Video: 1939 German News Report on Ethnic-German Refugees from Poland

German refugees from Poland tell of their personal experiences after escaping to safety in the camps on the German side of the border. (Original German with English subs). This was reported on August 23, 1939 in this German weekly newsreel show, one full week before German troops invaded Poland on September 1st.

Translation and audio enhancement by Justice for Germans. We increased the audio volume and filtered out some of the tape noise in an attempt to make the conversations more audible.  Nonetheless,  some sections were still difficult to decipher.  Our thanks go to our friend Hans in Germany, for bringing this video clip to our attention.

VIDEO:  Die Wochenschau 1939.08.23


[Narrator] “While the population of Danzig calmly and confidently awaits reunification with the Reich, the Volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans) within the Polish borders are being exposed to the wild terrorism.

Many thousands have fled the violence of the Poles, seeking protection in the Reich, and found temporary shelter here in the refugee camps.”

[lady] “…then we took the baby carriage and went across the border.

(inaudible)… We didn’t know what to expect (?) They brought us to this place where we slept over night (?) In Germany we are treated so well. We didn’t know how it is to be treated so well.

That something like this exists in the world….(?) And now we are very happy. And my children are happy every day, when they get something to eat, and some milk… (?) as we often went hungry in past seven years”

[lady] “At around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, they did a house search. Then on June 2nd I was arrested. I was in Scharleyer Prison until June 3rd at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

My husband received a 2 month prison sentence because I had sent our children to the German school in Beuthen. I received a sentence of 2 months on probation.

Last week, however, I received a letter saying that I have to go to prison. So then, I took my daughter and we fled here from Beuthen. That is all.”

[man] “My father was Reichsdeutscher (citizen of the German Reich) and worked at the German Post for over 43 years. And as it was a custom back then, the officials would go into the border zones (to deliver mail).

And thereafter, thanks to that damned Treaty of Versailles … may the devil come and claim it! … I was forced to become a Pole, even though I can’t speak one word in Polish!”

[man] “Over there, where the border is, she was maybe 2 meters away from the border when the (Polish) official shot at her. She was terrified and dove into the water with the child. The German border official then came and pulled her out of the water.”

[lady] “In our village, we were recognized as Germans because we sent our children to the German private school 25 kilometers far away. And they didn’t want to have such German people in Poland.

And we have always spoken German with the children. My husband said he can speak German, my wife can speak German, so my family must also speak German!

Even if it costs us our lives, the children have to be educated in German!”

[man] “I have the following to report: On Tuesday at around noon, I was sitting at the table when a neighbour came over with a Polish Newspaper. In it was the picture of a dead body. She asked whether this might be my son.

I looked at it and to my horror, it appeared to be my son. I then called my wife and I then went to the police station. There, an officer came and led me into the morgue.

The attendant pulled the shroud away and I confirmed that this was my son. I tried to look more closely at him, to see if he was bruised or his clothes were in tatters. I thought perhaps he had also been physically abused.

But I wasn’t allowed to take a closer look.”

[reporter] “Your husband is in prison?” [lady] “My husband is in prison, and I don’t even know where the children are. I want to have them with me, but I don’t even know how to get them.”

“So Bruno, you and several brothers and sisters came alone across the border?”

“Yes, all alone. My parents, and five other siblings are still in Poland. They are doing very badly, as they are being persecuted. And there is not much there to eat either, so we fled.”

[reporter] “You’re very sad that your parents aren’t here, aren’t you?”


[reporter] “And you have been waiting now about 8 weeks?”

[girl] “8 weeks without our parents”

[reporter] “And what is the fate of your child?”

[lady] “(inaudible) … hopefully nothing bad, but I really don’t know” [reporter] “(inaudible)…do you believe the child is in danger?”

[lady] “My husband was already imprisoned. On February 1st he was sentenced… He was sentenced to seven months, and now I don’t know what we will do (?) I have no … (?) and have two children…

[reporter] “do you know where your husband is now?” [lady] “My husband was sent to the Russian border on May 24th.”

The German government and the Soviet government … (ends)

On September 1st, 1939, with the Poles failing to negotiate in good faith regarding Danzig, with on-going atrocities being committed against the ethnic Germans, as well as, numerous incursions into German territory by Polish forces, Germany finally invaded Poland. There was NO German ‘false flag’ pretext. A bogus event was not required, nor did Hitler ever refer to the so-called “Gleiwitz incident”. He had complained to the international community about the plight of the ethnic Germans and they ignored it. Hitler’s attack on Poland was thus fully justified and perfectly legal. The Poles were being used by the Brits and the French to provoke the Germans. They were the true war mongers! Not Hitler and Third Reich Germany which always sought peace, and a peaceful resolution of conflicts and injustices perpetrated against Germany after World War I.

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german invasion of poland

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11 Responses to Video: 1939 German News Report on Ethnic-German Refugees from Poland

  1. That was a good educational video, as it confirms the unprovoked attack upon the ethnic Germans. Can there be any doubt as to why Hitler had to send troops in to rescue his people?

