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A very eye-opening article which should serve to shatter many false beliefs concerning Hitler’s Third Reich, the myths concerning “Nazi racism”, and the widely held notions that virtually everyone fought against Germany in the Second World War.

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Hitler’s Declaration of War Against Stalin in 1941 – Who Was the Real Villain?

The following 88 page booklet published by the government of the Third Reich contains Adolf Hitler’s speech to the German people concerning his decision to declare war against the Soviet Union, and the official diplomatic message sent to the Soviets, outlining in … Continue reading

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Christmas with Hitler – He was a Christian and National Socialism was based on Christianity, NOT the occult!

Contrary to popular belief based upon propaganda and disinfo, Hitler was a Christian and the National Socialism was Christian-based, and indeed, everyone had the right of “freedom of religion”.  Hitler did also not ban Christmas as some claim, nor was … Continue reading

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Hitler Was a War Monger! He Started WWII …Oh Really???

Reichstag Speech, May 21, 1935. “We recognize, with the understanding and the heartfelt friendship of true Nationalists, the Polish State as the home of a great, nationally-conscious people.” “The German Reich and, in particular, the present German Government, have no … Continue reading

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New Radio Interview: National Intel Report on RBN

I got a last minute call today  from Deanna Spingola today to be her 1st hour guest on the “National Intel Report”, where she was filling in for John Stadtmiller. I was most grateful for this opportunity as Mr. Stadtmiller … Continue reading

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