GERMANY’S DEFENCE – A Letter to the Editor from 1933 – Part 1 of 3

Germany's Defence

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Friday 21 July 1933  – 

Sir,  In the sub-leader of yesterday’s “Sydney Morning Herald” dealing with Germany and the position of the Jews, the opinion is expressed that “no one should be penalised because of his religious tenets.” (That editorial is included below)

I should like to say that this is precisely the situation in Germany, where far from being restricted, the churches are actively supported by the Government, as is evident from the recent conclusion of a concordate with the Holy See, the unification of the Protestant churches, the restoration of prayers to the State schools, the introduction of religious functions in connection with important public ceremonies, and the complete suppression of the activities of anti-religious societies.

The measures recently taken in Germany are not directed against the Hebrew religion, but solely against revolutionary, communistic, destructive, and anti-patriotic Jewish influences in the political, cultural and economic life of the nation. To substantiate this statement suffice it to point out that in the revolutionary Government formed in Germany in 1918 were the following Jews: Hasse, Kautsky, Cohn, Herzfeld, Schiffer, Bernstein, Preuss, Cohen and Dr. Freund.

The leaders of the communistic Soviet republic established in Munich 1919, were the Jews: Levin, Levine, and Muhsam.

In the special Court (Ausnahmegericht) against Field-marshal von Hindenburg, 1919, were the Jews: Cohn, Katzenstein, and Sinzheimer.

On the other hand the influence of Jewish capitalists was growing dangerously, the following important German Banks, having been under Jewish control or direction:  Dlscontogesellschaft, Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank,Darmstadter Bank, Berl. Handelsgesellschaft, Bleichroder, Mendelsohn, Warburg, and others.

Each of the following Jews had been a member of the board in more than 30 companies:  Jakob Goldschmidt, Louis Hagen, Carl Furstenberg, Henry Nathan, Herbert Guttmann, Hans Arnold, Curt Sobernheim, Paul Silverberg, Dr. Salomonsohn, Bruno Weill, Felix Deutsch, Isidor Rosenfeld, Siegm. Boden-heimer, Ludwig Fuld, Schwabach.

Jakob Goldschmidt even being a member of the board of 108 companies. Out of 147 members of the Stock Exchange at Berlin 116 were Jews.

The demoralisation of the theatrical life in the capital of Berlin was a fact, even granted the high artistic standard of many of the productions. Twenty-three of the 29 theatre directors were Jews.

I wish to conclude with the following information which the President of the German Rabbinical-Union, Dr Leo Baeck, gave the Berlin correspondent of the “Intransigeant”:

“The National German revolution which we are now experiencing displays two intermingled tendencies:  the struggle to overcome Bolshevism and that which aims at reconstructing Germany. What is the attitude of German Jewry towards these two? Bolshevism is,  as a Godless movement, the bitterest enemy of Judaism; the abolition of the Jewish religion is on its programme. A Jew who  turns Bolshevik is a renegade. The reconstruction of Germany is an ideal earnestly pursued within the ranks of German Jews. With no other country in Europe are Jews so intimately and inextricably connected through centuries of history as with Germany. No European language means so much to them as German. It would have been correct to take note of the individual excesses and report them to the proper quarters. Instead of this, false friends have made bad and reprehensible mistakes. To give trouble to the new German Government, politicians of the Left have throughout the whole world taken Judah as their shield and attempted to damage the prestige of the National Socialists at present in power by spreading irresponsible and untrue rumours of their political adversaries.”

I should be grateful if you would publish my letter in your newspaper.

I am,  etc,

German Consul-General.



There is no way of knowing if the letter was actually published in its entirety.  The Consul General was writing in response to the following rather long,  half-fact and half -fiction editorial.  I suspect that Herr Amsis would have taken exception to quite a number of statements in that editorial.  Here is that editorial piece and I have inserted several comments in [brackets] where I believe the Consul General would have voiced other objections not covered in his reply.

