Rearming of Germany Forced on Her by Her Neighbors – Letter to Editor, 1936

One of my readers found the following letter to the editor, in an old NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE newspaper dated March 1, 1936, concerning fearmongering about German rearmament. The reader was kind enough to type it out and to sent it to me, and so I am pleased to share it here, along with a few of my own comments and some related links below.

NY Herald Tribune-08-02-1936 (Above: NY Herald Tribune-08-02-1936)

REARMING OF GERMANY Forced on Her by Her Neighbors

To the NY Herald Tribune: In his article “Can Europe Escape War?” appearing in your Sunday editorial page, Captain Cazalet, M.P., rightly places the factor of German power in the center of his reasoning. For, from all but total destruction wrought upon the central powers by the Versailles treaty, Germany alone has slowly but firmly been able to rise within the last 17 years toward the level of armed force established and maintained by her former victors. This, naturally more than anything else, upset the none too judicious calculations of the Versailles peace makers, moving at the same time Germany into the focus of world attention.

Oblivious of the blunders of the peace table, the successors of the men of Versailles are now watching in pained surprise Germany’s rebirth of power. Their keen disappointment at the Versailles failure would perhaps find reasoned solace in the admission of the truism that a living organism such as the German nation ill by nature continue to function and not stop short in order to oblige mistaken conceptions of some of the Versailles statesmen.

Surrounded by nations armed to the teeth and aggressively talking of peace, is it any wonder that Germany would feel uneasy until armed in like manner?

Versailles had forced her to set the good example of disarming, but her tutors in peace, breaking their pledge, refused to follow it. For what object did they keep and increase their armaments contrary to their word? Germany, having no means of defending her country, naturally felt the constant menace of having her lands turned into a European battlefield, should the occasion arise.

To await passively such holocaust would have been worse than criminal negligence on the part of her statesmen. As all negotiations for disarmament led to nothing, there was only one way Germany could meet this menace: take a leaf from the book of her former enemies and rearm sufficiently to insure safety for herself.

Considering this side of the question, which is, after all, not the least important, one is rather disappointed at the somewhat irritated and biased tone with which Captain Cazalet speaks of Germany’s rearmament in his otherwise singularly objective article.

Author: R. BOECKLIN, Litchfield Conn,  date: Feb 17, 1936

(emphasis added)

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Thanks to the person who took the time to share this with me.  I found it very interesting that this writer of the letter used the term “holocaust” in 1936, and that he was not referring to Jews either, but rather, of what might happen to Germans at the hands of the allies. It was really quite prophetic, in light of what eventually happened to Germany in WWII. There was actually a “Justice for Germans” movement of sorts in the 1920s / 30s who were the voices of reason, but these were drowned out by the more bellicose warmongers and often labelled as “appeasers” or as “unpatriotic”, especially in the late 30s.  And, sadly, the same thing still happens today too, and so I cannot emphasize enough how imperative it is for those in the “truth movement”, the “peace movement” and for the world at large to finally learn the full and true history regarding Hitler, National Socialism and World War II.


In Defence of Germany, by G.E.O. Knight (1934)

The Case for Germany – A Study of Modern Germany (1939) 
By Arthur Pillans Laurie, M.A.Cantab., D.Sc., LL.D.Edin., F.C.S, F.R.S.E.
With a Preface by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, K.B.E., C.M.G.

The Peacemakers (based upon the work of Michael Walsh, and which I expanded upon)

Hitler:  An Overlooked Candidate for The Peace Prize, by Alex S. Perry, Jr.

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3 Responses to Rearming of Germany Forced on Her by Her Neighbors – Letter to Editor, 1936

  1. Netzband says:

    As I understand, it may be very difficult, even after these years to get a balanced view of the foreign politics of A.Hitler as chancellor of the Reich – and of the politics of the other powers, even in the case of armaments-disarmaments, but facts are quite simle, that the Rep.of Weimar had disarmed down to 100 000 men and was threatened by communist uprisings in the inner as well as aggressions from outside: the French occupation of the Rheinland, even of Frankfurt, the poliish aggression to Silesia and the Tchechs to the Sudeten. And Hitler made proposals at the confernce of dissarmament in Geneva.
    We always were and are still told, he were only pretending to want peace, but if one compares the armaments of the other nations, one gets another picture: even in 1939 Germany was not able to conduct a major war, and not one against two sides. So he would have been a fool, if he had planned something like that.
    There is an article (linked from > In Defence Of Germany, by G E O Knight (above book)
    “Who Broke the Disarmament Treaty of Versailles?
    Declaration of the Government of the German Reich
    Fichtebundblatt No. 741.”
    and another scripture from the time
    “What the World Rejected – Hitlers Peace Offers 1933 t0m 39”
    —-one has to look for evidence oneself if these things are objective and reliable facts, wich isn’t always easy even today.

  2. Netzband says:

    Thanks and astounding that You’ve found this letter from 1936 in an American paper…

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