Guest appearance on Spingola Speaks, May 1st, 2013

rbn_banner[Updated 05.01.13] Dear friends, I was Deanna Spingola’s guest once again on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) .  The main topic of conversation was my latest film “Hitler’s Victory – A Final Appeal for Peace and Sanity” featuring an English translation of Hitler’s speech from July 19th, 1940  and includes lots of actual WWII German Newsreel footage of the events of the war on the Western Front, as well as of the victory celebrations in Germany. The final 30 minutes of the film features bonus footage from the battles as they were fought in  Norway and at Dunkirk.  Deanna and I also discussed some of my recent posts and related history regarding modern day Germany, WWI and WWII, and some of the earlier history.  We took some calls too. I hope you find both the film and the interview enlightening!

Here is a free archive of the show courtesy of the



BTW, I have been extremely busy researching a number of topics recently as well as  dealing with a mountain of e-mails with comments and questions, and all of info that others send me, so I haven’t been able to post anything new here over the week, but I am working on it. New videos are also the works, all of which is very time consuming and requires enormous amounts of time, work and concentration.  So stay tuned!

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11 Responses to Guest appearance on Spingola Speaks, May 1st, 2013

  1. buthaina says:

    Good job Wayne. I have just finished listening to the intreview. It’s good that you exposed Angela MerKal. She is nothing but a Zionist puppet just like the so called “Prime Minister” in the “liberated” Iraq.
    And the European Union is a Scam just like the so called The Arab League.

  2. James says:

    I just want to thank you for having the courage to stand up and tell the world the other side of the story and to expose the treachery of the (so called) Allied powers. My father served in Germany with the Canadian Airforce in 1958. As a boy then and as a soldier in later years that had the pleasure to do a tour in Germany (1980 – 84) I developed a great fondness for the country and it’s people. I know that in many parts of the country to this day still regard Herr Hitler as a great man. This would not be so if the man was truly the monster our history books would have us believe. Keep up the good work, Bless you. Danke!
    James Bannerman

  3. Kurt says:

    Hello Wayne: Gruesse aus Tennessee
    I am listening to your program with Deanna Spingola of May 1st. Thank you und vielen dank for your tremendous effort on behalf of the German people and for all people of decency. I, like you am a German. I was born in Germany after the war and we came to America in 1956. My entire family has been affected by the events of WWII and life in the Third Reich. My father, maternal grandfather and many uncles campaigned for the Reich and the women in my family, including my mother survived the horrors of the war. It is only today that I am beginning to truly appreciate and understand what my forebears went through.
    My father passed on in 1994 and I feel terribly that I never discussed with him his youth in Germany. He was born in Berlin in 1918 and rarely spoke about what it was like growing up in Berlin in the 1930’s. He certainly was right there for the glorious days of the Reich. If he was in the Hitler Youth, he never mentioned it, perhaps because it was not something one would speak about freely in Brooklyn, New York in the 1950’s and 1960’s with Hogan’s Heroes playing in the background. He enlisted in the Kriegsmarine in 1939 and became an officer, the equivalent of a sergeant, during the war years in Paris. He was lucky to survive the war being captured in Paris in 1944 and then spent 4 years in POW camps in Missouri and Nebraska. How I wish I could speak to him today and get information and the truth, I’m sorry that I had no interest as a young man. My mother will be 85 next week and she survived the war years living outside of Frankfurt on the Oder. She is reluctant to speak in much detail and wants to leave many of the painful memories behind her. But she is such a tremendous resource! Thanks again for all you do for our people. It is good to be a proud German once again.

    • Markus says:

      Hi Kurt,

      I can only agree with you on the topic. My grandfather served in the German military. He was a Froschmann, a diver/marine and on a Kriegsschiff in the Baltic Sea at the Finish coast to prevent the Soviets from advancing West.

      He never spoke much about it either and I honestly didn’t want to hear about it. When I was a kid, I imagined that he gassed Jews in Auschwitz…(like all Germans did according to the narrative), so I purposely avoided asking for he was “otherwise” a great man and I loved him much.

      He had the strong spirit of a HJ German though, and worked hard to rebuilt Germany after 1945. He is dead now, and I remember when he died. He was in emotional trauma and relived the bomb attacks. He screamed and cried. All his life, he suppressed the memories.

      One of my grandmothers still lives and she told me about the expulsion from Pommerania. She was mass-raped and got almost shot by a Polish soldier. He had mercy with her and let her go, although he had order to shoot her.

      Practically all my family is from the Eastern Territories and Danzig.

      I am very relieved that I know the truth now and able to share my story and honor my grandfather’s service.

      • Thanks Markus, the “Terror Bombing” of Sir Winston Psychopath Churchill is still fresh in the memory of my dear old mother. Some times, she needs to hear a prop plane flying overhead, or see something on TV, and it all comes flooding back in an instant. Fortunately she was not in the Russian zone, but and she recalls the hunger and total inhumanity of the Americans when they arrived, but says that it was somewhat better when the Brits took over the occupation in the North. it all seemed so hopeless, and she and dad were eager to emigrate at the first opportunity. But she also recalls vividly how good life had been for them under Hitler and the National Socialists, how happy they were, how proud they were, the comradery, how safe they felt, etc. Over here in Canada, they had met many others on the boat from all over greater Germany and Austria, and these other German families became our surrogate families / relatives, so to speak. A few times a year they would have get togethers and party in German style, as well as, discuss those “good old days”. So we were able to retain our culture to some extent and enjoy our German heritage. Most of them are gone now. Some of them could discuss the war, but it was painful. Others never wanted to think about it again. But it was hard not to for them, as it was constantly thrown in our faces on TV, in film and other media too. But all could only ask “why”? “What the hell did we do to deserve that? And how could they do that to us, or to anyone?”

