Radio Interview: The Truth About Hitler’s Declaration of War Against the Soviet Union

hitler5I was honoured to be Deanna Spingola’s guest again on January 14th, 2013 and to speak on the topic of Hitler’s Declaration of War on the Soviet Union and to discuss his reasons for doing so. I based my presentation upon my previous post:
Hitler’s Declaration of War Against Stalin in 1941 – Who Was the Real Villain? and in particular the following booklet which has been translated from the original Germans into English and contains Hitler’s statements to the German nation and his justifications, a copy of the message he sent to the Soviets, detailing their crimes and how they had massively violated the terms of the Mutual Non-Aggression Pact, and which includes the documents upon which he based his decision.


Here is a free, edited mp3 archive of the 2 hour show

Download the free mp3

(Courtesy of Mami’s Blog)

PS  Here is a re-formatted printer friendly version of the booklet, condensed from 88 pages to 52, and which should be easier to read.


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6 Responses to Radio Interview: The Truth About Hitler’s Declaration of War Against the Soviet Union

  1. Western Voices says:

    I am listening to the archived program now. (I only managed to listen to the last 15 minutes live.)

    I also bumped the J4G Sf thread.

    Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 22:29:28 +0000 To:

  2. Golden Dawn Party says:

    Very good interview.

    Regarding the US, it is remarkabke how the majority of Americans (Germans) are disconnected from their tradition and deny their heritage. Before WW1, there were more German language newspapers in the US than English. Talking about divide and conquer.

    The NS German government conducted a sociological study on the US, and concluded that America has no people (Volk), but only a population!

    I don’t remember the source though.

    But considering that they stated this 70-80 years ago, where America was quite homogeneous with 90% White of which 60% German (incl many of them speaking German) and another 20-30% Germanic, what do we find today in North America (and Europe for that matter)?

    • Edward Wilson says:

      We certainly ALL know the answer to that query. The same source that is causing Europe to be ‘diversified’ and every other places where those of true European extraction have settled. My own heritage is basically Scotch and Dutch-German (Haas). I’m 82 years old so well remember WWII though too young to have been a participant. Even so,
      am retired from the military ’40 years ago’. Incidentally, I know EZ, having first met him at Zundelhaus in Toronto in June of 1993 and again in Tampa with Ingrid about 2007.

  3. freeweshouldbe says:

    truth must prevail and from history shall we learn

  4. Hans says:

    Here are some short lectures about Stalin and WW2:

    Misha Shauli found a document (is enclosed to his speech) in the National Archive. Communists from CZ wanted to know why Stalin made a pact with Hitler. The answer was because a surrounded Germany would not have dared to attack Poland. A long war would attrit the Germans and make them prone to revolution and the West would mangle itself and therefore opens the way to central Europe.

    Here a recording which was made secretly where Hitler is speaking to Maennerheim from Finland.

    I didn´t find a complete transcript in English, only fragments. So only short some talking points:
    – Hitler says that he didn´t plan the attack on SU. If he had he would have made better preparations.
    – They made a survey and found the weapons were not suitable for winter-warfare
    – He was totally surprised about the strength of the Red Army.
    – They have destroyed so far 34,ooo tanks.
    – They found a tank factory with 60,000 workers.

    Maybe one should also mention that the peace loving Soviet Union had prior to the German assault attacked Finland which was a German ally.
    Allegedly made Churchill and Stalin on 15.Oktober 1939 also a secret pact. I consider this more or less a rumor because I can´t read the original book which is written in Finnish. From Erkki Hauttamaeki, “Finland in the Eye of a Storm.”

    Germans shot down a plane where they found this documents and handed over a copy to Finnland. This copy was found some years ago in an Finnish Archive. Churchill was not Prime Minister at that time but as we know from the Tyler Kent case he was even as Naval minister working behind the scenes together with Roosevelt to expand WW2.
    Some short, translated excerpts are here in this booklet:
    Stalin was ready to send 1 million troops to Germany


    • Thanks for info and links Hans. I have heard the Mannerheim tapes before. They are very revealing and consistent with what Hitler said in other speeches. The RT clip is Russian spin and propaganda which do not match the facts, and of course paint Hitler as the aggressor and Stalin as the innocent victim who was trying to avoid war, when opposite is true. Sad to see that Russia Today continues to white-wash the Soviet history, why? And this really takes away from their credibility. They seem to want to only look critically at western governments, their policies, and their intrigues, but never their own. What ever happened to “glasnost”? They seem to be right in step with Putin for whom the “official version” of WWII, as written by the victors, is carved in stone. One must wonder then, to whom does he owe allegiance? I think it goes without saying.

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