Interview: Rodney Martin on the Significance of the German Capitulation in WWII

Volkssturm armbandDeanna Spingola’s guest Rodney Martin addressed the consequences of the so-called “end of World War II” on the anniversary of the German Capitulation, of May 7th, 1945.  He discussed the pivotal “Battle of Berlin” with 40,000 German and other nationals defending the Reich Capital to the last bullet against 2 million Bolshevik Beasts.  He discussed the mass rapes, mass expulsions of millions of Germans from their ancestral homelands, mass starvation, theft and division of German territory, mass theft of property, including intellectual property, so-called “de-nazification” (mass false indoctrination of the youth), and the deliberate destruction of our German culture by the ALL LIES.


For those who have not yet seen it, and especially those who believe they already know the history of World War II as presented to the world since 1945,  I would invite you to watch:

Hitler’s War? – What the Historians Neglect to Mention

God bless all of the brave souls who defended Germany to the last bullet!

08.05.1945 - Wir Feiern Nicht

NO! We are NOT celebrating your so-called “liberation”!

“I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is ‘Liberty, then give me death.’ ~ Gen. George Patton (…and they gave him death)

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17 Responses to Interview: Rodney Martin on the Significance of the German Capitulation in WWII

  1. Markus says:

    The Allies even banned Grimm’s Tales. I could only find this reference, but I read about a similar story about the Allies banning Hänsel & Gretel, for throwing the old witch into the oven was too offensive for the Auschwitz Victims (TM).

    The tales have also fallen prey to ideologues and propagandists.Theorists of the Third Reich in Germany turned Little Red Riding Hood into a symbol of the German people, saved from the evil Jewish wolf. At the end of World War II, Allied commanders banned the publication of the Grimm tales in Germany in the belief that they had contributed to Nazi savagery.

    • Markus says:

      I just want to add that Third Reich propagandists did not misused Grimm’s tales, but the Grimm Brothers (as most German poets and thinkers before the reeducation) were skeptic toward the Jews. You can name basically all German intellectuals from Luther to Goethe and Wagner and all the others….

      The ”adult” section contains several murderous cautionary tales, along with the nightmare of ”The Jew in the Brambles,” a story not much reprinted since 1945, in which the hero tortures a Jewish peddler using a magic fiddle, making him dance in brambles; at the end the peddler is hanged. Three of the Grimms’ tales contain Jewish figures; ”the two that feature anti-Semitism in its most virulent form were included in the Compact Edition designed for young readers” (1825), Tatar tells us. ”The Jew in the Brambles” casts a long shadow back through the book, leaving one wondering whether the ashes Cinderella slept in would one day become the ashes of Auschwitz.

      • Butterkeks says:

        I would like to add a Middle German perspective, ie GDR.

        Mr Martin should really research the whole territorial mess.
        The victors arbitrarily defined the German borders, and these borders, which technically still apply from occupier pov are that or 31.12.1937!

        This is why reunification has never been fully achieved yet, we are working on that.

        What was life in GDR like? It was basically like living in Germany, but all brushed over with a marxist ideology. In fact, the GDR had in retrospective a very strange mix of literally national socialism overshadowed with Soviet Leninism.
        I went several times in the early 80ies to east Berlin, and the whole style and celebrations by the SED strongly reminded to that of the NSDAP times, just the flags and marches were different.
        however, the bloody communist actually did care for German culture, they really did hatch and nurse it. From thefamous Leipzig Thomaner Chor to old Folksongs.

        The difference to the BRD was, the communists had actually the honest aim to educate their people, in the hope they would become good communists. It was basically their own downfall. The BRD does not have any intention to educate people, the zombify them into ignorant, arrogant and decadent consuming robots who think they know it all and are in possession of the Philosopher’s stone. They know shit, but there are exceptions.

        It is no coincidence that the resistance in GDR met and gathered in the churches. Hence the Church was heavily infiltrated by Stasi.

        I remember 1989, when we were on the streets in Leipzig in a crowd of 1.5 million scared to death but angry people. The military was in the streets and we faced tanks. The atmosphere is something I will never forget, the fear was literally graspable in the air.
        Years later, a former NVA soldier said, their were equally scared to receive the shooting order, he said he thought they would have been simply overrun.
        Very likely true.

