Angela Merkel is not Germany – The €uro is an instrument to enslave all of Europe!

union_europeaThe following is a partial re-post of an outstanding article containing very essential information for all Europeans regarding the EU.   I am sharing it here because it demonstrates why it is so important for the Europeans to know and understand the truth and realities of World War II, about which they have been duped. Through this massive deception, they have also been duped into supporting the EU treaty, through which Germany today continues to be enslaved, used and abused, and to be unjustly demonized with regard to EU affairs. The German people are NOT to blame for what the FRG/BRD government nor the the EU does. The Germans themselves, after nearly 70 years, still have no real say, but rather, only the plutocrats and sock puppets in the occupational government. It is all based upon a huge pack of lies. Hitler, himself, warned of all of this. I have included a segment of a speech he made in 1940 at the bottom which demonstrate this. . It’s time to wake up!

The re-post begins here:

The so called €uro crisis has been planned; the foreseeable consequences of the monetary union were well known to the responsible politicians. Top politicians in all countries are lying to their people and cooperating with high finance. Similar to the two world wars, the Germans have been chosen as a scapegoat. We would like the world to know: Angela Merkel is not Germany but a traitor to our nation and all of Europe. The following article will give you the necessary information to understand the mechanisms of the €uro fraud.

Prehistory and origins of the EU and the €uro

Without the Second World War, a monetary union in Europe would not have been possible. The defeat of France (in 1940), Italy (in 1943), and Germany (in 1945) and the hegemony of the USA over Europe were necessary to overcome the resistance autonomous nations would have opposed to such a project. (The fact that countries with a rest of political autonomy such as GB, Switzerland, and Norway did not introduce the €uro confirms this.)

The German nation lost its autonomy completely and has never been able to recover it. The socialist Carlo Schmidt, one of the experts in international law that were asked to elaborate the German ‘basic law’ (‘Grundgesetz’ – the FRG does not have a real constitution) under American supervision said about the new American client state Federal Republic of Germany:

This organization as a state-like entity, of course, can go very far. However, it will always be different from a democratically legitimated state because the self-organization in the face of not existing liberty depends on the acceptance of a superior foreign power as the legitimate ruler; it thus is noting more than the organized form of a modality of foreign domination.

When the USA started the European Recovery Program in 1947 (also known as Marshall Plan), they obliged the participating nations to accept an accompanying strategic plan. The loans were spend in a way that stimulated the American economy. Germany was forced to receive $ US 1.4 billion (6.4 billion Deutsche Mark, ca. 1/10 of the integral sum) from 1949 to 1952 and had to pay back 13 billion Deutsche Mark from 1953 to 1962. The ERP set the base for a common European policy and the respective institutions.

In 1950, the French minister of foreign affairs Robert Schuman proposed “to put the complete German and French production of coal and steel under a common surveillance authority” (“haute autorité”). The following year, the European Coal and Steel Community was founded, and France gained control over the German coal and steel industry.

In 1957, the European Economic Community was founded, canceling custom barriers between France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg, starting a common economic policy towards third countries and creating supranational institutions. With the EEC, the bases for the complete abolition of national autonomy were set. The EEC was eventually converted to the European Union and has been constantly enlarged. Since then, the FRG, an occupied country (still today approximately 100 000 American and British occupation forces are located in Germany and financed by the German taxpayers), has been the paymaster but never the leader, although the mass media try to make a different impression.

On September 19, 2000, the British Telegraph revealed:

Euro-federalists financed by US spy chiefs

DECLASSIFIED American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.

The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.

The documents were found by Joshua Paul, a researcher at Georgetown University in Washington. They include files released by the US National Archives. Washington’s main tool for shaping the European agenda was the American Committee for a United Europe, created in 1948. The chairman was Donovan, ostensibly a private lawyer by then.

The vice-chairman was Allen Dulles, the CIA director in the Fifties. The board included Walter Bedell Smith, the CIA’s first director, and a roster of ex-OSS figures and officials who moved in and out of the CIA. The documents show that ACUE financed the European Movement, the most important federalist organisation in the post-war years. In 1958, for example, it provided 53.5 per cent of the movement’s funds.

