Sie kämpften für Deutschland – They fought for Germany

VIDEO:  a collection of some 52 high-quality, colour video clips of the German Forces

In honour of all those who fought, were wounded, who died, and those who survived in a valiant struggle for Germany’s freedom from International Tyranny and Slavery by the allied powers, both Communist and Capitalist, and their International Bankster Gangster Masters of the City of London and Wall Street, who financed both of them, just as they finance all wars and war mongers today.

I wish to  also give honour and respect to all of those brave comrades from some 40 different nations, including Asians, Arabs, Blacks, Indians, Muslims, Sikhs, Russians, Cossacks, Latvians, Finns, French, Brits, Hungarians,  Romanians, and many others who fought along side the Germans in this valiant struggle against the REAL World War Criminals:  Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, and the leaders of self-described World Jewry who declared war on Germany in 1933.

While the government of the occupied nation today may not wish to honour you and continue to dishonour themselves, and to collaborate in burdening their people with the perpetual lies and myths, and unjustified war guilt and shame, I on behalf of all Germans World Wide say:

THANK YOU for your service to your people, your nation and leadership, and may you all Rest in Peace!


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They fought for Germany

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2 Responses to Sie kämpften für Deutschland – They fought for Germany

  1. buthaina says:

    Yes, Wayne, AMEN
    To all those heroes whom you mentioned above, May Almighty God rest their soul in the highest heaven or Ferdous, in my language. AMEEN, AMEEN

  2. Guderian says:

    This is….amazing. Your entire website is amazing, sir! It truly opened my eyes to the truth, about what really happened during WWII, and I’m glad for that. I am actually ashamed of how much I fell for mainstream media regarding WWII. By reading your website, my life was literally changed (though almost as if I’m living a double life, as very few of my friends has the same view, and as I quietly conducted my research to expand my knowledge). Best regards to you sir!

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