Video – Germany: Zero Hour – Die Stunde Null

Description: Germany’s Last Stand in 1945: the Final Days of Resistance on the Eastern Front; the Final Collapse; the Capture of German troops; the Surrender of our Military Forces; Scenes of Destruction, Refugees, a Rape Victim; the Rhine Meadows Camps (Rheinwiesenlager) aka Eisenhower’s Death Camps; Genocide of Germans; the Theft of our Nation, a Tribute to Our Fallen; and also some scenes from the Weimar Republic. In background you will hear the voice of Adolf Hitler from his speech “Appell an die Nation” (Appeal to the Nation), which was broadcast on national radio during the election campaign of July 1932. (I have translated it and included the text below).

Video: Germany: Zero Hour – Die Stunde Null

Note: I uploaded this video to my backup channel as YouTube is presently not allowing me to upload any new vids that are longer than 15 minutes on my J4G channel, ever since they removed ‘Hitler’s Shadow – In the Service of the Fuehrer‘.  This video is about 18 minutes long.

arbeitcWhy this Hitler speech from 1932?

If you have ever wondered why the Germans fought to the bitter end in 1945, then you have to understand that Germany was for all intents and purposes, all but dead, 13 years after the end of World War I.  What the allies and their puppet masters could not do to Germany militarily in the First World War, they had to finish by other means. Not a shot was fired on German soil during that war, yet she surrendered, why? Mainly due to propaganda and covert operations, which had subverted the nation and the will of the people, and brought about the end of the Reich.

Through the Treaty of Versailles, she was punished harshly by financial means, loss of territory and population.  By this infiltration and subversion, the “democratic” Weimar Republic was born, and through it, the Germans were then run into the ground.  This was exacerbated by the “Great Depression”.  A third of the people were unemployed, the currency worthless, the middle-class gone, people were starving to death in the streets and others committing suicide in large numbers.  1932 was the “Zero Hour” for Weimar.  Something had to change or Germany would cease to exist.

Through this period the slow and painful disintegration of the nation, the ‘grass roots’ National Socialist party (NSDAP) was formed,  took root and began to grow under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.  Finally, he and his party were elected by a  majority vote in November 1932 (as yet another election had to be called) and he was duly appointed Chancellor in January 1933.  Within a short time, Hitler and his party succeeded in delivering the German people and their nation from tyranny, slavery and sheer misery.  Hitler said “Enough is enough!” and the people agreed. What did he promise them? “Arbeit und Brot” (Work and Bread) and Freedom from International Tyranny. Within only a few short years, and even as other nations were still suffering through the depression, Germany was back on her feet and  prospering, and she was the envy of all, except of course, for those who had been hell bent on her destruction and had intended that she should never rise again.

When one understands just how bad things were, and how good it became under Hitler, combined with the knowledge of what the allies had planned for her and the German people in the end, then it is no longer any wonder why Germans would fight to the end.

adolf_hitler_2Adolf Hitler (NSDAP: National Socialist German Workers Party)

Appeal to the Nation – Speech, July 15th, 1932, during the elections (The vote was held on 31 July 1932.)

“For over 13 years fate has given today’s rulers a measure of probation to put their attributes to the test and it now offers the harshest of judgements  and by the very nature of their own propaganda, the complete failure of their efforts attests to itself. They once wanted to rule Germany much better in future, than they had in the past, and can see as the result of their art of governance only in the reality that Germany and the German people are still living.

With great fanfare, they promised our people on November 18th, and especially the German workers, to create a better economic future. After they had almost 14 years in which to fulfil their promise, they cannot cite a single German profession as an example of the quality of their work.

germany freedom

Germany’s Freedom

The German farmer is impoverished, the middle class ruined, the social hopes of millions of people destroyed, a third of the labor force, German men and women out of work, and thus without income. The Reich, the states and the counties are carrying huge debt loads, their finances in disarray, and all coffers are empty. What is left to destroy, that they have not destroyed already? Worst of all, however, has been the destruction of the trust of our people, effectively eliminating all hope and confidence.

