The War Against the Germans: What really happened? And is it over yet??

I recently posted a series of articles concerning the origins of World War II and how it actually began with an official “declaration of war” against Germany by self-described “International Jewry” in 1933, in the form of a world wide economic boycott against her, just as Hitler and the NSDAP came to power.  The leaders of this group, which can only be described as an “international terrorist cabal” in New York and London, but who described  themselves as “World Jewry”, loudly, boldly and aggressively proclaimed to the world that outrageous atrocities were being committed against the Jews within Germany, and they made these accusations repeatedly in the media (which they, or their associates, largely also owned and operated).  That is nothing short of economic terrorism and extortion, as well as defamation, in an attempt to subvert German sovereignty and the democratically expressed will of the German people from abroad.

But as I also showed in a follow up piece, the largest German-Jewish organization in Germany at the time, the “Central-Vereins deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens e.V.” (abbr. C.V.)  protested this and denied that any such thing was taking place.  They also said “this World Jewry does not exist!” In other words, this group was a fraud, did not represent all Jews and could not suddenly engage all Jews in a global conspiracy.  Some of the leaders of the C.V. went to New York, London and other major cities to do what they could to counter those claims and to defend Germany’s reputation.  I translated and included their article, from their own publication, in which they described the counter-measures which the spokesmen for the C.V. had taken in Germany’s defence! They also expressed their fear that these lies would in fact increase so-called “anti-Semitism” within Germany. I also included a link to  Under Two Flags – A German Jew Speaks Out About Hitler and NS Germany by Heinz Weichardt.  

The atrocity propaganda war, may have slowed for a time thereafter, but it did not stop there.  It was further fuelled by self-described “Jewish” Bolshevik-Marxists labour union organizers who also went to New York to also denounce Hitler and the NSDAP.  Neither did it stop when Britain, France and their various allies declared a military war against Germany in 1939 regarding the alleged “unprovoked” aggression against Poland (which was not the case at all – watch Hitler’s War? What the Historians Neglect to Mention).  Hitler always wanted peace and he offered peace even when he held the upper hand.  The French and Brits refused peace, and then got their asses kicked by the militarily inferior, but very well prepared, highly skilled, determined, motivated and UNITED Germans in the Spring of 1940.  (See my latest film “Hitler’s Victory – A Final Appeal for Peace and Sanity” in which Hitler explains his actions, declared victory and still offered his hand in peace).

At that time, the French under Petain finally came to their senses, and there were even those in Churchill’s own cabinet such as Lord Halifax and R.A. Butler who, following the defeat of the French and their own huge defeats at both Narvik and Dunkirk were ready to talk peace with Hitler [“Ten Days to Destiny: The Secret Story of the Hess Peace Initiative and British Efforts to Strike a Deal With Hitler” by John Costello, pages 17 to 19, as quoted here].  But the atrocity propaganda continued throughout the war, as we shall see below, driven by the financial terrorist cabal in New York who, for all intents and purposes, owned Roosevelt and Churchill, and served them as puppets.   The New York financial terrorism cabal (and their minions) had already succeeded in getting Chamberlain out of the way by denouncing him, as is well known,  as “an appeaser”, but they could never succeed in forcing Hitler and the Germans to back down.  The Germans were firm in the belief of the righteousness of their stance and were prepared to defend their sovereignty at all cost, and with all of their means, on a matter of principle: a return to the Weimar years was NOT going to happen voluntarily,  nor by extortion! Because it was NO choice at all.  Thus, the cabal instead used their power and influence to ensure that Roosevelt and Churchill, along with the double-dealing, treacherous Stalin, would do their dirty work militarily, and they did.  See:Origins of World War II – The Unexpected Views of Four Key Diplomats Who Were Close to Events

Yet, even with Hitler and the NSDAP out of the way, the atrocity propaganda did not stop in 1945 when the German forces surrendered. Indeed, it intensified.  Why? First because they had to do everything possible to justify themselves and to hide the horrific crimes of the allies.  And secondly, and more importantly, because it was NEVER their intent to merely defeat Germany militarily and to oust Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP, who threatened their New World Order agenda, but rather, it was an all out war against the German people.