  2. Karl Stice says:

    Dear Wayne,

    Thank you for this latest, and especially for the text in English of the dialogue. That way I can translate it into French. That’s what I would like, for the two precedent videos: to have the text file of the dialogue, in english, so that I can translate them into French.

    Best wishes, Karl

  3. fnn says:

    Surprisingly, there’s nothing about this in Tansill’s Back Door to War. And Tansill, the foremost American diplomatic historian of the first half of the 20th Century, was shoved down the
    memory hole for being a “nazi.”

  4. Hans says:

    Here is something additional to the topic:

    The Unknown History of the 1939 German-Polish Conflict

    The Third Reich was surrounded by Britain, France and Poland who had around 3 times more soldiers at the beginning of WW2. F and GB sent Poland ahead to provoke and threw them later under the bus when they didn´t need them any more.

    Even after the attack was Hitler willing to return to the negotiating table (“5-power peace conference”) and to stop the troops. Poland refused and England sent an 2 hour ultimatum. Stopping is not enough, the troops must go back was the demand.

    Italian peace move

    After Poland was defeated Hitler offered peace.

    Hitler Angling For Peace Move by Roosevelt

  5. mikesstaffel says:

    Richard blanke has a book in english called “orphans of versailles” I have it but havnt read it yet, I love all the idiots who say documented polish atrocities is propaganda and untrue, actually wayne check out this article and the bs comments in it, the article is good but the comment section goes off with one guy grezcm? whitewashing the atrocities… makes me want to puke

  6. Hans says:

    The current narrative is that Hitler wanted living space in the east, therefore he attacked Poland and SU. But this is nonsense since Germany had only a modest defence army in 1939, a dwarf compared with the huge Soviet forces or what the Americans had.

    It is true the Hitler discussed the idea of living space in his book Mein Kampf but he also discussed other ideas, too.

    Germany was dependent from food imports, during WW1 made Britain a blockade and around 1 million Germans starved in the so called “turnip winter”.

    He discussed also colonies or to expand international trade to solve this problem. The population density back then was around 110 persons per square kilometer, nowadays it is around 230.

    100 years before Kolumbus discovered America settled the first German settlers in East Europe. In the 13. century brought the Teutonic Knights (controlled by the Pope) Democrazy or Christianity or something like that to East Europe – since then there is trouble.

    Poland vanished for 124 years completely from the map, she was divided between Russia, Prussia and Austria-Hungary. In 1916 after Germany defeated Russia, the peace of Brest Litowsk was forced upon them but the German Empire didn´t keep all the territories for themselves. Ukraine was reinstated as an independent state, Poland was reinstated as “Kingdom of Poland”.

    In 1919 after WW1 was lost was Brest Litowsk undone and replaced by the Treaty of Versailles. Ukraine felt back to Soviet rule and Poland got new borders (“Versailles Poland”).

    This new borders, the idea of president Wilson i.e. his Jewish advisors, caused much problems. Around 33 % of the Polish citizens were no ethnic Poles (like Germans, Jews, Russians and what have you) and Poland started a policy of forced polonisation and ethnic cleansing.

    In 1934 Hitler and Pilsudski made a non-aggression agreement and Pilsudki signed a minority rights law and the situation for the Germans in Poland became a little bit better. After Pilsudski died in 1935, the whole trouble with persecution started all over again (by his “colonels” the so called Second Republic was actually a military dictatorship). This persecution was the main reason for the attack, not the Danzig question.

    Pilsudskis successors, who refused every compromise, made a pact with England and therefore Hitler cancelled the treaty with Poland of 1934.

    They refused every compromise including the offer to join the Anti-Comintern-pact in 1935.

    Poland made a partial mobilisation of her troops 6 month before September 1939 and a full mobilisation 2 days before September 1, 1939.

    After the war broke out Hitler was willing to stop the troops. Poland refused.

    The narrative, that poor little Poland (backed by the 2 major world powers France and England which controlled together back then around 40 % of the surface of the earth) was attacked out of the blue is simply bullshit.

    The idea of cleaning all East Europe from Germans, couched fist at the Pan-Slav Congress of 1848 in Prague, was finally conducted in 1945 and you should not think that they have any kind of regrets.

    On the contrary!

  7. G.N. says:

    The war on ethnic Germans began earlier, starting in 1912. And there is a little island with Austrian and German culture, which was stripped of it’s history and is not allowed to become what it can become.

    • Markus says:

      There is still a few enclaves of large German minorities in Poland, Oppeln being the largest.

      But the FRG pretends as if they don’t exist. Also, there were archiological diggings in North-West (now) Poland that are clearly of German origine, but the FRG does not want them. The NPD Mecklenburg-Vorpommern held a speech about it in the Schweriner Landtag and got booed out by the 5 opposition parties for being anti-Polish and pro-German.

      Watching NPD speeches in MV and Saxony and the constant interruptions by the speakers of the houses and constant booing of the other parties is really comedic. They clearly have no reasonable arguments.

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