Why it is essential to learn the true history of World II

Most people today are forced to admit they were duped into fighting a war in Iraq based upon a pack of lies about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.  But this was not the first time such a thing occurred. It has happened many times. Indeed, it is standard practice and there is a growing awareness of that in the “anti-war movement” and the “9/11 Truth Movement” and the “Truth Movement” in general.  But most still believe that World War II was “the Good War” and that it had to be fought,  that it must be honoured, and never questioned.  They remain blind to many important facts and like little children, they keep falling for “Bogey Man” stories, and repeating them. I would invite them to spend a few hours going through my previous posts, the numerous links I have provided, and to watch:

Hitler’s War?  What the Historians Neglect to mention

It is essential for people  to understand that the same thing which the “All Lies”  did to Germany in WWII, they (under new names and acronyms)  continue to do globally today, in the name of “freedom, democracy, human rights” and stopping the “the next Hitler!”. They continue to use the same model and same method of operations to this day, with the same “atrocity propaganda” and the same bogus claims of “a threat to world peace” in order to dupe the masses to fight and support foreign wars, such as with Iraq, Libya and Syria, and other sovereign countries, followed by continuous occupation and exploitation. Iran is of course, also high on their hit list has already been targeted for years with smear campaigns, demonization and covert ops.

On March 19th, 2013, Deanna Spingola’s  guest, Buthaina Neveln, an Iraqi national spoke of the Truth about the Gulf War and the Realities of Life in Saddam’s Iraq.  (YouTube Video: Spingola Speaks 2013.03.19)

Deanna’s editorial comments at the beginning were very apropos and well worth noting!

Download the mp3 

“Shock and Awe” – Baghdad 2003

Shock and Awe

It will only stop when people see and acknowledge the pattern of lies and the agenda, and realize that our governments are NOT our governments, that they are liars who  are not serving our interests, and when they stop going along to get along!


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  1. Hans says:

    Good post, Wayne. Like usual. Germany had less fault on the outbreak of WW2 than of WW1.

    Bush encouraged the Kurds in 1991 to make an uprising. They did it and then the American troops stopped before Bagdad and Saddam killed the Kurds with chemical weapons. Which he had from the U.S.

    Donald Rumsfeld sold him that weapons years before to use against Iranians.

    The Kurds were stupid enough to trust Americans and paid the price.

    Like the German POWs in WW2 who fled the Red Army and ended up in Eisenhowers death camps because they believed to get a more humane treatment by Americans. An outright stupid believe.

    The treatment of Japanese POWs, described in Charles Lindberghs diary, was not very better. Torture, murder and taking of body parts were normal. No wonder that the Japanese compared the Americans with the Mongols. Maybe they had the Philippine–American War in mind where Americans killed ten-thousands of women and children – many starved in camps. Nevertheless this comparison with the Mongols (the word Kamikaze comes from this which means “devine wind” which scuttled the Mongol fleet) is flawed because even the Mongols had a skeletal code of honor.

    Sometimes you really feel ashamed to be White. But only sometimes because every educated person knows the Americans are not really representative for the White Race. More an afterbirth which was mistakenly raised. (No offense intended to English speaking friends of mankind. But if you see that literally every effort of the Europeans to make war more humane was reversed by Americans and perverted you really have questions about how and why.)

    After the Americans allowed that crime against the Kurds to happen they searched hypocritical for “Chemical Ali”.

    George Bush jun. said in an interview with BBC in 2003 that “God told him to end tyranny in Iraq.”

    As if it was not worse enough that a drunkard hears voices in his head it becomes even worse: Rabbis from Chabad Lubavitch and other Messianic sects had free access to the president and told him what to do according to their secret messages, which the decoded from Bible.

    Here an interview with the historian and conspiracy theoretist Wolfgang Eggert (London) about this “doomsdays sects” and their influence:

    These sects decode secret messages from Bible and then orders their puppets what to do in order to fulfill this prophecies.

