AP news report: Few know the story of Jews in Red Army during WWII – What role did they play?

Soviet troops marching into Poland

By DANIEL ESTRIN | Associated Press – Sun, May 5, 2013  (excerpts) — Once a year, Israel’s Jewish war veterans don suit jackets and uniforms dripping in Red Army medals, the shiny bronzes and silvers pinned to their chests in tight rows like armor.

About 500,000 Jews served in the Soviet Red Army during World War II. Most of those still alive today — about 7,000 — are said to live in Israel.

Every year on Victory Day, which falls on Thursday this year, they parade in uniform throughout Israel to celebrate Nazi Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Union.

About 1.5 million Jews fought in Allied armies, including 500,000 in the Red Army, 550,000 in the American army, 100,000 in the Polish army and 30,000 in the British army, according to Israel’s Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.

Some of those who fought in the Red Army served in the highest levels of command. About 200,000 Soviet Jewish soldiers fell on the battlefield or into German captivity. Those who survived built families and careers in the Soviet Union, until the Communist regime collapsed and many of them ended up in Israel.

It wasn’t until last year that Israel erected its first monument to Soviet Jewish soldiers who served in WW II.

A museum dedicated to Jewish Allied fighters is still under construction.

(Excerpted from this AP article )


What is the significance of this?

As I have previously posted, the war really started in 1933 and not with the alleged “unprovoked German attack on Poland” in 1939.  That was merely a pretext for the commencement of military operations planned long in advance by the self-described “Jewish” International Bankster Gangsters of London and New York  for the complete destruction of Germany, and of the German people.  Poland was merely their tool, and from 1935 onward, following the death of Marshall Pilsudski, was played in order to provoke Germany into a war (which Hitler did not want and had done everything possible to avoid), and then the Poles were forgotten.  But now we are told that there were 100,000 “Jewish” soldiers  in that aggressive Polish army which had repeatedly threatened Germany, violated her sovereignty, and in a country where many thousands of horrendous atrocities had been committed against the ethnic Germans in an increasing spiral of violence in 1938. The allies and League of Nations knew about it too. Is that significant? Or a coincidental minor detail? I think it must be asked.

But if the war was really about saving Poland, as advertised, then why did Britain and France, and other allies not declare war on the USSR?  If they were really interested in “peace, democracy and human rights”, then why did they secretly work with the butcher Stalin for the complete encirclement of Germany?  Indeed, why was FDR secretly arming the USSR for many years and building up Stalin’s public image and giving the brutal Communist dictatorship recognition? Why was Roosevelt militarily interfering with German shipping and providing military intelligence to the Brits, while publicly claiming that the USA was neutral?  Even with full knowledge of the atrocities committed in the Ukraine?  Why was the BBC and British Clergy asked by Churchill’s govt not to discuss Stalin’s crimes? Why did they go along with that request? And now we read that 500,000 “Jews” fought for Stalin, including in the highest ranks of the Soviet Command.  Again I must ask, is that significant? Or a coincidental minor detail? Not coincidentally, it was Roosevelt’s support which aided the massive build up of the Soviet Military on Germany’s eastern frontier and their numerous subsequent violations of the German-Russian Friendship pact, which finally caused Hitler to preemptively strike against the Soviets.

“Well, what about antisemitism then?”,  some might ask.  “Surely Hitler was guilty of that and had to be stopped for that reason!”  First off, the vast majority of so-called “Jews” are not “Semites”, but rather, Ashkenazi-Khazars, as the more honest ones will also admit. Secondly, a fact which the above article fails to mention is that approximately 150,000 so-called “Jews” (half and quarter “Jews”)  served and fought on behalf of Hitler and in defense of National Socialist Germany, as  they had proven their loyalty to Germany.  Why is that ignored?

Secondly, as I’ve previously covered, most Jews did not want to leave Germany and some prominent “Jews” even publicly defended Germany against foreign “atrocity propaganda” that began in 1933.   Furthermore, the allied countries were not eager to take in any more self-described “Jews” either (at least not those of the lower caste)  and they weren’t very welcome in many countries.  Hitler and the NSDAP at least gave limited cooperation to the Zionists and assisted those Jews who wanted to go to Palestine to do so. And after 1939, the allies had no interest in assisting “Jews” to emigrate from Germany to Israel.  So no, World War II had no more to do with so-called “antisemitism” anymore than did the issue of Poland.