In 13 years they have not succeeded in somehow mobilizing the dormant power that exists in our people. On the contrary, in their fear of awakening the nation, they have played people against each other, the city against the state, the professionals against the state officials, the tradesmen against the academics, the Bavarians against the Prussians, the Catholics against the Protestants, and so on, and so forth. The activism of our race was used only at home, while externally filled only with fantasies; fantastic hopes in cultural consciousness, in international justice, the conscience of the world, International Conferences, the League of Nations, the Second and the Third Communist International, the solidarity of the proletariat, and so on, and the world treated us accordingly. In this manner, Germany fell, and only a madman can hope that those forces that brought about the our nation’s demise could now bring about it’s resurrection.

If the parties really intended to save Germany previous seriously, why then have they not done it already? If they wanted to rescue Germany, why is Germany still laying on the ground? If the leaders of these parties had honest intentions, then it must mean that their programs were bad. But if their programs were correct, then it can only be that they did not honestly want it, or that they were too ignorant, or too weak. Now, after 13 years, after they destroyed everything in Germany, finally the time has come for their elimination. Whether today’s parliamentary parties live on is not important. What is important and necessary, is to prevent the German nation from completely perishing!

13 years ago, we National Socialists were ridiculed and mocked. Today, our opponents are no longer laughing. A faith-filled community of people has arisen, which is slowly overcoming the prejudices, the class-warfare madness, and of professional class arrogance. A believing community of people who are determined to fight for their position and their race, not because it is Bavaria or Prussia; Saxony or Wurttemberg; Catholics or Protestants; workers or officials; tradesmen or professionals, and so on, are, but because they are all German! With this sense of the inseparable bond of mutual respect has grown. With this feeling of indivisible inter-dependency, mutual respect has grown. And out of this respect came an understanding, and after the understanding, the powerful force that moves us all.

We National Socialists, therefore, march into every election campaign, with only one commitment; to go back to work again the next day, for the reorganization of the body of our people. Not for the sake of a mandate or ministerial chairs we do we fight, but for the German people, whom we want reunite once again, and that we shall, into an inseparable community of destiny.

The Almighty, has allowed, thus far, for us in 13 years, to grow from of 7 men to 13 million, and we are confident, will further allow that one day, out of these 13 million, one German folk shall arise. For in this people we believe; for this people we are fighting; and for this nation, we stand at the ready when required, and like those thousands of comrades in front of us now, to sacrifice, with body and soul. If the nation is also ready to fulfil its duty, then a day shall surely come, on which will stand once more, a Reich, of honour and freedom, and of jobs and food!”
Source: German broadcast archives, Frankfurt
Translation:  Justice for Germans

In closing I will add that, if anyone thinks that Germany today is a free country, that the occupation ended, that the FRG is legitimate  and that the FRG / BRD government represents the will of the German people, you are sadly mistaken. It is all a façade and Germany today faces the “Zero Hour” within the EU.  More to come on that!





Official German NSDAP Govt Booklet (1933) “The New Germany desires Work and Peace”

A Crime Against Humanity – The Allied Starvation of Millions of Germans

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8 Responses to Video – Germany: Zero Hour – Die Stunde Null

  1. treesnake says:

    Very sad.
    Brings back memories. I was 4 years old at zero hour, but a very old four years. For us the war was over a few weeks earlier as the actual surrender. It was a moon lit night and all the adults looked out of the window to see the tattered remnants of the Wehrmacht furtively making it through our little town, keeping on the dark side, lest they be picked off by ever present the ”Tiefflieger’ (low flying planes) They had those little ‘Panje horses’ i guess from Russia. I remember the women crying watching those poor men .
    Within hours all of a sudden an unimaginable. onslaught of trucks started to flow through our main street .The US Army! It went on for days. First time I saw black people. They seemed to be the drivers a lot.. The women started to joke, because the Yanks were so utterly well fed and healthy. ” These guys need two toilet seats do do their business, look at the size of their asses!” Then an order was issued forbidding any body to look out of the window, you might be shot.. So the women used mirrors. Soon we had a small garrison with an officer to administer the town. No fraternization! Streng verboten!
    Then they started to round up all the Poles and Russians that worked for the Germans. I remember a girl named Luba that clung to the legs of our landlady as they tried to drag her away. She screamed in terror, she didn’t want to go back to Russia. They dragged her away. Most of those returned to Russia had a very sad fate, they were either shot right away, or sent to Siberia to perish there. Poor Luba!. Mr. Kowalski a Pole managed to evade the man hunters and later emerged in possession of an army truck. He became a successful trucker for years after, beloved by all. Generally the Poles behaved like savages, robbing, stealing and raping. Their favorite trick was to string wire rope across the roads . When an unsuspecting driver came by, more often than not, he would be decapitated .. Nasty people.
    The German army boys had dumped all their ordnance into our pond in t the Kurpark., and the enterprising ex Hitler youth older boys went diving for stuff. I found a nifty loaded Walther pistol that was all plugged with mud. I kept trying to fire it, but luckily it never went off, and another older kid took it away from me. Phew!. The HJ kids found a whole lot of German bazookas ((Panzerfaust) and shot them off in the forest. Lots of fun! . Same with those potatomasher hand granades. My mother’s best friend lost her six year old son that way. Happened all the time.

