians. Soldiers who were fighting, dying and killing during that war were in training for future wars. If Americans could kill fellow citizens, then they would use force against foreign citizens, in behalf of the government. That war foreshadowed the devastating global warfare that followed with the Spanish American War, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the First Gulf War and the current wars in the Middle East. They do not include the bombings in the Baltic and elsewhere or the CIA’s covert warfare wherein millions of people died. In the First World War, soldiers killed 9,911,000 people in action, and wounded 21,219,500 people, while 7,750,000 people were missing in action for a total of 38, 880,500. In the Second World War, there were over 24,000,000 military deaths and 49,000,000 civilian deaths totaling 73,000,000 deaths, not including the number of wounded or missing. That is 82,911,000 deaths in two world wars. The real question is WHY?”

This  will be a great book to read over the Winter months, and would also make an excellent Christmas present or birthday present for a friend or loved one.  By purchasing through J4G Books, you will also be supporting my continued truth-telling efforts.

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