A link to the original, full editorial is also included below:


(Editorial: Sydney Morning Herald, 19 July, 1933)

“Herr Hitler’s policy is a blend of contradictions. It combines some of the genuine constructiveness of Italian Fascism with a savage intolerance [intolerance of corruption which was obvious a problem to most Germans!] which is liable to defeat his country’s ends. [in fact his reforms proved remarkably successful within a short time] With his attempt to bludgeon Austria [blatant lie!] , the goal of the Custom’s union for which Austrian and German statesmen have worked, recedes [the customs union was opposed by the French! Re-union with Austria forbidden by Versailles] ; so, too, his anti-Jewish vendetta [Lie! He was a pro-German nationalist and his policies were for the preservation of Germany and not “hate”] is bound to react harmfully upon Germany [this was proven wrong. Germany prospered until the allies later declared war] . To outlaw a race [he did not do that] which has contributed so largely to Germany’s achievements in the arts, science, and material development [Oh really now? Germany was doing fine without them!] is to place a serious obstacle in the path of what he styles Germany’s regeneration. [apparently he was not familiar with the state of chaos and degree of suffering of the German people in Weimar] Hitler owes his success to the fact that he saw an opportunity and grasped it [He and the NSDAP had been a struggling grassroots movement for 13 years, why would he not “grasp it”?] . Feeding on depression, Communism was making rapid headway.  In the ten years  preceding the last election [10 years?…there were dozens of elections and failed governments] it had increased its representation in the Reichstag by tenfold, and was numerically the third party in the Chamber. [False! I will include info below*] Past Governments, holding office by virtue of precarious alliances, had done nothing to combat the menace. [which menace??] Hitler offered Naziism [it was National Socialsim and never “Naziism”!] as an antidote to the insidious poison that was spreading. He organised the resistance by clever and quite legitimate methods. In Russia, he pointed out, a resolute minority [notice how he does not say what “minority”? ] , knowing its own mind, had imposed its will on a majority too apathetic, spineless, and lacking in direction to assert itself [but if they had resisted and fought back …what nasty names would you called them, hmmm? But apparently he thinks the Germans should have emulated them] . But the semi-Oriental fatalism of the Slavonic character was very different from the forceful virility of the Teuton. The issue had narrowed down to anti Communism versus Communism, and the Nazis [NSADP not “Nazis” …that is a derogatory term invented by the self-described “Jews”!] were there to give believers in the former a lead. [Well, apparently it’s OK to talk bad about the Slavic people and describe them in a negative way, as well as those “evil German Nazis” but it’s not OK to discuss the so-called “Jews” in any way shape or form?? Very interesting!]

In consequence of this appeal, a type to which the national temperament would naturally respond, the Nazis [NSADP not “Nazis”!] scored sweeping gains in the elections last March and Hitler was installed in power. He could fairly claim that his followers were the spearhead against the Communistic advance. [indeed!] He has since addressed himself to the tasks of the economic rehabilitation of Germany and the revival of the “authentic” German tradition.  [ja wohl!] His Government has encouraged early marriages by granting loans on easy terms for the purpose of obtaining household equipment, and remissions are allowed in respect of children born. The object is to restore women to the sphere of the home and, by so doing, to provide more jobs for men.  [wunderbar!]  Taxation is to be reduced in the case of industrial firms extending or renewing their plants, and in certain circumstances complete exemption will be allowed. These concessions will involve loss of revenue, but it is considered that the disadvantage will be outweighed by the stimulus to production and the relief to unemployment which will result. There can be no quarrel with these measures. [Danke!] They have been adopted in several other countries.

