German-Jews Against International Atrocity Propaganda (1933)

Our Struggle for Germany Against the Atrocity Propaganda from abroad

(translation of original German-Jewish Magazine article)

“The columns of a certain foreign press is filled with reports of alleged atrocities of the German national survey also against German Jews. The German National Socialist press reported the news, pointing to excerpts with the evidence, that all these sick, disparaging, insulting and anti-German publications, saying these were the works of Jewish origin. In dramatic fashion, reacting to the horrific reports of the foreign media,  the German press followed suit with increasingly threatening protests, in a dangerous interaction.

With the worsening tensions culminating in the highest of drama,  knots were tied in Germany’s foreign policy, as well as,  for German Jewry.  An open and honest word, spoken by the leaders of foreign Governments beyond our borders, might have dispelled the whole nightmare quickly and changed world opinion about Germany, and would thereby, have eased the tensions, and mitigated or lifted the pressure brought to bear upon the German Jews.

Efforts of huge proportions have put German Jews in this situation. We became only slowly aware, as a result of insufficient information, the extent to which the atrocity reports had made an impression on public opinion around the world: we Jews are unfortunately used to that,  as the Anti-Jewish press misrepresents many facts,  presenting Judaism in a poor light; but that serious Jewish figures and organizations of foreign countries believed in these atrocities, and therefore, proceeded to actions against Germany, as was evident in the major newspapers. The Central Association, recognized that German Judaism, once again, as so often before, and which is closely connected with the German national issues, had to take this matter in its own hand.

Therefore, the Central Association on 24 March, provided the German and the world press, the following declaration:

“The Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, which is the largest organization of the 565,000 German Jews on patriotic German soil, makes the following statement regarding the events of the last days:

Following press reports in German papers, which were then disseminated by various foreign newspapers, which claimed that mutilated Jewish corpses were found at the entrance to the Jewish cemetery Berlin-Weißensee, and that Jewish girls in public places had been forcibly rounded up, and that hundreds of German Jews had arrived in Geneva, including many children, nine tenths of which were severely abused. All such claims are completely fictitious. The Central Association emphatically states that for such irresponsible distortions, which we strongly condemn, German Judaism cannot be held responsible.

For weeks now, the German people finds itself in a political reversal of epic proportions. This has resulted in instances of political acts of revenge and has also led to violence against Jews. The Government of the Reich, as the state governments, have striven successfully, and as quickly as possible, to restore calm and order. The command of the Reichs-Chancellor, to refrain from individual actions, has been effective.

We have been met with certain obvious anti-Semitic objectives in the various economic and living areas in recent times, which give us serious concern. The Central Association still regards this struggle as a German domestic matter. We are, however, convinced that the equality of the German Jews, who have also earned this, both in wartime and peace, by the shedding of their blood and with their deeds domestically, will not again be lifted, and that they are, as before, inextricably connected with the German Fatherland, and that they, along with all other Germans of good will, will be able to work together, as in the past, for the advancement of the Fatherland.”

Hours later this statement was printed in hundreds of German and foreign newspapers, especially in England and America. Thus, the first dam was erected against the flood of atrocity stories, in defense of the honour of Germany. The foreign-interested parties of the atrocity propaganda were thereby put on notice that there was serious opposition to their Anti-German campaign, and so, for a short time, they intensified their campaign against Germany. A concentrated action of the German Jewry undertook these efforts. A compilation of the declarations, which we provide elsewhere in this paper, provide an overview. But a number of direct measures undertaken by the Central Association in partnership with other Jewish organizations in England and America were far more effective than these declarations. Personalities with non-partisan insights, within English and American Judaism and their leaders in the field of communications of these countries received information directly from the Central Association.

First and foremost, the Central Association directed its efforts at the planned mass meetings in New York on 27 March, to effect a repeal. But because the time was short, this was effort was unsuccessful, and so an attempt was made to curb the hateful tendency of the speeches and speakers towards Germany. Thus, most of them were people of various religions, parties and ideologies providing only expressions of a feeling of community, to discuss how people of the most diverse religions, parties and world views, throughout history and in all nations together, have at times have failed to respect or have prohibited those of other faiths, from the free expression of their faith, beliefs and views.

It must be described as very fortunate that Ernst Wallach, one of the Deputy of Chairmen of the Central Association was in New York City for a few days. He, who was best known in the official German circles of America, campaigned with the highest energy against the atrocity propaganda. In closest consultation with the German officials, he undertook of his own accord, a series of steps, including by cable telegrams and overseas phone calls, bringing about a stark reduction of public opinion pressure regarding the (alleged) dangers for German Judaism. Interviews, he gave to the big American newspapers in New York, were reprinted in numerous German papers and on Monday (27th) formed, so to speak, the first bright spot in an otherwise very gloomy atmosphere. And with a sigh of relief and great satisfaction, the German public learned of the success of the actions of the Central Association and its friends in this urgent situation, in both the press reports and radio broadcasts on Tuesday. Even now, Ernst Wallach continues his efforts to detoxify the American public, regarding its thinking, with respect to Germany.

At the same time, another Deputy Chairman of the Central Association, Dr. Ludwig Tietz worked with the approval of the competent German authorities in England. It is exciting to observe now, how the English press, in light of truthful information from day to day, behaves more civilly towards Germany. But the limits of other possible efforts for German Judaism and all of the Fighters for Truth within Germany and abroad, lie there where the atrocity propaganda, born out of the alleged Jewish experience, is only a backdrop for the enforcement of Anti-Germanic foreign policy or economic actions. With people of sincere ethical intentions, but who have been falsely informed, and have thereby wrongly taken a position against Germany, one can now reach understanding on the basis of truth. and one can sense a conversion on moral basis. But with the “special interest groups” for whom other values and considerations are at stake in this game, other than the existence of ten or even a hundred-thousand German Jews or the Jewish existence in Germany, nothing can be achieved by these means. This is where the possibilities of German Jewry ends.