Their goal was the destruction of the Germans and our culture, and the usurpation of our German soil, and indeed, as it turns out, our name.  Their objectives were largely carried out in those early, so-called “post war” years, and hampered or altered only by the Cold War. Nonetheless, those objectives continued, as you shall see below, and still are being carried out today, through many and various means, not the least of which is the perpetual demonization of the Germans which started long before the “official” outbreak of the war.  I have also demonstrated in several earlier posts how atrocity stories were manufactured in this process during WWII, just as had also been done in the First World War (and later admitted).  Except that, after the Second World War they never retracted anything, and only continued to expand on it, and still do!

The war against the Germans never ended in 1945 as most have been led to believe. There was no peace treaty and the governance of the German people was usurped. Germany remains an occupied nation today, and the government of the Federal Republic is a fraud.  If, as the victors claimed, after both the First and Second World Wars, that these wars were being waged in the name of “human rights”, “liberty”, “democracy” and “the right of self determination” etc then how is it that the German Reich ceased to exist? Or did it? And if not, where is it today? How is it that, today after nearly 70 years, there is no peace treaty between Germany and the 50+ allies? And how is it that the Germans still have no constitution of their own making to this day?  How then can Germany today be a free country?  Indeed, how was the BRD established? I will address those questions soon in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

For now, however, let’s just look at the net results of the military war waged against the German Volk, both during and in the immediate aftermath of military operations, which allegedly “rid the world (including the Germans) of an evil dictator”, to “make the world safe for democracy”,  and which brought “peace”, “liberty”,  “an end to suffering”, and a “more humane world” where “life is valued” and “human rights respected” and blah, blah, blah  (as they also said after the first war).  None of which matches the FACTS!

German deaths during World War II and in the Aftermath:

WWII German Death Toll


OF THOSE MORE THAN 12 MILLION GERMANS WERE KILLED AFTER THE END OF THE WAR BY STARVATION, MEDICAL NEGLECT, MURDER, RAPE TO DEATH, ILLNESS AND INJURY. (primarily by arrangement of the Allies and their directors)  Source:  Huttenbrief fuer Volkstum, Kultur, Wahrheit und Recht – Herausgeber (Publisher): Freundenkreis Ulrich von Hutten e.V.

Note:  in the above graphic “Sowjet” is the German word for “Soviet”


And here is a second look at the figures, courtesy of which reports very similar tolls (though in some cases higher) to those shown above, but also includes the expelled Germans (ethnically cleansed).  The author then goes into depth regarding the origins of the post-war plans for the Germans which resulted in heavy German losses. I have only included an excerpt of the article here due to space constraints in this blog format. The author refers to “Winter in Germany” but he is NOT talking about the Winter season or the weather, but rather, about what Germans call “die Stunde Null” (the Zero Hour).  That is, where a vanquished and utterly defenseless people now stood, lay or roamed, amidst a smoking pile of ruins, where once a great and proud nation had once stood.  It was truly “Ground Zero”.

Winter in Germany 1946-1947

by Peter Stuyvesant

What did actually happen to Germany in the years AFTER 1945 (“PEACE TIME”)?


LOSS of TERRITORY : About 40 % of the German populated areas within the prewar borders of Germany were given to Poland, CSR, even the Soviet Union, or forced into separation (Austria).


EXPULSION: 20 million Germans were expelled from their homes, houses, farms in Eastern parts of Germany or areas in East Europe.They were killed, forced into concentration camps, forced labor and survivors deported to the West.


MURDER and RAPE : During the process of expulsion, 3 million German civilians were killed in unforgettable atrocities. Around two million girls and women were raped.


PRISONERS of WAR: Three million POW’s were killed, mostly by deliberate starvation, one million in the “Eisenhower annihilation camps” ( )


FORCED LABOR: Millions of German POW’s were subjected to forced labor in many countries including those of the Western Allies. Around one million German civilians, men and women, were gathered on the streets and deported for forced labor.


