To you they were criminals, to us they were grandfathers!

VIDEO WW2 justified by former German soldiers

This appears to have been taken from a Dutch TV program or documentary. Several former German Wehrmacht soldiers tell their story and their justification, and they do not apologize for their service.

One thing to note at the end where they are talking about the invasion of Holland is that fail to mention, that if Germany had not marched into Holland, they would have been invaded by the French, Brits and Americans before the Germans got there. So one cannot simply blame the Germans as aggressors. Look at the context and what would have otherwise happened. Also, the Germans did NOT overthrow the Dutch govt and install any puppets. Towards the end, the Germans are confronted with an alleged war crime, but these German soldiers contended that it was  concerning “partisans”.  These, regardless of country,  were not bound by nor subject to rights of the Geneva or Hague Conventions.   It should be noted too that there were also partisans dressing up in German uniforms and committing atrocities in order to create hate and fear of the Germans. Also, many foreign troops served on the German side, and they were not always as honourable as the Germans, and did commit attrocities that were often blamed on Germans.

VIDEO: Wehrmacht veterans report on Battle of Stalingrad

German Veterans interviewed about poverty, displacement, death and hunger. 93000 became prisoners in Russia, 6000 returned alive. (Primarily in German, but with some English sub-titles)

VIDEO Russians Build German WW2 Memorial (RT)

(RT) “A new cemetery has been opened in central Russia, but this one is a bit different from others across the country: The site honors the German soldiers killed in Russia during World War II.

Almost 25,000 Germans have already been buried in a cemetery near the village Besedino in Kursk Region, in a move Russia hopes will be viewed as a sign of reconciliation.”

VIDEO: WW II german Veteran (5 parts) D-day Normandy 1944 / 2008

This video is in German, and is the story of one German Veteran of the Battle of Normandy, and his one trip back there. He passed away a year later.

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  1. larryzb says:

    We had heard that US General George Patton had said that the only civilized or cultured people he encountered in Europe were the Germans. (Not sure if this was a true quote.)

    Nuremburg trials were show trials. War crimes (waging war on civilian population centers) were committed by the British and American air forces. The Red Army raped and murdered its way through all of eastern and central Europe. Then after the war, the US loots all the German intellectual property.

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