And now it is being asked of us German Jews, that we be stronger than these powers, and that we should help prevent anti-German propaganda, by those which promote it for their own interests. One has created a fiction, as if the secret backers and beneficiaries of these Anti-German campaigns are Jews, and as if such a bond of unity and inter-dependency amongst the Jews of the world exists, and as if with a wink of an eye, Judaism in any individual country, could cause all Jews to suddenly do something, or not do something, which would be useful to, or detrimental to, another country. This “World Jewry International” does not exist!

But one can compare – It is now nearly twenty years since the beginning of World War I brought about an outrageous baiting and atrocity propaganda campaign against the German people. No vulgarity, no opprobrium was mean and shameful enough, which would not be introduced to the world as German character trait. The German counter-propaganda campaign gave out millions and millions to uproot this propaganda. Dozens of agents of the German Government tried in every place and position, by establishing newspapers, sending out millions of pamphlets and flyers regarding the truth about Germany. Their success was very minimal because the interests of those warmongering nations demanded that the atrocity stories be believed.

It is probably already forgotten now that after the war [first world war], when only a few years had passed, that the British Foreign Secretary in the House of Commons conceded that the “mutilation of bodies” in Germany story was a ‘war lie’. And here we are talking about the German Volk, a community of 65 million, with all imaginable intelligence and propaganda outlets, and with a huge diplomatic and press apparatus. For many years, this enormous array of strength, spirit and money had to be used to fight against the atmosphere of hatred towards Germany.

And one must be clear that of the 565,000 German-Jews, of which at least 95 percent certainly had no “foreign connections”, knew no foreign languages, and had no foreign newspapers to read, could suddenly act maliciously against Germany when they were unable to achieve for themselves in eight days, that which took the entire German Volk eight years to achieve for themselves.

Here lies a so obvious error of judgment and injustice, of which we are convinced, that it should be emphasized, in order to remove this argument from any anti-Jewish agitation.”


The documents of our foreign activities are summarized in a memorandum, which we gladly provide our members upon request.
C.V. -newspaper, vintage 1933, volume/issue 13, article by 30.3.1933, S. 2f = 106f.

Jews for Germany 1933 part1 Jews for Germany 1933 part 2

(Translation by ‘Justice for Germans’)

The above is posted in relation to my previous post:  World War II started in 1933!

RELATED and highly recommend reading:  Under Two Flags – A German Jew Speaks Out About Hitler and NS Germany by Heinz Weichardt

“Under Two Flags”, an important personal testimonial along the same lines as Benjamin H. Freedman’s “A Jewish Defector Warns America”. It is the story of a German Jew who told the truth about Hitler, National Socialism, the Nuremberg Laws, NS policies, and World War II, from his own personal experience. Though subject to these laws, he had no bitterness towards Hitler. This is a long, but very fascinating and enlightening essay of over 30 pages, but I will provide an excerpt here.

Weichardt stated:

“What was the situation of the German Jews at that point? The first blow came from abroad. World Jewry declared war on Germany. This was no idle threat. It is true that the Jews at that time did not control the most powerful army in the world as in our day when they exert nearly total domination over the deployment of forces of the United States. But neither did the Germans possess an army which could become a threat to anybody somewhat larger than Grenada or maybe Panama. Germany faced the most disastrous economical condition in its history and was completely dependent on foreign trade in order just to feed the population. Any successful boycott of its foreign trade would greatly exacerbate this already dangerous situation and could even lead to widespread starvation. At first the German reaction to riotous, Jewish-led, anti-German demonstrations abroad was a government-decreed one day (!) boycott of Jewish stores which had been marked overnight with stars of David. Never at any time, neither then nor today, did National Socialists mark Jewish properties of any kind with swastikas, because this would be considered a desecration of their revered symbol. The most astonishing result of this boycott was the revelation of the unbelievably large number of big and small businesses in Jewish hands. Had the German- Jewish community voiced a unanimous and vociferous protest against the action of their co-religionists throughout the world, they would have avoided, in my opinion, some of the harsher measures soon to come.

(Emphasis added)

My Comments:

In the article (above) I found the comment  “World Jewry International does not exist!” most interesting, as there appears to be so much evidence for it, as shown in my previous post “World War II started in 1933”.   There is no doubt that the program of National Socialism posed a serious (mortal) threat to the interests of the “International Bankers” who all describe themselves as being “Jewish”!  So that statement, in conjunction with the comments of Heinz Weichardt, causes me to ask:  could it be that a small group of self-described “Jewish” Internationals Bankers invested a lot of time and resources in an elaborate ‘PsyOp’ to convince the world (including other Jews) that (1) it does exist, in order to (2) foster Zionism, as a tool, creating anti-Jewish hatred and reprisals (as a reaction) against Jews of lower status (to which they themselves, by virtue of the wealth, status and influence  would be immune),  in order to (3) create enmity and to embroil the world once again in war, as in WWII, and (4) to create perpetual conflict in the future, from which they would reap huge perpetual profits and even greater political control?

All of the above, of course, also brings up the question of  “Zionism and the Third Reich”.  Many assert that “Hitler was a Rothschild” (or their agent), that “Hitler was a Jew”, that “Hitler created Israel”.  All of which is totally FALSE, as I have shown in previous posts,  but I will have more on the topic of Zionism  in my next post!

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