The European Youth Campaign, an arm of the European Movement, was wholly funded and controlled by Washington. The Belgian director, Baron Boel, received monthly payments into a special account. When the head of the European Movement, Polish-born Joseph Retinger, bridled at this degree of American control and tried to raise money in Europe, he was quickly reprimanded.

The leaders of the European Movement – Retinger, the visionary Robert Schuman and the former Belgian prime minister Paul-Henri Spaak – were all treated as hired hands by their American sponsors. The US role was handled as a covert operation. ACUE’s funding came from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations as well as business groups with close ties to the US government.

The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as head of ACUE in the late Fifties. The State Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth.

It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which “adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable”.

The above is only an excerpt from a much longer article which I recommend reading:

My Comments:

Additionally, I will add that many today blame Hitler for the EU and some state that it is built upon his vision for Europe.  In fact, his thoughts concerning only came about as a result of the war which was forced upon him by the ALL LIES, and what he had to say about Europe in 1940 was far different than what is falsely ascribed to him. Here is an excerpt from his speech

“Today there is much talk about democratic ideals in the outside world. But not in Germany! For here in Germany we had more than enough time-fifteen years-to acquaint ourselves with these democratic ideals. And we ourselves had to pick up the legacy left behind by this democracy!

Now we are being [falsely] credited with many a truly astounding war aim, especially by the English.  After all, England is quite experienced in issuing proclamations of objectives in warfare as it has waged the greatest number of wars the world over. Truly astounding are the war aims announced to us today.

“A new Europe will arise. This Europe will be characterized by justice. This justice will render armament obsolete. This will lead to disarmament at last. This disarmament in turn will bring about an economic blossoming. Change and trade will spring up-much trade-free trade. And with the sponsorship of this trade, culture shall once more blossom, and not only culture will benefit, but religion will also prosper.In other words: we are heading towards a golden age!”

Well, we have heard of this golden age before. Many times precisely the same people attempted to illustrate its virtues to us who are now flooding us with descriptions of its benefits. The records are old ones, played once too often. We can only pity these gentlemen who cannot even come up with a new idea to trap a great people. For all this they had already promised us in 1918.

Then, too, England’s objectives in the war were the creation of this “new Europe,” the establishment of a “new justice,” of which the “right to self-determination of the peoples” was to form an integral part. Back then already they promised us justice to render obsolete-for all time-the bearing of any sort of weaponry.

Back then already they submitted to us a program for disarmament-one for global disarmament. To make this disarmament more evident, it was to be crowned by the establishment of an association of nations bearing no arms. These were to settle their differences in the future-for even back then there was no doubt that differences would still arise-by talking them to death in discussion and debate, just as is the custom in democratic states. There would be no more shooting under any circumstances! In 1918, they declared a blessed and pious age to come! What came to pass in its stead we all lived to see: the old states were destroyed without even as much as asking their citizenry. Historic, ancient structures were severed, not only state bodies but grown economic structures as well, without anything better to take their place. In total disregard of the principle of the right to self-determination of the peoples, the European peoples were hacked to pieces, torn apart. Great states were dissolved.

Nations were robbed of their rights, first rendered utterly defenseless and then subjected to a division which left only victors and vanquished in this world. And then there was no more talk of disarmament. To the contrary, armament went on. Nor did any efforts materialize to settle conflicts peacefully. The armed states waged wars just as before. Yet those who had been disarmed were no longer in a position to ward off the aggressions of those well armed. Naturally, this did not herald economic prosperity but, to the contrary, produced a network of lunatic reparations payments which led to increasing destitution for not only the vanquished, but also the so-called victors themselves. The consequences of this economic destitution were felt most acutely by the German Volk.

And culture meanwhile received no support. Instead, it was abandoned to the arbitrary reign of crazed ideas and distortions. Religion, too, had to take a back seat. In these fifteen years, not one Englishman recalled the Christian ideals of charity or of love for one’s fellow man. The gentlemen went for walks not with the bible under their arms, but with the Treaty of Versailles in hand as their bible. It contained those 440 articles, all of which represented a burden, an obligation, an indictment, and an extortion of Germany. The League of Nations guaranteed this Versailles. It was not an association of free and equal nations. It was not even a League of Nations; its founding father refused it recognition from the start. It was a so-called League of Nations with the sole intent of guaranteeing this most vile of all Diktats. Its mission was to force us to fulfill this Diktat.

This was the age of democratic Germany!”