On the contrary, it was about blatant “anti-Germanism”,  and especially, German resistance to the “New World Order” agenda of the self-described “Jewish” Bankster Gangsters.  They planned it, orchestrated it and benefited from it (as they do every war) and they had others fight it for them, committing the most heinous of war crimes in the process.   It was about “freedom” for a clique of ruthless bankers and their minions to have their way with Germany,  and then with the rest of the world!  And it was very “good” for business!

Apparently they care not either for the lesserlings of their own tribe who fought for them,  and were abundantly represented in fighting their war, and were either tools like the rest, OR there is more to the story that we have not been told.

The above mentioned AP article also states:

“…many of the veterans immigrated [to Israel] just two decades ago and key war archives are only now being opened, allowing researchers to discover the full extent of Jewish soldiers’ role in fighting the Nazis”.

Partisans and other Black Ops  perhaps? Few realize the Soviets never were not signatories of the Geneva and Hague conventions, that heinous and barbaric atrocities  were committed against the German soldiers by illegal partisans, who often turned out to be undercover Red Army soldiers, members of the Soviet Secret Police. Or that the Katyn Massacre of the Polish leadership and military establishment was carried out by the Soviets.

I am not one who spends a lot of time moaning and shrieking about “the Jooooooz” at every opportunity, but I must ask:   Why are most people unaware of the “Jewish” declaration of war against Germany in 1933?  Why the cover up about the involvement of the self-described “Jewish” Bankers in planning, fomenting and financing the war?  Why the cover up regarding the role of 1.5 million self-described “Jews” in prosecuting the war against Germany and what roll did they play? How significant were they?  Who really won the war, and what did their victory mean in practical terms for them,  for Germany and the world?

Pointing out these facts and asking these questions has nothing to do with “hate”.  It is a matter of principle, accountability and integrity to ask such questions in the interest of an honest and accurate historical record, which should be vitally important to all those who are asked to go and fight, or asked to sacrifice their children.  It is not about being “hateful”, but rather, about being “anti-Fraud, War and Corruption” and being “pro-Truth, Peace and Justice” and expecting accountability for all concerned.  War is not a football game. It is about life and death on a massive scale, and the future of the world.

If the war was really about “freedom” or “human rights” for everyone, as sold, there would be no such terms in our vocabulary, much less in law, as “hate speech” or “hate crimes” which are only selectively and arbitrarily used in tyrannical fashion to stifle dissent and debate. It is only those who fear the truth that are truly motivated by hate and by greed, and it is they who are the ones that are engaged in the promotion and perpetuation of hatred, and who routinely practice intimidation, coercion, slander, harassment, spying, stalking and even resort to violence to further their agenda.

It is high time that all the good people who are truly concerned with Truth, Peace and Justice, and indeed “Freedom”, learned how they have been deceived about World War II (and more recent wars too), that they  figured that out this labeling game, stopped being intimidated and silenced by contrived slanderous terms,  and stopped “going along to get along”.

And who else in history has been routinely accused of that, hmmm?

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14 Responses to AP news report: Few know the story of Jews in Red Army during WWII – What role did they play?

  1. Kenan says:

    The BBC’s reputation is in tatters at the moment because it seems that they have been complicit in covering up many cases of child molestation and sexual harassment. Churchill is about to be honoured by his face being put on the British five pound note. I think a way to expose the truth about the war is through the discrepancy between the way these two decided to write history and the documented reality.

    • Kevin says:


      You’re information about Churchill being on a new five pound note gave me an idea…if these notes are soon to go into circulation, people who know the truth should write simple facts on these bills. Soon the notes will change hands, and people will see the writing on them and think.

      If the U.S. came out with a new bill featuring Roosevelt, I’d start writing facts about WWII on them. One per note, with this website on it, perhaps.

      Thank you, and have a nice day:)

  2. KRISTY Robinson says:

    Good morning!

    I once read that Hitler, in pointing out the LACK of freedom in America, pointed to the way the Mormons were treated. Wish I could remember where that was…if I ever find it would you be interested in that reference? And if you come across it, please let me know where to find it.