        And finally, “we” had been the Germans who already stood up to occupation and suppression on 17. June 1953. It basically triggered also the Hungarian and Czech uprising some years later, which were equally bloodily suppressed by Soviet tanks and military.

        The Soviets took everything wit them when they came, from the water taps to the machinery to the engineered who could repair and run the stuff. They took everything, but we stil manager to have the highest living standard behind the iron curtain, and we produced tons of good for the west to get foreign money reserves, ie DM or Dollar.
        That said, I come from an area which was initially occupied by Patton, but was swapped for West Berlin. The saxons will never forgive the americans for doing that, because the women got raped twice, first by the Americans to a lesser extend, and then by the Soviets.

      • Markus says:

        I agree with you, Butterkeks.

        But I am very sure Mr Martin knows about the 1937 border debacle.

        Germany is occupied in the borders of 1937, but it exists in the borders of 8/31/1939. The day before war. Some scholars say, the 1914 borders because the treaty of Versailles was signed under duress and without ratification.

        DDR had a Constitution and Stalin and Gorbatchow wanted to sign a peace treaty with the German Reich, under the condition that Germany would become a neutral state in Europe, like Switzerland. “Our Allies” didn’t like that idea.

      • Butterkeks says:

        Absolutely correct Markus.

        Stalin already offered full reunification in iirc 1954.

        I guess Wayne or Mr Martin would love to read Prof. Bracht’s expertise, if they have not done it already.

        I think the Russians have realized that they have been deceived by the west.
        The Russians only gave their ok to “2+4” at the condition NATO would not expand in the east.
        “2+4” explicitly forbids the “FRG” to intend any peace regulation or peace negotiation. This can be found in the protocol of “2+4” meeting of the foreign ministers in Paris, printed in a book called “Die Deutsche Einheit”

        Now they face US nuclear first strike missile system aimed at them, which makes a nuclear war more likely than ever before.
        We we would be the battle ground, once again. We have the honour to host the headquarters of the “missile shield”, the NATO air command HQ at Rammstein the Merkel criminal recently ‘allowed’ to be moved there, and Africom in Stuttgart.

        Unofficially, the Russians have not changed their offer, because if they did return East Prussia, ie a border shift back to pre war status, they would get rid of the Polish/Ukrainian and the “missile shield” problem all at once.

        Here is a former Soviet General who sums it up, but from a Russian perspective.

        We share the same name btw, but me is spelled with a ‘c’ 🙂

      • Markus says:

        Oh, and Butterkeks,

        actually the “reunification” is really a unification. It’s official document is called Einigungsvertrag, or Unification Agreement. So, what happened is, the 3 Western zones that were already unified since 1949, merged with the 1 zone in Middle Germany, basically to their 1945-48 direct occupation borders for Germans within the German Reich.

        The BRD today is not really an occupation tri-or quattro zone anymore, but something like a company fusion, as you know. Since 2005, all SHAEF laws are directly applied again. BRD law is only voluntary Admirality law since then that does not apply to sovereign Reichscitizens if the Proclamation has been done by the individual.

        Just to be super-correct. This Reich does not have to be the Third Reich. It depends on your proclamation what you define thereby. Either the 1871 Reich, the 1919 Reich, which includes the NS time, or you can also accept the Allied nullifications of the Reichstag from 1933-45.

      • Butterkeks says:

        Markus, I personally prefer the 1871 Reich and constitution.
        The big advantage is, the 1871 constitution doesn’t know political parties and has no baggage, but would be a good base to make it fit for the coming 21st century new Reich.
        I consider 1919 “Weimar constitution” the same as the west German “Basic Law” which I cannot relate to and never wanted. It accepts Versailles and has it built in, it is a dictate and an instrument of foreign power.

        Fully agreed concerning “Das vereinte Wirtschaftsgebiet” with its “Geschäftführung”, we need to trash it, otherwise they will trash us.

        I guess you know the scope of the rendered void “Basic Law” applies nowadays to the whole EU, article 23, which used to define the “Bundesländer” before 1990. This was moved to the preamble, which is a foreword, legally not binding.
        Equally, article 146 has never been accomplished, but it claims it brazenly.

        We wanted in 1989 the art.146 fulfilled, we knew what the BRD GG said.
        Unfortunately, the west Germans forgot in 1989 that they also have been occupied and didn’t move with us. We missed out a unique chance and now face the consequence with the EU mess.