(Adolf Hitler, January 30th, 1940)

Now STOP blaming Germany!  And STOP blaming Hitler. He tried to warn you and to prevent all of this… with it!


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13 Responses to Angela Merkel is not Germany – The €uro is an instrument to enslave all of Europe!

  1. Markus says:

    Die Welt, 26.8.1998, p.12:

    “The sum 12 of the stars is a wink to the 12 tribes of Israel and God’s chosen people.” Paul Levi (designer of EU flag)

    Ever wondered why the stars don’t match the member states (26 + 1 statelike construct BRD, German Reich not a member).

    • Markus says:

      Actually, it is only 25 states. Austria is a soveraign country with a constitution, yet it is still part of the German Reich based on the 1938 Munich Treaty. Border revisions can only be made by sovereign governments. Separating Austria and Austria’s Sudetenland from the Greater German Reich was not proclaimed by acting President Dönitz, but is the result of Germany’s illegal occupation.

      The 1907 Hague Convention that regulates times between war and peace, does not allow to disregard the sovereign government of the defeated nation but has to work with it as protector, until a mutual peace treaty is signed.

      The SHAEF laws state that Germany is occupied in the borders of 12/31/1937, but the Reich exists in its borders of 08/31/1939 under International law. The day before war!
      (some say the borders of 1914 + 1939 because the November Criminals were not appointed by the sovereign Kaiser, nor did they ask the Germans in a referendum but putsched themselves into office. Hitler, on the other hand held a referendum on his form of government in 1934)

      Regarding Germany’s Eastern territories and the 1990 abandonment of them by the BRD, it has no validity, for the BRD’s lack of domain over these areas, since they are administered by Poland and not by the BRD or the DDR in the (Greater) German Reich.

      • Great insights and comments as always Markus. Danke! I especially like this phrase “putsched themselves into office” LMAO But that is so true. Weimar was a complete hijacking of our nation, which had long been planned. And yet all we hear about is “Hitler’s failed Putsch” in Bavaria (against Bolshevik-Marxists…though people are ignorant of that). Or they rail about his alleged “Putsch” in Berlin in which they claim that “Hitler burned down the Reichstag to seize power” which is rubbish, and was another story cooked up by the same Bolshevik-Marxist members of the Comintern. The same who Bolshevik-Marxists who cooked up all of the atrocity stories in 1933, and the same who cooked up the post-war atrocity stories. So many people believe these things because they don’t know the facts, don’t check the facts, or because the lie is convenient, and they don’t know who their real enemy is, nor who rules over them. Indeed, they are offended when you tell them LOL.

      • Markus says:

        Haha, coincidentally the 1937 borders are equal to the Versailles Diktat borders, without the Corridor, Danzig, Austria and Sudentenland, and we must also not forget New-Swabia, which is under UN mandate and administered by Norway.

        There was a treaty that Antarctica cannot be claimed by any country, but that it is rather a common continent with several appointed stewardships by certain countries, AFTER 1945. Again, Germany has not signed this treaty and it shouldn’t apply to our Neuschwabenland.

        No wonder they don’t want a peace treaty (including the Merkels, Schröders and Kohls). It would totally invalidate their Weltordnung, plus the UN as the League of Nations’ alliance against Germany, would cease to exist with the official end of WW2.

        Look up, Definition United Nations in the SHAEF laws, and of course the UN enemy state clauses.

        Germany is neither a member of the League of Nations, nor the UN. It is listed enemy state of the united nations, and the BRD is the trustee of this honor. 🙂 The BRD and DDR joined the UN in 1973 with observer status, and thereby acknowledge the enemy state clause, and are therefore hostile enemy organizations within Germany. Nowadays, -Germany- (equals German Reich according to SHAEF laws) has a seat at, not in, the UN. Not the Federal Republic of Germany. That thing only acts as trustee for Germany.

        So much to “Hitler created the UN”.

        Here is an interesting interview with a Russian Security Expert on Germany’s sovereignty. He is generally right, but he doesn’t fully address that Germany was indeed given liberty in 1990, but she has not utilized it to regain freedom yet, because article 146 of the Grundgesetz to hold a referendum on a new constitution once Germany as a whole has this liberty to apply 146, has not been applied yet.