STARVATION: Deliberate starvation of the German population that had survived the bombing raids by a range of harsh and cruel measures of the Allied forces, especially the Americans. 6,5 million German died from starvation and exhaustion from 1945 until 1950.


“PAPERCLIP”: All German patents and trademarks were robbed. Allied transports of patent specifications, proprietary drawings, formulas of dyes, medicaments, synthetic materials, work drawings, prototypes, proprietary specifications of technical procedures amounted to many shiploads. Many scientists were deported or “invited” to work in the Allied countries.


GOLD and ARTS: The German Gold reserves were stolen and transported to the US. The wealth of German museums as well as private property was robbed.


DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION: The German factories that had survived the bombing raids were dismantled (“DEMONTAGE”) and blown up until after 1950 including all branches, even factories producing watches, toys or china.

Today we can hardly imagine that nearly 70 years ago the victorious Allies were in the process of dismembering Germany, tearing down its economy and starving out its population. Older Germans remember the postwar winter of 1946/1947 as a dreadful hunger winter.

In his book The German Question and the Origins of the Cold War (Milan 2008) Nicolas Lewkowicz notes that Germany was given the most comprehensive treatment ever dispensed to a vanquished nation in the modern history of the international political system. (p. 11)

The question is how this treatment came to be and which forces played a pivotal role in these developments. In 1942 the war was far from decided as German submarines were cruising the American East Coast and German tanks were relentlessly advancing in Russia and Africa. This did not stop (or maybe actually encouraged) Jewish exiles from dreaming about Germany’s demise after the war. Tens of thousands of Jewish exiles* from Germany had found refuge in New York and even had their own newspaper Aufbau (German word for build-up). They were not sitting idle awaiting the end of hostilities, but were active in canvassing the public opinion to lobby for imposing a hard peace on Germany. The most active and outspoken among them was Emil Cohn, better known under his German pen name Emil Ludwig.

[* There was already an exodus of powerful and influential self-described “Jews” from Germany to the USA even before Hitler came to power, or just as he did achieve power. Hitler’s stated objective was to put Germans back in charge of Germany, following the chaos of the Weimar period in which the self-described “Jews” dominated German politics, finance, arts, culture, education, law, medicine etc and were prospering, while the Germans suffered massive unemployment, hyper-inflation, starvation, as well as,  moral and cultural decay.  But he had no intention of harming them! But to what lengths would the cabal go go to protect their interests? (Not only in Germany but globally!)  Or to seek retribution?  As well as, to secure those long-term interests permanently? Who else would they not harm or allow to be put in harms way in the process? I dare say, the sons of the allies, and even many of their own would be, and were sacrificed by this same cabal for their long-term interests! ~ J4G]

Cohn delivered an important speech in New York in 1942, which was noted in the New YorkTimes (6th of July 1942) and printed in Aufbau (July 24th1942): “Was soll mit Deutschland geschehen?”(“What should happen with Germany?”). Ludwig advocated that Germany should be totally occupied and not be able to exercise self-government for a long time. Germany should go through a “probation” and should be re-educated”.

The date of these long standing suggestions is important, since the allegation, Germany had [allegedly] murdered millions of convicts of the concentration camps, which could never be proven by forensic evidence, claims, the beginning of the mass murder lied in June 1942. Another contributor to Aufbau, Manfred George, made no secret about his primary allegiance when he noted in Aufbau (March 19th 1943) that one time German-speaking Jews consider this problem [of Germany’s fate after the war] as Jews and not as Germans. There were many similar voices but Cohn was not a mere commentator as he was summoned to testify before the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives on March 26 1943. He proposed a partition of Germany and a long period of Allied control. In order to spread his radical ideas among the American public he published a book with the title “How To Treat The Germans” (New York: Willard, 1943). Note that there is no question mark in the title.

There is MUCH MORE! Please continue reading here:


Suggested additional reading from my previous posts:

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Forged War Crimes That Malign the German Nation” by Udo Walendy

The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau“, by Alfred M. de Zayas


Again, the war against the Germans did NOT end in 1945!  It continues to this day.  BUT please realize, it is no longer just a war against the Germans. It is a war against ALL HUMANITY!  It is happening to other nations too.  And therefore, it is essential for ALL (and not just whites either) to learn and to understand this history,  and overcome our differences in order to overcome our common enemy, which is NOT “the Jews” but rather,  a small but very powerful financial terrorist cabal who happen to call themselves “Jews” ….and are NOT.