      • Butterkeks says:

        Wayne, I seems one of my posts went to the spam nirvana, probably the spam filter didn’t like a link it contains.

      • Netzband says:

        @ with the tales if the Grimms: I heard that too (Drewermann) that they were condemmed after the last war and mainly by the Frankfurt School this Marxist-Freudian-mixture – but that has also “educated” Amerericans in the 60s (!!) and the West – one can read about it in chapter 5 or 6 of Kevin McDonals “Culture of Critique” in Engl.:
        or in German;

      • Markus says:


        Butterkeks Marcus,

        I knew it. Of course the Russians have their own agenda to sign a peace treaty!

        Since East Prussia is still Germany de jure, some Russians living there claim to be German citizens and demand free travel into the Eurozone Lithuania and Poland. Königsberg is also redesigned nowadays back to its German days in many places.

        I agree with your overall statement that the Soviets acknowledged Germany as a sovereign state the whole time, and rather wanted to make Germans International Socialists, while the Western Allies had a distinct hatred toward the Germans in general. The Soviets raped and expelled the Germans, but it was more a spontaneous bloodlust, while the West work on a slow death of the entire German history and legacy.

      • Butterkeks says:

        Markus, re: Citizenship

        My opinion is, if we apply the RuStag, then all Poles, Lithuanians and Russians who were born within the borders of the Reich, are German citizens of course, by default.

        The eastern territories would be subject of negotiation in context of peace negotiations, once we installed a lawful German government. Almost a mission impossible without the help of the american people. We unfortunately need their support, we depend on them.

        But we need a realistic solution, we can’t ethnically cleanse the Poles or Russians, I wouldn’t want that. We would have to incorporate them, if the Reich returns in full expansion.

        But, all foreigners who acquired the “BRD” non existent ‘citizenship’, well, they would have to go home eg to Anatolia.
        The only ones totally screwed would be those who decided to suspend and give up eg their Turkish passport and citizenship.

        They would become stateless, they never have become German citizens. It would be up to the good will of a future German government after a plebiscite to grant them citizenship.

        I am strongly opposed to muslim and jewish influence and colonization in the heart of Europe. However, I would like to see a good and strong relationship between Reich and muslim nations. I don’t have Qatar or Saudi Arabia in mind, but eg Iran and Syria and Egypt.

        And right, the Russians wouldn’t return East Prussia just for the sake of being nice. It is in their own strategic interest, driven by self-preservation.
        It is not a coincidence they didn’t build the North Stream pipeline through Poland and stationed Iskander missiles and OTH radar in Königsberg.

      • Schaut Euch das hier mal an

      • Markus says:


        I have seen this Conrabbi video. The mentioned guy Robert Menard is very good also, but I believe he is Canadian and not American.
        The Kulturkampf issue is probably the reason for the Second Thirty Years’ War, indeed, among the economical and strategical importants of Germany as the strongest country in the heart of Europe. Although, we need to study the First one as well, which was targeted at Germany as well.

        I think, I said this before. The main issue I have with the Third Reich is the Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz of 1934 that makes all Germans Deutsch (I can’t remember if they capitalized the letters) instead of mittelbare und unmittelbare Reichsbürger. Unmittelbar durch Staatsangehörigkeit durch eines Deutschen Bundesstattes wie Bayern oder Preussen, und mittelbar durch die Angehörigkeit eines Kolonie-Bürgers, der nur die durekte Reichsbürgerschaft besaß. Das Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen wurde so auch juristisch eingestuft, glaube ich, durch mittelbare Zugehörigkeit.

        The National Socialists amended this law, as far as I know, through the Gleichschaltungsgesetz.

      • Yes, I am aware of Menard and you are right, he lives in Canada. I followed his work for a while several years ago (and some others like him). This whole “strawman” issue is fascinating, but I did not find it particularly useful in my own case. As to video, I was mainly struck by what the speaker in the video said about the Vienna Congress, Hambacher Fest, and about 1871 Germany compared to America in that same year, and how that was later overturned with Weimar. As to citizenship, my father told me many years ago that German citizenship followed an ancient German law, I presume going back to the first empire, that it always went by blood line and not by geographical location of birth, so that is when could prove a continuous lime of decent through your family tree, you were always considered a German and welcome to settle and live on German territory, regardless of place of birth or even how many generations removed one was from Germany, which I think is good. I guess that has changed, at least as far as the BRD GmbH is concerned.

