Video: Adolf Hitler says “England Does Not Want Peace”

In this video clip of his speech of Nov. 8th, 1939 Adolf Hitler speaks about the war with England and how his peace offers were refused by Churchill, and thus, he will have to reply to Mr. Churchill in the language he understands best: war. He adds that, he regrets how the French have now allied themselves with the English “war mongers” and are in service to them. However, he does not fear a single front war with them, that he is confident of victory, adding that Germany will never capitulate regardless of how long the war lasts. In response to the British leadership having stated that they expect a war of at least 3 years, he will thus then prepare for five years if need be.

Next Hitler speaks of the Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviets and how it was a “triumph of reason, not policy”.  He speaks of the high cost of previous wars with Russia and how these profited no one, and he adds that, “we will not do the gentleman in Paris and London the same favour of fighting each other again for their benefit”.

Hitler then speaks of German national unity under National Socialism and re-iterates that Germany will never capitulate. Next he speaks of how the “war mongers” Chamberlain and Churchill had goaded Poland into war with Germany, saying that “England backed them up, propped them up and incited the Poles to war”, that there would have been no war with Poland but for the British.

He goes on to say that this war is about the “Program of National Socialism” which wants nothing more than “to secure the lives of the German people and the existence of Germany in the world” and that this is and was always the “first commandment of the National Socialist faith” and how this is “a duty unto death for all National Socialists”.

Churchill yep no genocide and war crimes here

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One Response to Video: Adolf Hitler says “England Does Not Want Peace”

  1. Golden Dawn Party says:

    Westfâlischer Friede, von Deutschland soll nichts mehr übrig bleiben. Bummer!

    After WW2, they left Germany alive only to enslave the well-organized Germans and plunder their workmanship for the take-over of Europe for their purposes. (The 12 EU stars represent the 12 tribes of Israel, Levi, designer of the flag in Die Welt), and to build up their Capitalist-Communist world dual-empire.

    The FRGermany is serving the Western Allies as the GermanDR and the Polish/Russian administration of East Germany has served the Eastern Allies.

    German-Austria faces the same fate with the Allies having the last say of their affairs to this day.

    Our salvation can only come from outside of the FRGermany. German-Austrians and Swiss-Germans or Russia-Germans etc are less stigmatized, imo.

    Triumph of reason is very much the nature of German philosophy. Horst Maler explained the fundamental differences of Jewish Verstand (intellect) and German Vernunft (reason) in a letter I read recently. He concluded that these two mindesets oppose each other so much, but also need each other to find to God.

    As always, J4G, nice research. I haven’t seen this Hitler speech yet. Most revealing is that he exposes the French for being servants of the Anglo war mongers! In your face France!

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