We must come to see and to understand how they operate and what their agenda is, and then work together to prevent these crimes from happening today, and in the future.  We must stop allowing ourselves to be divided, and to be used, and provoked into fighting each other for their benefit.  We can sort our differences later, in a world without them!

And only then we can begin to reclaim our common destiny from oblivion, as well as, secure the destinies of our unique nations and tribes, as the Creator always intended, with dignity, honour, rights and mutual respect for all.


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18 Responses to The War Against the Germans: What really happened? And is it over yet??

  1. Markus says:

    Adenauer Rede zur Demontage Deutschlands.

    Zwischenruf im Bundestag: “Sie sind der Kanzler der Alliierten!”, und allgemeine Emperörung der anderen Delegierten im Zuspruch des Einwandes.

    Der Begriff, Kanzler der Alliierten, hat bis heute bestand und war nicht nur auf Adenauer persönlich gezielt, sondern auf das Amt des Bundeskanzler der Vereinigten Okkupationszonen im Westteile Deutschlands (aka BRD) oder West- und Mitteldeutschlands nach 1990 (Groß-BRD).

  2. Markus says:

    Greater BRD only state in the Western world that totally bans homeschooling. No exceptions. UN universal rights for parents not applicable for its declared enemy state (emphasis mine) to “prevent parralel societies”.

    Where is the SPLC Civil Rights movement when you need them?

    Pending US asylum case, German Romeike family.

  3. aj says:

    “O, the pride of the German heart is this noble river! And right it is; for of all the rivers of this beautiful earth there is none so beautiful as this.” — Longfellow.

  4. Wolfenhords says:

    Hey wayne have you seen this video yet,
    I was just wondering if you could translate it, i think its titled Hitler declares Democracy.
    Have you had contact with members of the NPD in Germany? its seems if your so vehement about bringing this information to the german population, rightly so, you may find some usefulness in setting partnerships with some people over there, to get your info out more.

    • Markus says:


      I know this clip. Hitler explains exactly what Alex Jonesites propagandize to be Fascism or “Corporatism” (or Nazism, of course).

      It’s very funny to explain to them that in Fascism, the central bank is incorporated under the Congress, while in a Capitalist or Libertarian system, the central bank can be outsourced as private company.

      Hitler nailed it again!

      Getting in contact with the NPD might be a good thing. They are patriots and care for Germany. They might even pay for a mission in Canada/North America. (they are BRD funded 🙂

      • They are also always on the verge of being banned too. But as I said, I am more concerned with the English speaking world and I don’t get involved with parties or groups, whether in Germany or elsewhere.

      • Butterkeks says:

        Wayne, I like your approach to stay away from organizations and parties.
        In the case of the NPD, they may be the only party in the BRD circus allowed to remotely criticize the whole system, but they rae heavily infiltrated and controlled by the “Staatsschutz”, kind of Stasi.
        The NPD serves in my view as a convenient playbook “nazi” scapegoat.
        If the system need the “nazi”(read ‘terrorist’ in US speak), they simply get him out of the closet and let him do some chase with a baseball bat of some eg gypsies.
        A feast for the hypocrite media.

        In west German terms, I have never been properly socialized and accustomed to democracy, hence my tendency to not understand democracy. I am from middle Germany, and the BRD is a nightmare of epic proportions, more evil, cunning, dishonest and orwellian than GDR ever had been.

      • Thanks for your comments Butterkeks and Markus regarding the NPD. You confirm what I suspected. I wasn’t involved politically when I lived there and I don’t keep up very much with current affairs over there now. But I did observe that the “Bundestag” operated pretty much like the British system we have here in Canada and did not hold it in very high regard in terms of representing the people. The right-left extremes were both very nauseating too. I also observed big differences in attitudes between west and east (middle), and many regional differences too. The north-west was generally “cold” and anti-social, and Americanized in their mentality. As to “democracy”, I think Hitler’s observations about it in “Mein Kampf” were accurate and, while he was describing the parliament in Vienna, he could well have been describing the parliament here in Canada, even today. It does not represent the will of the people to the parliament, but rather, represents the will of the elites to the people.