        But back to the original topic which Rodney discussed “Capitulation Day” …Here is an interesting article:

        Without explanation, they also included this image of a copy of German surrender terms for England from February 1941 which shows how confident the German command was of victory to that point!

      • Markus says:

        Yes that is true Wayne,

        Jus Sanguinis (right of blood) applies to the German Law vs Jus Soli (right of soil) in the US. I’m not an expert on the RusStag, but I believe children of non-Germans are Germans also after some generations (there were some significant minorities within the German Reich even in 1871, mostly French and Poles). The BRD law speaks also of the RuStag, and handed passports to expelled Corridor and Sudeten Germans, as well and spoke of DDR Germans as Germans according to RuStag. Russland- or Rumania Germans to this day claim Deutschtum and “come back ins Reich) lol.

        Interesting is also that the BRD took the burden of war guilt, including reparations, in quasi-Lieu of the German Reich right away after the war, while the DDR was basically left alone like German-Austria. From that point of view, a Greater DDR after 1990 would have been better in a way than the Groß-Bundesrepublik. 🙂

        The DDR Folks knew they were occupied and controlled by Moskow, while the BRD “consume society” forgot that and tries to “reeducate” the former DDR Commies to evolve into guilt eaten “good Germans”. The left-right paradigm is artificually being kept alive, either Yuppie or Marxi but a Third way is verboten.

        I’ll look into the two documents!

        I talked to my granny today. She said how her city was decorated beautifully for Pfingsten and the girls got new dresses etc before the war and how the holiday has become a shadow of itself as “Vater(sauf)tag” today.


      • Thanks for your previous comments, interesting as always! Yes, sadly the BRD is “Germany: Made in the USA” but most Americans don’t know that their country is “USA: Made in Weimar!” (courtesy of the same “tribe”).

        From Wikipedia: “Aufhebung der Besatzungsregime” [LOL]
        Mit dem Ende des Besatzungsstatuts am 5. Mai 1955 und Verkündung der Souveränität der Bundesrepublik Deutschland wurden die verbliebenen alliierten Vorbehaltsrechte in Westdeutschland von den jeweiligen Botschaftern wahrgenommen.
        Ebenso verfuhr die Sowjetunion am 25. März 1954 mit der DDR, was die westlichen Alliierten jedoch nicht daran hinderte, die UdSSR weiterhin als Machthaber in der „Sowjetzone“ anzusehen.[1][2] Mit Beschluss der Sowjetregierung vom 7. August 1954 erfolgte die Aufhebung aller zwischen 1945 und 1953 ergangenen Befehle und Anordnungen der SMAD und der Sowjetischen Kontrollkommission.[3]

  2. Netzband says:

    More and more one has to come to the realization, that the 2 worldwars against Germany, as the core of European culture, were undertaken to establish the New World Order: the tyranny of high finance and total materialism. It had not been successful Europe to be overrun by Bolshevism in 1941 (or earlier in the 20s) but finance capitalism is going in the same direction.
    Rudolf Steiner, (Anthroposophy) said in the 1. Part of his collected works: „Zeitgeschichtliche Betrachtungen“ the following:
    „Ich habe Sie darauf aufmerksam gemacht, daß in gewissen okkulten Brüderschaften des
    Westens, für mich nachweisbar in den neunziger Jahren, von dem gegenwärtigen Weltkrieg
    die Rede war, und daß die Schüler dieser okkulten Brüderschaften unterrichtet wurden
    durch Landkarten, auf denen verzeichnet war, wie Europa durch diesen Weltkrieg
    verändert werden sollte. Insbesondere wurde in englischen okkulten Brüderschaften auf
    einen Krieg hingewiesen, der kommen muß, den man förmlich heranlotste, den man
    that he had evidence, that in the 1890s, in certain occult brotherhoods of the West, especially in English circles, it was taught that a coming worldwar was prepared and maps were shown, how Europe would look after it.
    This is quoted indirectly (in German) by Wolfgang Eggert or here:
    – a remark on this article: I have not yet read it all and don’t know if I would follow all of his or Eggert’s conclusions; I prefer to study the apparent facts as collected by Gerd Schultze Rhonhof, Maser, Suvorov, Hoggan, in the first place.

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