    Also, I had a friend bring of a really interesting theory. He thinks the reason the Jews were all in an uproar regarding the Mormons doing posthumous baptism for the “holocaust victims” is because if that were to take place it would be apparent that the numbers were inflated….what do you think about that? I think it was a very interesting/plausible explanation. Otherwise, if they don’t believe that that sort of proxy work is effective, what does it matter?

    Have a great day!

    ~Kristy Gillespie

    • Hi Kristy, I vaguely recall Hitler addressing the issue of Mormons amongst other things relating to hypocrisy in the USA under Roosevelt, but I don’t recall the details of the, sorry. Perhaps other readers will be more familiar with that can answer that question. As to your second question, I am not at all familiar with that and really can’t offer any comment. Sorry!

  3. wyrdreamer says:

    “It is a matter of principle, accountability and integrity to ask such questions in the interest of an honest and accurate historical record, which should be vitally important to all those who are asked to go and fight, or asked to sacrifice their children.” – Unfortunately it seems that such high and noble principles of truth are not universally admired by all races, almost to the point where such things are seen by the world as a European invention, not the result of natural philosophy. It seems subjectivism and relativism is considered to be the highest truth by the non-European world even though through reason those things are proven false. Very Great Post!!

  4. It was brought to my attention that Veterans Today also published an Op/Ed on this topic, which states::
    “The history of the Red Army is despicable. They played an important part in the Holocaust of the Ukrainian people in which, according to the well documented book The Harvest of Sorrow by Robert Conquest, 14.5 million people were murdered by the Communists through starvation, firing squads and being worked to death in concentration camps/gulags (the image below and to the left is of a young Ukrainian child who was a victim of this Communist brutality against the people). Add to this the butchering the Red Army did during and after World War II which includes massive raping rampages against German, Polish, Ukrainian and even Russian girls and women as is documented in Anthony Beevor’s powerful book The Fall of Berlin 1945 and we quickly see being a veteran of the Red Army is nothing to be proud of.”

    It doesn’t shed much light on the topic, but confirms that my reason for concern and suspicion about a cover up is valid. I also suspect there will be a thorough whitewashing of the role of Soviet Jews by the Israeli “authorities”.

  5. wilfriedh says:

    Well done justice4germans. What we need to remember re. the Polish campaign is that the Brits prevented the Poles from negotiating. The Reich government had compiled a 16 point program and Hitler waited for a Polish emissary to arrive. Nobody showed up. Annelies von Ribbentrop quotes from a document archived at NARA, micro roll T120, frame 626334, and provides some details (Die Kriegsschuld des Widerstandes, p.383). I tried to get a hold of this, unsuccessfully. The T120 series is huge and the archive staff was not willing to help.
    I would love to find the original, anyone here able to help?
    Thank you.

    • Hans says:


      I don´t know where to find your document. Maybe you find some hints regarding the emissary in Ribbentrops speech from October 24, 1939. (Rede in Danzig zur Kriegsschuldfrage.) If I am not mistaken he is talking about that. I am not 100 % sure, unfortunately I have at the moment not the time to listen to it again.

      Hitlers proposal was censored by the English mainstream media.

      In his speech Chamberlain said they never received the proposals (16 points). According to Hitler and Ribbentrop the Poles refused to take it and didn ´t show up. Therefore the German government broadcasted the proposal on the radio.
      What he also doesn´ t mention is Mussolinis proposal to another peace conference on 2. September 1939. (5 power peace conference). This was answered by Britain with an ultimatum.

      And you also have to wonder which business the Brits have in a German-Polish border dispute. This is none of their business. As far as i know have the Germans never interfered in any English-Irish, English-Scottish or any other conflict the Brits had.

      How many countries were subjected by the British Empire in 1939 ? Germany would have had much more justification to declare war on Britain than the other way round if you take human rights as a basis.

