Russian WWII Vets say “Germans Were the Best Soldiers in the World”

picGerman Soldiers

“Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were great warriors!”

Old incorrigible Nazis, telling it to curious journalists somewhere in Bolivia, or rough skinheads, shouting these words during their meeting in а gloomy Berlin suburb? Wrong!

Three outstanding Russian writers, unanimously admiring the worst enemies of Communism! (Very serious intellectual crime all over ‘the civilized world’ today)

Speaks Daniil Granin (born in 1919), who spent 3 years in the blockading (by German and Finnish troops) Leningrad:

“The Germans fought better, much better than our soldiers. Moreover — we`ve managed to win that war only by human flesh!”

Boris Vasiljev was the Red Army battle officer during WW2:

“The Germans waged war perfectly. Even when they were encircled, they fought excellently! I know it. I saw it by myself!”

The author of several military and patriotic novels, Vasiljev tells:

“We`ve managed to win the war by chance, absolutely. Evald von Kleist simply decided to stop his tanks for several days just near Moscow. Therefore, the Soviets received some free time in order to transfer the fresh troops, which attacked the Germans very successfully”

While General Andrej Andreevitch Vlasov is reputed officially in modern “free capitalist” Russia as a “vicious pro-Nazi collaborator and traitor”, Vasiljev considers absolutely differently:

“Vlasov was magnificent, properly Russian national military Commander! He decided to revenge himself upon Stalin, who committed terrible crimes against all peoples of Russia. Vlasov had high ideal of the Free Russia, as well as the real sense of responsibility towards his soldiers.”

The Red Army generals en masse were the direct opposite as compared with Vlasov, thinks Vasiljev:

“There were killed 1.300.000. Russian soldiers near Rzhev — through Soviet commanders’  faults only, and nobody speaks about the terrible tragedy so far in my country!”

The late Viktor Astafjev was on the Soviet-German front all the war long, 1941-1945:

“The Germans fought much, much better — in all respects! The Communists chose to shed rivers of the Russian blood literally in order to win the War. The Soviets won over Germany only by their extreme brutality and inhumanity!”

The best WW2 Commander? “Field-Marshall Erich von Manstein, of course!”, tells the great Russian national writer:

“He managed to push three Bolshevik armies into the Azov and Black Seas with the help of two German corpses only! He was the great military genius — yes, really!”

And Zhukov?

“Honest Russian patriot? Ha! This bastard covered half-Europe by the millions of the Russian guys` corpses by his extremely sadistic personal kind of war waging! He deserves neither honor, nor respect, never!”


Story by  Alexander Mezentsev


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3 Responses to Russian WWII Vets say “Germans Were the Best Soldiers in the World”

  1. larryzb says:

    Must disagree somewhat with the first quote above (Granin). Hitler made many major blunders in his conduct of the war in the East. Such blunders combined with sheer weight of numbers for the Soviets led to German defeat. See von Manstein’s “Lost Victories” and other memoirs.

    • You are welcome to disagree, but they were talking about the soldiers, not Hitler, so it’s a bit ‘off topic’ I think. That said, as V. Clark and others have pointed out, Hitler’s so-called “blunders” in the east, were not of his doing, but of several of his Generals who disregarded his orders while he was very sick for several weeks at a very critical stage of the eastern campaign. Sorry I don’t have time to elaborate on that right now, but thanks again for reading and your comments. Cheers!

  2. josh says:

    im surprised that Russia officers and soliders said good things about the german fighting man all the Russian vetrans my uncle met said my uncle should be tried for war crimes

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