The Nationalist Hour with Rodney Martin – Special Broadcast on the Anniversary of Hitler’s 124th Birthday


In commemoration of Adolf Hitler’s 124th birthday, Rodney Martin hosted a special broadcast of ‘World View Conversations’ with a number of guests, to discuss Hitler’s true legacy.

Topics included highlights from Hitler’s career, policies, and speeches as well as his accomplishments and contributions to our Culture and Society were discussed. Special comments from invited guests, included individuals who lived in The Third Reich.

If you missed the show, you can listen t here via streaming audio:–special-broadcast

Or download the mp3 here

I was pleased and honoured to make a brief appearance on this special broadcast and to participate in the conversation.  I hope you enjoy it.

As mentioned on the broadcast, I am doing some final edits on a new film, and I should be able to upload this some time tonight!



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7 Responses to The Nationalist Hour with Rodney Martin – Special Broadcast on the Anniversary of Hitler’s 124th Birthday

  1. buthaina says:

    Hitler will emerge as one of the most significant figures who ever lived…
    He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.
    He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”
    – John F. Kennedy,
    President of the
    United States of America

  2. Markus says:

    Very interesting show.

    I bet your next film will be fantastisch as well!

    Here, I found another nice Hitler piece.

    The article reports that Hitler loved Snow White, who represents Germany, one could say. Black hair, White skin, Red lips.

    Happy Birthday, Deutschland.

    • Yes, I really enjoyed hearing Gretel and Christina especially and was happy to participate a little in paying tribute to Hitler, and what he really accomplished. As to the guest in the final 30 minutes, however, I did not like that guy and I distance myself from his views, which I most emphatically do NOT share!

      As to the drawings, it is interesting. Hitler was a great artist, contrary to popular myth, and it is true that Disney studios were active in Germany until the war broke out. Roosevelt then ordered Disney studios to create propaganda cartoons depicting the caricatures of “evil Nazis” which really made Walt Disney angry. Looking at the images in this article, and comparing them to some of Hitler’s paintings and sketches, I think this could be true, and if it is, then it demonstrates once again that the real Hitler was far different than the “image” commonly portrayed or “painted” of him by the media and court historians.


  3. Netzband says:

    now I have listened to the radio-talk, all interesting with these original witnesses and how they see history up until today. As you, Wayne, told about your shool-experiences, it is so in Germany today and the media are full of Nazi- and Hitlerstuff now, but in the 60s in history, we didnt reach to this time of the 20st century. The main propaganda started with Schindlers list ( I think); and socalled “documentaries” about the war and “nazis”, were pushed out like a swelling wave since about the Gulf-wars begann, or the “breakdown of the Sovjets”. at least then in the 90s I watched and recorded most. (made by Guido Knopp that is history channel and der Spiegel and so on), until I learned more through internet sources later – more about how these times were in reality. Of course now it is not easy to talk with others now, who have digested all and have no doubt about the media. But my main motivation was, to understand the time my parents have lived in.

    So you have translated the film “Hitlers Krieg-was Guido Knopp verschweigt”? that is great. Myself got first the book it is based on: Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof: “1939-Der Krieg, der viele Vaeter hatte.” (starts with the Bagdad railway, WW-1, Versailles until the start of the war against Poland in 39 – but doesn’t include Barbarossa in 41) – this book was a revelation and it documents the sources. It is very rational and based on facts, as you would exspect from a retired General that Schultze-Rhonhof was, after the war in the Bundeswehr. It would dispell all the false propaganda about the war (that Hitler, so we are told, wanted to occupy Lebensraum there, which is not true) and it shows the real developments, but it is ignored officially. I read, it will be translated into Engl. (in German you can find it in the internet) He says cautiously: the war had many fathers. For the war in 1941, one will have to read Suvorov (or some others maybe metapedia) with the documents, he found around 1990, – and of course you have collected already enough on this, but for me and others, it were new aspects not so long ago.
    The courageous women who came after you in the radio-talk, Christine B.Miller, has published the war-photo-diary of her father in the internet, or part of it. I was glad to find it some time ago, it is not sensational but shows another view on the war, other than the media make it up. Since it is partial in German I’ve put it on my small blog (article “Die Wehrmacht in Russland”) since she wants it distributed without copyright.
    also here:

  4. Netzband says:

    Thank you, Wayne for putting together your films. I haven’t seen them yet, but I will watch them.. and also for me, Gerd Schultze-Rhonhoffs lectures/ speeches are the things one can get access to these themes of history, also for people, who shy away from reading a whole book. I think they were so interesting, that one would beginn to read more then. But unfortunately, people are rare to find, to talk about this. How different it was with my Opa and Oma and my parents, who were really interested in history (of all times, also the Classic, Greece, Egypt..). So thank you for your work, today I get the impression that speeches of Hitler about how war was started are taken more seriously in the internet, and I’ve read that Schultze Rhonhof sold his book to 30 thousand people already a few years ago.
    One of the best appearances of Schultze Rhonhof was at the AZK (anti-censorship Conference) in Switzerland. (AZK 7)

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