        The BRD instead was restructured in 1990 from an occupation construct in law terms, to a trust with corporate structures. That’s why Arbeitsamt is now Arbeitsagentur etc. and Germany’s occupation is prolonged by contract with the “BRD GmbH”, as some wrongly but more understandable for the common people call it. The BRD is now a trust that maintains GmbH’s, such as the Bundesfinanzagentur GmbH. Germany is now quasi free, but the BRD administration in Germany is still under US/UN rule and Germany is also still in a state of war with the UN, although the enemy state clauses have been suspended (not nullified) in the ’90’s for Germans being good goys. (More than 500,000 Germans though have proclaimed sovereign Reich citizenship under a special UN resolution that applies in cases like this legal jimbo, according to Police union sources).

        The enemy state clause says that any military action can be made against Germany without prior consultation with the Security Council.
        Since the enemy troops are already in Germany, that would be easy for the 4 main victors that are already there, enjoying beer and bratwurst and hoping not to be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. 🙂

        But, theoretically, any of the 50+ countries that are officially still at war with Germany, can simply continue military hostilities without a veto right of the 5 big guys in the UN.

        Be it Italy or Ecuador or any of the former colonies that since 1943 gained independence from countries at war with Germany (SHAEF laws again). So, India or Cameroon or the Bahamas, as former British or French colonies could do it too.

        (Again, the enemy state clause is suspended, so it is unlikely this will happen, plus the 4 main occupiers in Germany wouldn’t want that either, I suppose, and find a way to circumvent their own rules.)

        It is noteworthy that only Russia voiced any hint whatsoever to even consider peace with Germany. Stalin did in the 1950’s and Gorbatshow did in the 1990’s. Putin’s regime is also open to at least face the facts, as Mr. Alexey Fenenko in this video explains.

        P.S. Good job on your recent speech dubbing. You are not only a resourceful researcher but also a great orator!

      • Markus, you have done a pre-emptive strike agaisnt me! LOL I was planning on doing a separate post on these topics. Now I will have to do it sooner than I had planned. 😉

      • Markus says:

        There are never too many soldiers in the fight, unlike cooks in the kitchen, Wayne.

        Your take on this topic will be much more informative and known to radio listeners or newsletters to readers of yours.

        What you said about Germany’s division and the Wall is so true. Especially, what one must do to break the Wall once and for all by learning the truth of WW2.

        It would be great if you’d be on German radio as well to inform the ones who already figured out the legal situation, SHAEF laws, and sll that, but are still stuck in the mental and emotional re-education program!

      • Markus, es war natuerlich nur ein Witz. Du hast es mir jetzt, den Artikel zu schreiben, relativ leicht gemacht mein lieber Kamerad! Die Soldaten der Wahrheit sammeln sich hier und es freut mich sehr. Ich bin wie immer nur dankbar fuer Deine Unterstuetuzng! Radio?? Gleich vom vorn, habe ich daran gedacht, meine eigene Internet Radio Show zu unternehmen, evtl. halb-Deutsch, halb-Englisch. Mal sehen. Vielleicht kommt das auch noch. Dann koennten wir einen echten Blitzkrieg der Wahrheit fuehren! 😉

      • Markus says:

        Soldat der Wahrheit

        Sleipnir “Unbekannter Soldat” (Song)

      • Butterkeks says:

        This is not correct in the case of Austria.
        They are in the exact same position the Germans are in, they are a back in the Schussnig times, parallel to the German Weimar 2.0.

        Austria is also a corporation, same as Italy, and almost all EUSSR members.

        The crucial point is the German BGB(civil code), which used to define two type of persons.
        One being the natural person, the default status of a human being, it represent the human being. The other is the artificial person, or corporate person.

        The point here, the anglo-saxons do not define and distinguish between these two legal constructs. Hence the BRD GmbH, the Austria GmbH, or the US corporation, in contrast to the USA, which ceased to exist in 1871.

        But it goes deeper, because the UN is a corporation, privately run. Almost all European nations have been transformed into a corporation.
        The exception might be Russia, because their civil code is based on the BGB.

        This result is that eg the Bavarian police is a registered trademark, a brand, and the the BRD in fact do not have any citizenship, or any valid federal law since 2007. Let aside that the “Constitutional court” has rendered last year the electoral law invalid, illegal since 1954.