      • Chamberlain’s announcement was completely deceitful, totally ignoring Hitler’s years of diplomatic work to try and secure a peaceful settlement with the Poles. He ignored the pogroms against the ethnic Germans, the many months of Polish provocations and military violations of German territory and crimes against German citizens, which Germany had well documented and protested, amidst all the war-like threats made by the Poles, and how Hitler sat back and patiently waited, and continued to seek a peaceful settlement, and the Brits knew all of that. Hitler begged the Brits to intervene but all they did was encourage Poland to stand fast and gave them a “blank check” promise in the event of war. The diplomatic records prove it. That forced Hitler, reluctantly, to seek a “friendship pact” with the Soviets, in order to checkmate the Brits and French, who obviously wanted war. Nor did Hitler respond immediately thereafter against the Poles. He waited while the Poles continued their aggression before finally responding. And of course we know that the Brits and French did not declare war on the Soviets when they entered from the east and occupied half of their territory. Chamberlain was a liar, a coward, and spineless “appeaser” alright ….for not standing up to the war mongers in his own country, for not being honest with the British public, and for not admitting that he made a mistake in offering unconditional support to the Poles, and rescinding it. He was a bought and paid for political whore, like all democratic leaders. And you are correct Hans in pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the Brits, when one considers all of their world wide exploits and tyrannical rule…but also the French! And who ever held them to account or intervened on behalf of their countless victims? But nearly 70 years later, most Brits are still as ignorant as ever about Hitler and WWII. They still buy the “good war” myth; their daily tabloid rags are chalk full of war propaganda and Anti-Germanism, and now they are about to produce a new Rothschild Bank of England Note with the war criminal Churchill’s disgusting face on it! Yet, in a way, also very fitting. Congratulations on losing your empire as Hitler correctly predicted, and for becoming the Dis-United Kingdom of Rothschild. Your surviving WWII vets admit that they are disgusted when they look around them today, and they wonder what the hell they actually fought for. They don’t recognize their own country, as I previously posted.

  6. Yes, it is nice to live close to the Russian border, and stand by and watch while they are buying real estate, houses, businesses and build their own. The Communists did not manage to take over the Finnish gun and violence. Now they are doing it with money legally and smoothly. Finland is the practice of NATO in March, and there will be more and more. It is a good reason for the Russian equipped with their own border. A large part of the oil and especially natural gas comes from Russia, so we are seriously assignment. In addition to that, our management is fully Jews throughout the shoe. Once fought for independence, of self and others. Now the (Jewish) brainwashing because of any citizen is not interested in the way things are. All is well, yes, things are taken care good of the people … Bulldog + chi hua hua = bullshit.

    Good One http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8raDPASvq0

    PS I live close to the German, too close to the Russian.

  7. William Scott says:

    Tremendous article please carry on writing such truths in order the the unknowing will learn.thank you

  8. treesnake says:

    Here is another little known fact. Between 1933 and 1939 some 500,000 Polish Jews went to Germany to find work.Greenspan who murdred von Rath in Paris, did this because he was angry that Germany ttried to expel all these people back to Poland, his father among them. The Poles refused to readmit them, and the Germans faced a huge problem.

  9. Wotan says:

    Excellent article, hardly a point missing. I suspect the apparent schism of Jews fighting on both
    sides might have had something to do with their elites having been in the process of shifting “headquarters” from Europe to the States and not all the foot-“soldiers” cottoning on to this. But there may equally have been many
    (as stated in the thread), who just felt some kind of historic loyalty to Germany. A case in point would
    be Hitler`s jewish chauffeur! When he gave a hitler-friendly interview on German TV years ago, his daughter,
    living in Israel, said “my fahter must have gone mad”.And how did Kennedy note in his diary, long before
    he became US-President? “…with the passage of time Hitler will be seen in a different light…” (from
    memory, not quite verbatim). The German Bild-Zeitung headed the article with the question: “Was Kennedy really a Hitler-Fan?” Another aspect: Hitler`s expulsion of Jews is often used by mental
    derelicts or hasbarats to put forward the claim, that he was a jew-financed jew-agent, with the expulsions serving
    the sole common aim to create the state of israel. Thus, when trying to walk in the direction to
    expose the hollow-hoax one must take care that one doesn`t run into a similar trap laid out carefully
    in the opposite direction just for the case the hollow swindle doesn`t wash any more. So for those
    not all that deep inside the material, some qualifying remarks in the article might have been helpful, since Hitle being transformed into a Jewish lackey may be just as harmful in the future as the hollow
    story was in the past.

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