      • Markus says:


        “What the hell did we do to deserve that? And how could they do that to us, or to anyone?”

        I think the answer has to do with Ahnenerbe und Hohlweltlehre. The ancient (pure) Arians (or Agrarians/VegetARIANS) and hollow earth sagas are a common theme of many cultures around the world and both also played a part in National Socialism.

        US Admiral Byrd’s writings also confirm the hollow earth theory.

        It is far more than just Germany as economic rival of Britain or abolishing usury. The Herrenrasse must go for the counter-Herrenrasse. All descendents of the ancient Arians are targeted, as we see before our eyes right now. Germany was destroyed first and completely, for it is the birth place of all Germanic tribes. By defaming Germany as motherland of all Germanic people, the psychological damage is done to all Germanic peoples, Dutch, Norwegian, British, etc, and their offshoots in America, Australia and so on. Our Slavic and Romanic cousins are psychologically less targeted (right now-the Slavs had their onslaught during the Soviet occupation) as “Whitey”, but they slowly go down as well in this struggle.

        In this context, it is noteworthy that the Syrians, Iranians, Afghani, and the North African Berbers (Libyans, Tunisians) are also of the Caucasian/Arian stock and targeted as we know from the news. The sub-continental Indians or Black Arians are part of this family too, btw. All but the Indians are targeted, even though some speak a semitic and not a Indo-Arian language in the Middle East, yet biologically, they are Arian or Caucasian and part of the so called Herrenrasse, which is in the way of the new world order master race.

      • Kurt says:

        Markus: Thanks for your note. At the end of my father’s life he would watch TV and if there were gunshots heard or any images of war or battle he would fall to the floor and begin screaming in German. This was all quite distressing for my mother of course who could not convince him that the war had been “over” some 40 year earlier.

        I am so grateful to have brothers such as you and Wayne to be able share our sorrows and histories with, and grateful that we have the opportunity to be able to restore the honor of our people.

    • Hi Kurt, nice to hear from you again and I appreciate hearing your family’s history and sharing that pain too. Check out my latest post which deals with the war crimes and mistreatment of surrendered German prisoners. My dad is long gone too but he and mom did share a lot with us kids when we were children, and it stuck with me, My dad was too young to serve but was being trained as a pilot by the time the German forces surrendered and had been trained for the “Flakartillerie”, I have tried over the years to unlearn some common terminology and not use it in my writings or when I speak publicly. One such term is “when the war ended” or “after the war” though it’s not always easy! The fact is, that for us Germans, the war never ended!!! And even those of us who grew up afterwards know this. In a way, those of us who grew up in foreign countries may understand this better, because we experienced the anti-Germanism and hostility, and the daily bombardment of war propaganda on TV, in movies, the newspapers, radio talk shows and in school too for decades. I would like to share this with you and others:

      ‘After the surrender of our forces’, the allies left Germany to hunger and to thirst in a pile of ruins, and they then enticed the young adults to emigrate to western countries, promising them them lots of work and a better future. My father emigrated to Canada and found himself, along with all the other arriving Germans, interned in an “immigration hall” that was basically just a jail for many months until he could find any work at all. He was a skilled craftsman but there were no jobs in his learned trade. As such, he had to look for other work. The Canadian government paid the fare, but the Germans had to re-pay the debt later. The Germans were poorly fed and when allowed out to look for work, they had to beg and scrounge, My dad and some of his comrades would go to the park or to the outskirts of the city, kill a duck, and cook it on the spot and eat it as they were so malnourished. I believe this “immigration program” was a part of a plan to entice the young Germans away from the Fatherland in order to keep a resistance from forming again within Germany, as well as, to keep the memories of the “good old days” (as dad called them) knowledge of the truth about Hitler and National Socialism from circulating. That is, it was just part of the so-called “De-Nazification” program.

  4. Kurt says:

    Wayne: Thank you so much for your reply. The more I learn the truth about the Third Reich and WWII the more I realize now that the war indeed is not over. I believe now that the German people had/have a very special mission in this world and because they were/are given great gifts from the creator of the universe they have been targeted by the forces of evil. Not to get too esoteric, but in my studies of scripture both east and west the German people are essentially of the ancient biblical tribe of Judah, the tribe that a certain “other” group has been impersonating for a very, very long time.

    I recall growing up in Brooklyn, New York- when I began kindergarten I spoke only German and several months later I became a fluent English speaker. Also, the other kids called me a Nazi and I didn’t know what that meant and would ask my mom and dad to explain. I don’t remember what their answer was.

    I must also tell you that the job my father had in Brooklyn was as foreman and caretaker of Mount Hope Jewish Cemetery- the final resting place for many of the wealthiest Jews in the New York Metro area. Our family lived in the house right at the head of the cemetery entrance.

    I always look forward and enjoy your writing and to your appearances on internet radio. Thanks again for your great efforts.

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