        That being said, the only partial German “state” having had something resembling a constitution was funnily the GDR, middle Germany.
        However, Germany does have a legally enacted constitution, the one of 1871, but it has been forcefully made dormant with the two wars and occupation.
        The “Weimar constitution” of 1919 was basically the first attempt of the “Basic Law”. The “basic law” is based on the “Weimar constitution”, both acknowledge Versailles. Even worse, the “Basic Law” loots assets of the Reich, and slowly but steadily dissolves the BRD in the EUSSR.

        The west German “constitutional court” decided 31 July 1973 authoritatively and again 21 October 1987:

        “It is noted (see, eg, BVerfGE, 1956-08-17, 1 BvB 2 / 51, BVerfGE 5, 85 ), that the German Reich survived the collapse of 1945 with the surrender, and neither perished later with the exercise of foreign power by the Allies in Germany, it still has legal capacity, but is not functioning as a single state for lack of organization. The FRG is not “legal successor” of the German Reich, but identical with the state as a state “Deutsches Reich” – in reference to its territorial expanse only “partially identical”. ”

        The BGB used to state this:

        “1)Natural Person is the human being. He is always capable of holding rights in the sense of common capability of holding rights and is thus subject of right(=person)(…)
        Slavery is not known to German right; a human being which is slave according to foreign right, has the capability of holding rights according to the German right of residence.(…) ”

        “Section 1. Person
        1)Terminus. The BGB differentiates between natural(§1 f.) and artificial person(corporate body)(§21 f.).
        The generic term Person is not comprehended[by BGB] in the sense of right-ethics but technical sense of right: Persons are subjects of Rights and Responsibilities.
        The crucial attribute is the capability of holding rights for the Person term within the BGB, ie the capability being holder of Rights and Responsibilities.
        Concerning the natural person the BGB assumes self-evidently that every human being, regardless of class, gender or nationality has the capability of holding rights.
        By that it is rightly expressed, that the capability of holding rights of human beings is not granted by the lawmaker but defaults the laws.
        (…) ”

        The BGB used to define in a nutshell how the trickery and looting has been done. It repeats in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya carbon copy. They transform the nation into a corporation, hostile to the corporate employees, that is the inhabitants of the country.

  2. Heidi says:

    I remember that when I was taking German at school and studying Hitlersjugend and the German culture, that my teacher said something very startling. The Berlin Wall had fallen by that time. He said the some people were nervous about that. Germany was being united again and that it could lead to the Fourth Reich. I didn’t understand what he meant by that. I was too young and had just began to study World History, where we were studying about Germany in the time of Hitler. About half of the history wasn’t true.

    • Yes, that was commonly said by various political analysts and commentators back then as the events were unfolding, but it was entirely without basis. Just more fear-mongering and anti-Germanism. The underlying premise too, of course, is that a “Fourth Reich” would automatically be something evil, based upon the false history of the Third Reich and WWII. The two artificial Germany’s which were created after the war had evolved into two very different societies, estranged from one another, after decades of foreign rule and political indoctrination. The DDR was also an economic disaster and became an anchor to the western Germans, and many from the east flooded to west. The so-called “re-unification” really caused further divisions in many respects. Within no time, many (especially in the west) wished to put the wall back up. Germany today remains very divided amongst itself. The wall, in my opinion, was a mere symbol of that. It served its purpose for the allies. The only thing which can truly unite Germans now is the truth about Hitler, the NSDAP, Third Reich and WWII, thereby, reclaiming the past and also the future. The “powers that be” do everything in their power to prevent that from ever happening. That has been going on for centuries.

  3. Theresa says:

    thank you for the “unbekannter soldat.” Es waermt einem das herz.

  4. Manni says:

    After reading your article, I am convinced that the German people are also unhappy with the way this whole EU thing has been dragging itself. I am not German but I have a lot of respect for that nation mainly for academic reasons. I believe you deserve much more than Merkel and her fellow mafia buddies sitting in the ECB and the EU parliment. They are willing to walk over the dead bodies of millions of Europeans just to survive one more day. They have no shame nor will they ever have any. At the end of the day, it’s two-faced jerks like Obama and Merkel who bask in glory while we the people suffer like we always do.
    P.S. I think the Jobbik party in Hungary is making headway with regards to opposing the EU. May they be a role model for all sleeping sheep baaing to Big Brother!

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