Allied Gun-Grabbers: Operation Tallyho, Germany,1945

Operation Tallyho: The Biggest Gun Grab in History

Operation Tallyho

Operation Tallyho – Click to enlarge

500,000 U.S. Troops searched ALL homes in the biggest gun raid in history, seizing some 80,000 weapons. After spending 6 years fighting the against the New World Order agenda, 15 million Germans offered no more resistance to the tyrannical globalist agenda.

Their nation, and the rights and  freedoms they had fought so long for were gone!

Oh, and you thought that Hitler was the “gun-grabber” and that he had disarmed the citizens? The TRUTH is Hitler had made it easier for citizens to obtain and maintain firearms.  He was NOT part of the “New World Order” as Alex Jones and so many other fearmongering “patriot radio” show hosts would us believe. National Socialism was the SOLUTION to the Capitalist / Bolshevik “New World Order”.  It was “government of people, by the people, and for the people”. Hitler was not a brutal dictator who ruled with an iron fist,  such as the despotic, murdering, gun-grabbing Soviet leader Stalin, nor a lying democratic swindler, such as Roosevelt or Churchill, who waging war by false pretence, costing nearly 60 million lives, for the sake of a few, and their NWO agenda.

NO, he did NOT “burn down the Reichstag” to seize power and invoke the “enabling act.” NO he did NOT use a “false flag operation at Gleiwitz as a pretext to invade Poland”.  And NO, he did NOT seek war or want to “take over the world”.  Hitler, more than anyone else, wanted and sought PEACE, and he worked constantly to prevent war!

It’s time the world figured this out.

To free your minds from years of programming, please read my previous posts, watch “Hitler’s War – What the Historians Neglect to Mention” and check out my extensive links section for a FREE re-education at home, in your spare time 😉

“WAKE UP”  … indeed Mr. Jones!

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3 Responses to Allied Gun-Grabbers: Operation Tallyho, Germany,1945

  1. Justice for Germany please says:

    Perfectly said, J4G. On numerous occasions, many of us have asked Alex and Madsen, and such masters of deceit, to re-educate themselves, as you have offered, but for reasons of their own, they cruelly have chosen to profusely continue to lie to their listeners and readers. Thanks you for being you!

  2. treesnake says:

    I can remember those bi weekly raids when a mob of GIs. would come to look for weapons. My mother spoke really good English, and therefore was designated by the other tenants in our building to keep an eye on those sticky fingered savages. The family next door from us had some valuable silverware, and they were worried that it would be ‘liberated’. So my mother positioned herself with me at her side( for protection , she said, they surely wouldn’t harass a woman with a young child) in the door way giving them a cold eye. “What are you guys looking for?” ‘Knives and pistols!” they said. ” Just keep your mitts off that silver ware , or I’ll complain to the Colonel. She really had those guys intimidated, and they never stole any thing in our building , although they stole every body else blind.

  3. God bless your dear mother! She must have been a very wonderful, strong and courageous woman. I have found another source on the topic of “Operation Tallyho” which also confirms the above article which I posted, and from none other than US Service men who took part in the raid!

    ” I was in on it back in July ’45 and never heard much about it. Does this ring a bell with other ETO vets? As a kind of housewarming for the zone, USFET planned and, in forty-eight hours beginning at daybreak on 21 July, executed a check and search operation code-named TALLYHO. The objectives were to check the credentials of all persons in the zone, civilian or military; to search all premises and individuals for prohibited articles, such as firearms and stolen US government property; and to search for evidence of black-marketeering. Staged in secret, to the extent that an operation employing 163,000 troops in the Western Military District alone could be kept a secret, TALLYHO apparently did at least take most Germans by surprise. It raised a fast-traveling wave of rumors: that there had been a jailbreak, that an American officer had been shot, that the Americans were making a last minute search for loot before turning the zone over to the Russians.” Also another paragraph. “the surprise wore off, which took no more than four hours, the Germans became quite co-operative; and some of them began to arrange their property in neat displays, as if for “showdown inspection.” The search brought in 2,747 illegal small arms, 2,658 miscellaneous items of Army clothing and equipment, 340 AWOL soldiers, and evidence for 23 fraternization cases. The confiscated black-market goods amounted to 100 gallons of gasoline, 1,000 pounds each of sugar and flour, 75 pounds of coffee, 138 automobile tires, and 300 pairs of shoes, which in total, USFET G-2 concluded with not quite flawless logic, constituted “no evidence of an organized black market.” Of the 83,000 Germans arrested, 77,000 were held for nothing more than improper identification papers. In the end, however, USFET believed TALLYHO was a success in that it impressed German population “with the serious intention of the American troops.” We searched each and every building and outbuilding in our area of search and found many weapons. Granted mostly sporting weapons but some not for sporting use. All were taken along with ammo etc.. Even searched hospitals and morturaies. Far as I know this was only in the American Zone of Occupation which I believe was the largesy Zone of Occupation. I feel the amount of weapons found were by far more than shown.”

    Another adds:

    “”TALLY-HO” All I know is that we were rousted out in the wee hours of the night to go on some sort of a witch-hunt to look for black-marketeers. It sounded like a horses**t detail that was dreamed up by some chairborne bird who didn’t get his feet wet before the shooting stopped.
    The Kraut civilians weren’t too happy either and some pi**ed-off GIs started to rough them up for causing us to lose sleep. In the end, we all thought that it was one big FUBAR SNAFU.”

    And another spoke of another raid in December 1945 called “Operation Golden Eagle Swoop”

    Read more here:

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