    And today of course, you have a “wild Hitler chase”. Here is a Hitler and there is a Hitler. Everywhere is a Hitler. And nobody of this heroes have every read a speech by Hitler or has any clou about the real genesis of WW2.

  2. Justice for Germans, please says:

    It is amazing that even today, Wayne Madsen feels free to ask for the destruction of Berlin and Frankfurt and writes that every so often the Teutonic spirit should be punished, by Bomb, bomb Germany, in a very vivid and horrid way, even gloating over a photo of a bombed to shit (his words) Berlin. You can read all of his entry by going to http://www.WayneMadsenReport.com, and clicking onto the news and pithy comments at the top of the home page, which he does change regularly so please do not wait too long. He can be reached by email.

    • Hello and thank you for your comments. Yes, that is quite common amongst the many “gurus” of the “truth movement” and “alternative media”. Most never question why these gurus are in full agreement with the mainstream media and the court historians regarding Hitler, the NS and WWII, and what agenda is ultimately served by their complicity in the “BIG LIE”. It makes me sick. But it is worse to see how those in the “truth movement”, who think they are well informed, are often the worst “sheeple” I have ever encountered. They simply parrot what their “gurus” have fed them as “truth”. That is why I prefer to call it the “half-truth movement”. They also love to keep an false image of their favorite whipping boy, Hitler, around to perpetuate their fear-mongering, which is also very profitable. Many in the “patriot movement” also repeat over and over blatant misquotes and false quotes attributed to Hitler. Anti-Germanism is alive and well, and is still being continuously churned out to this day, as it was in WWI, and the resurgence of 1933. Military combat operations may have ceased in 1945, but the propaganda war to demonize the Germans and to cover up the crimes of the “All Lies” continues unabated. After WWI, they at least admitted that they had manufactured grotesque lies alleging German atrocities, and then recanted. After WWII, however, they didn’t! Again, there is a lot of money to be made from perpetuating the BIG LIE, with the most outrageous stories, and there is none to be made from telling the truth. Indeed, in many countries, not the least of which is occupied Germany, it has been criminalized. Who benefits? What agenda and whose agenda is served? And who suffers for it? The Germans suffered most, but it’s not just the Germans! But rather, all sovereign nations who attempt to stand up for themselves in the face of globalist and bankster gangster tyranny, and those who are sent off to fight bogus wars, only to be kicked to the curb later. WAKE UP TRUTHER-SHEEPLE!!!

      • PinkLady says:

        Excellent reply, J4G, and ‘chechar.wordpress.com’, even goes so far as to cite white pathology as a cause for the vile hatred of Germans. I owe so much to them, as a Catholic American educated by some of them, and benefactor of those who immigrated to USA, some of whom are dear relatives of mine.

        And of course 3/24 is the anniversary of international jewry declaring war on Germany, so maybe that has emboldened

        Hans, I don’t think that Ms. Neveln agrees with you that Saddam used chemical weapons against the Kurds, and I hope that you take time and listen to her interview by Deanna, posted above.

      • Thanks for your comments, and I concur that Hans needs to listen carefully to what Ms. Neveln said there regarding the attack on the Kurds.

  3. buthaina says:

    Thanks Wayne, thanks PinkLaday.
    I just want to affirm that Saddam was the protector and the safeguard to all Iraqis not only the Kurds. The Kurds hurt mostly by their parties leaders Talabani and Barazani and the military interventions of the neighbor.

    • PinkLady says:

      Yes, and if by now Hans has listened to the Spingola Speaks interview posted here by J4G,

  4. PinkLady says:

    he will have learned that Neveln reports that the Rumsfeld, representing Bush, told Saddam that Hussein needed to do three things, give away a certain percentage of the oil revenues to the Axis of Evil, stop supporting an Arab Brotherhood movement, and stop siding with the Palestinian people. Saddam told him, no way, and we know how that ended.

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