      • Markus says:

        The NPD is indeed infiltrated and oftentimes the “Nazi scapegoat”.

        The NPD was established by British Intelligence in the 1960’s. Just like the skinhead culture (as a moron club to discredit Nationalsozialismus) that was imported from the British isles.

        The NPD nevertheless does some good work and has some sincere members, IMO.

        Middle Germans are more capable to look through the BRD state simulation. You have been taught that it is just a Western occupation zone during the Soviet occupation of your sector. If there is any hope in Germany, it’s in the center. The West is too invested in their democracy hoax.

      • Here is a website you will like:

        And an article: “A Son’s Struggle for His Father’s Honor – The Life and Death of My Father, Rudolf Hess”
        Wolf Rüdiger Hess


    • Hi, thanks for the clip. Too bad that the sound quality is so bad. Does anyone know the date and place of this speech? Perhaps then I could locate the text. As to the NPD, I don’t live in Germany and I don’t belong to or support any parties or groups. There are other individuals over there who do what they can, with the legal limits and in the German language, such as Maj-Gen Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof for example. Then there are others like Dr. Claus Nordbruch,whom I mentioned on the radio show, and who writes in German but resides outside of Germany. My focus is on the English speaking world. I don’t think anything will ever change much in Germany until there is greater understanding in the rest of the world first. That means people in America, England, Canada etc who now know the truth must also demand the truth which will set Germany free.

      • Markus says:

        It’s from the Borsig Rede.

        Already translated into English:

        Also, Goebbels: Demokratie und Bolshewismus

        Wir (die Nationalsozialisten) wollen keine Welt erobern, sondern unser Land verteidigen.

      • Thanks Markus, I have seen some of this Spanish guys videos before and I appreciate his efforts, but his translations are not always good. And ehile I understand the spoken German, I think many others will find it difficult to keep up with reading through an entire speech, which is why I narrated the July 19th, 1940 victory speech myself. I hope it inspires others to get involved and do the same with other classic Hitler speeches for educational purposes.


      • Butterkeks says:

        Wayne, exactly my thoughts.
        The issue needs to be made public in the english speaking world.
        As long as they are at war with us, and occupy our soil with about 100000 troops and nukes, on over 60 military bases, nothing can be done from within Germany.
        That is the sad truth, but we are key to their downfall.
        The ultima ratio of the occupiers is the UN charter, which allows them to pick up fighting without UN security council consultations. That goes for over 54 nations, and reason why the criminal BRD still exists. They can be blackmailed beyond belief.

      • Wolfenhords says:

        Well, My opinion is you should at least try to make some connection with of the German populations in Europe, I know Germany is kinda of a obstacle but there are also large Deutsche populations in Switzerland, Czech republic, and of course Austria, that might serve a good connection with you message and goals, like in Switzerland they have a pro-german party you might like called the ‘Partei National Orientierter Schweizer’,
        I know people may feel un-trustfull of the NPD, but they also have good notable people that espouse a good message like Udo Pastors, they also have met with people like David duke, So I personally believe if you can it would be good to make ties with some of these peoples and organizations. Sites like are also gaining, and are high in the Alexa Rankings in places like Germany and Switzerland, so the people are looking for answers and are awakening in my view. We shouldn’t neglect the people back in the fatherland, I understand your goal, but Frankly the situation in Germany is similar to that of the US, Canada, and UK, and allot people still see bomber harris as somehow of a hero unfortunately. So the effort to awaken the masses should serve on a united front, and frankly those of Deutsche ancestry will feel more compelled to do something about it once the veil has been removed, in my opinion.

  5. Butterkeks says:

    A little musical riding through post war German history. Very apt lyrics.

    Thanks Wayne for all your translations, we know what has been going on for so long, but its forbidden to even think in the Banana republic nightmare.

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