A very eye-opening article which should serve to shatter many false beliefs concerning Hitler’s Third Reich, the myths concerning “Nazi racism”, and the widely held notions that virtually everyone fought against Germany in the Second World War.

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  1. Daniel A. Jaimen Navarrete says:

    Racist-like statements my form, here and there, part of a political propaganda program but that doesn’t extend at all to the actual thought and intention of the leading elites. They were much more pragmatic and realistic than that. Many German jews fought for the III Reich. The Japanese were pronounced “Honor Aryans” (whatever that means). And, of course, Hitler himself was very impressed by the Spanish of the Blue Division.

    • Markus says:

      Hi Daniel,

      I have always heard that the Jews fighting in the German Wehrmacht were Zionist and that Zionist Jews have orchastrated the Hitler government as a pretext to get Palestine. I’m not so sure if that is true.

      Could it be also that they were just fed up with their Bolshevik/Capitalist kinsmen or had assimilated to become German?

      Horst Mahler for example is part Jewish and his family stood behind Hitler when he grew up.

      Regarding the Japanese Honorable Aryans, I have my theory. One, they are the lightest (almost chalky) Asians. Two, there is a genetic connection, as many Japanese look Nordic and vice versa. Take the singer of Norwegian pop band A-Ha, he looks Japanese (not Chinese, though). Or Icelandic singer Bjœrk, she looks Japanese or Inuit. And then, there is the Indo-Germanic origin, which shares the same language roots and the Swastika is highly regarded all over Asia.

      When the German scientific expedition went to Tibet and Nepal to search for the origines of the Aryans, they measured the skulls of the locals, who were clearly Asiatic, not even “Black Aryans” aka Indians.

      • Markus, “Jews fighting in the German Wehrmacht were Zionist snd that Zionist Jews have orchastrated the Hitler government as a pretext to get Palestine.” is most certainly not true. Your second statement “Could it be also that they were just fed up with their Bolshevik/Capitalist kinsmen or had assimilated to become German?” is closer to the truth. They were permitted to not only remain in Germany but also to serve Germany because they had a demonstrated track record of service and support for Germany. Hitler honored them. There was a system of merit. Anyone could appeal directly to Hitler for exemption to the Nuremberg Laws, and Hitler was dealing with such appeals almost daily until at least 1943 or early 1944. As to the Japanese, I think you may be reading too much into that, and that the answer is more simply that they were simply honored in this respect as they were treaty allies of Germany, and also, as V.K. Clark points out, Hitler and the NS did not denigrate other races, but honored and respected them, and they encouraged them to remain true to their racial and cultural heritage too.

      • Golden Dawn Party says:


        I agree.

        Most importantly, the NS did not denigrate other peoples! Hitler often spoke of the survival of the EUROPEAN nations (quite correctly with Whites worldwide disappearing statistically). NS, as the name implies, only wanted to separate the nations and socialize the classes, as the multi-culti class society hadn’t work in Hitler’s home country, and later the Sudeten and Corridor problems confirmed his assessment. Communism, which only turns the class strughle upside down and proclaims internationalism, with a new boss on top, was early recognized by Hitler to be a deception.

        “German Supremacy” only described that all German people were the Supreme within their borders, and not a royal minority only or a clique of other Chosen people, who insisted on not assimilating.

        The same is true for the other nations of the world. Spain for Spaniards, Begium for Belgians, France for Frenchmen, Arabia for Arabs, etc. That is why so many non-Germans volunteered for the Waffen SS and other units. They were fed up with the powers that be, which won WW2 and established their vision of a NWO.

      • Daniel A. Jaimen Navarrete says:

        Hi Markus,

        Years ago, an article was published in the New York Times on the recent discovery of ancient samurai graves and how to the surprise of most, the features of the bodies were very caucasian. Japanese nationalist were very reluctant or simply refused to accept that the Samurai had a foreign origin. It should be noticed too that the martial ethics of samurai is clearly aryan. I have been in Northern China and it seems that there is a great admixture with caucasian folks and that over the millenia -past historical recollection- the gene inflow from caucasian populations has been remarkable. I don’t think linguistics can be of any help to reconstruct this phenomenon but archeological findings such as the caucasian mommies of the Chinese Turkestan point out also in that direction. In general, the cultural impact of the Indoeuropean expansion extends beyond the borders of the areas where Indoeuropean languages are spoken. Notions such as “holy war” or “God as an immaterial spirit”, for example, have entered the Semitic world under the influence of the Iranians. Of course, gene flow goes both ways but it doesn’t always express to the same extent in all social classes. I wish I knew more about studies of gene distribution not just by geographic location but by social position -aristocracies- as well.

        Regarding the various speculations on actual Jewish conspiracies, it is important not to regard Jewish populations as a block. Many just want to live in peace and integrate -even assimilate- with mainstream society. It happened with educated and bourgeois Jews in Germany and happens with liberal Jews in America today. Assimilationism is the great fear of Jewish leaders, especially in the absence of persecution and institutionalized prejudice.

    • You are correct Daniel. The actions of the National Socialists did not live up to their rhetoric, but their enemies seized upon any extreme statements for propaganda purposes. V.K. Clark has covered this in her books “Black Nazis II”, “A New Look at Hitler’s Armed Forces” and “Hitler and Himmler Uncensored”.

  2. edomsthorn says:

    Golden Dawn Party

    HEY YEC Thanks for the link to J4G you were right, this is what I was looking for.

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    • Edomsthorn, you are most welcome to link to my articles, or to re-post them via WordPress. Thanks for your comments and for the link. God Bless!

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