    There was no food. Every body starved. My mother was pregnant with my younger brother then, he was born at about the worst time any child was born in Germany ever. August 10 .45, just around Hiroshima. We had been evacuated to this town after being bombed out in Feb. 45, so we didn’t know a lot of people. But when my brother was born, dozens of towns people came with supplies for my poor ma. Diapers milk bottles, baby clothes baby food, you name it. They were wonderful!
    We didn’t get fed at the school by UNICEF until 1948 so we were skeletal. My poor mother weighted less than 100 lbs., and nursing a baby. The poor boy caught Typhus( the same as in Belsen ) and as soon he was miraculously cured , TB. They took him away for three years to a sanatorium. When my mother finally picked him up, he called her ‘Auntie” just about broke her heart.
    God, they were hard time!

    • Yes, very sad. Your own story is sad too, but I thank you very much for sharing it. It echoes what I heard from my own parents who lived through it. The civilians were also treated worse than dogs. When the Americans arrived in my mother’s town, they were starving, and the US Army would not even give the children scraps to eat that were left over from their “mess tents”. She watched them take it out to the fields and burn it. She recalled one time, watching a US soldier who was taking a lunch break outside, sitting on his helmet. He was eating a bun or perhaps a donut, and it fell apart and onto the ground. She and several other kids were watching. He looked at them and then stomped the piece of food he had dropped into the dirt and mashed it in to the ground and yelled something at them, so they ran away. She said that was typical. Her town was later taken over by the Brits and that they were somewhat more humane. My dad was in his mid-teens and he also found a handgun and kept it hidden outdoors. He would go into the woods and hunt rabbits to feed the family, but it was extremely dangerous to do that. He could have been killed or jailed for having the gun.

  2. phvxpto says:

    Not only Germania was defeated in II WW. All the mankind was defeated…

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes it was was always a fight a free and sovereign nation vs international globalist tyranny and the hegemony of the Bankster Gangsters. It was a huge defeat of epic proportions. The battle was lost, but this fight goes on! The war is NOT over. That is why they continue to demonize Germany and Germans to this day, and it is also imperative that people wake to these facts and to see how they have been duped, and are still being misled by those in their midst who claim to be “fighting the NWO” but who really are serving the NWO agenda!

  3. jay says:

    the J4G is not only bringing the unknown truth but it also creating a awareness about past,to people who are bound with limited and hypocrite knowledge access .its human tendency to seek evil in every prousperous and commited development and politics is all about creating the hypothtical myth so that no one dare to contredict it, few people are trying and i respect it!!
    eager to read next post A WARM AND HEARTLY THANX FROM “BHARAT”
    (unfortunately english f****s calls it INDIA)

  4. The following content is for mature audiences only!

    A 10 minute video is the very last German Newsreel of the Wochenschau in 1945, and shows the final civilian resistance in Eastern Germany, including women, teenagers and children, and the elderly. It also features a female survivor from one town that was overrun by the Red Army and she details the “beastly” mass rapes and murders that took place, and footage is shown of some of the victim’s bodies. (It has not been translated and has no English-subs, sorry)

    This one features still images of the expulsion of the Germans from their own soil in eastern Germany in 1945

    This video is full colour and graphic footage without commentary of the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans from their own soil in 1945. It is unclear who filmed this, but I suspect it was the Czechs themselves. In the last few minutes You will see several groups of rather happy looking families who I presume are Czechs as there was no joy for the Germans.

    The following content is for mature audiences only! VERY GRAPHIC

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