But, unhappily, Hitler’s zeal for rebuilding is marred by unbridled chauvinism and bigotry [Total propaganda! And did he ever read the Versailles Treaty and all of the outrageous punitive conditions that were imposed upon Germany which brought about the problems in the first place? Talk about bigotry and chauvinism!]. His anti Semitic [look up the word “semitic” in the dictionary!] campaign grows continually more virulent. [The Nuremberg decrees did not come into effect until 1935 and when they did, the “Jews” also supported them!]  Its avowed intention is to “purge” Germany of Jews, and scarcely a week passes but these are subjected to further disabilities and indignities. [Total propaganda contrived by self-described “World Jewry” during their boycott in which they openly declared war upon Germany as soon as Hitler came to power!] Shortly after Hitler became Chancellor a decree degraded Jews to the status of “second-class” citizens, deprived Jewish professors of ,’their university chairs, limited the entry of Jews to the professions, dismissed from the Public ‘Service Jews who could not show war credentials [War credential =  those ” Jews” who had proven by their actions that they were loyal to Germany! ] , and closed the Service to Jewish candidates in the future. [Closed to self-serving types and traitors serving “international” interests and agendas! Yet, there were still Jews in every profession! The question was, how did they came to dominate Germany after the war, and with what right did they expect to continue to do so, while many Germans lost everything and were living like second or third class citizens in their own country, with many starving to death and many others committed suicide? But again, read the Consul General’s response]

The latest exhibition of this anti Semitic frenzy [based on “Jewish” propaganda!] is the ukase [a vague reference to Czarist Russia] empowering the Government to annul certificates of German citizenship acquired by foreigners since the war. [via a corrupt government in a sham system of governance that was not supported by the people … hello??] It is explained that this is aimed at the multitude of Galician Jews who have migrated to Germany in that period. But technically the dispensation applies to all naturalised citizens whatever their origin. No doubt a State has the right to control the elements of its own population. But once the privileges of citizenship have been conferred they cannot equitably be withdrawn unless for anti-civic conduct. [What if they were not obtained “equitably”, hmmm? Many countries revoke citizenship today based upon flimsy evidence and rumours !]  Hitler’s prejudices have impelled him to tread dangerous ground. They have alienated the sympathies of persons who, although not Jews themselves, believe that no one should be penalised because of his religious tenets. They have provoked retaliation from Jews in other lands. [Damn straight …based upon lies and atrocity propaganda!] The Jews are a clannish folk; their common faith supplies a link between them however widely they may be scattered. [Obviously! But apparently it’s not OK for others to act “clannishly”!] The international Jewish boycott of German goods and markets which is being arranged as a protest against the treatment of Jews in Germany is making itself felt. [Actually, it had little effect in Germany, as Hitler built a domestic based economy and market. Nonetheless, it was a campaign of extortion and “terrorism”!]  The plan has already been endorsed by the Jewish fraternities of seven countries, including Britain, France, and America, and more are expected’ to subscribe to it. To this is attributed the decline in German exports in June by almost £2,500,000 as compared with the value for the previous month. When the boycott is in full swing Hitler may find that, in the indulgence of his anti-Semitic furor, he has taken up a weapon whose edge has been turned against Germany.” [and all based upon lies and propaganda as the Consul General Asmis stated and which I have previously covered, furthermore, Germany was already in dire straights and it really could not have gotten much worse! It really backfired on them. Thus they plotted a military war]


* Re: German Elections:

“Adolf Hitler is invariably described as a dictator. In fact he was the only war leader who was legitimately and overwhelmingly elected in a free vote by his people.

The election on July 31st 1932 was a major victory for the National Socialists. They polled 13,574,000 votes. With 38% of the total votes cast NSDAP became the largest Party in the Reichstag with 230 seats. The Social Democrats had 133 seats and the Communists just 89. On January 30th Adolf Hitler was democratically appointed Chancellor of Germany.

At the polls of March 5th the NSDAP polled 17,277,180 votes; an increase of 5.5 million bringing their voting percentage up to 44%. In coalition with the Nationalists who had polled 3,136,760 votes this showed an overwhelming majority of Germans had made their preference for German nationalism clear.

In Adolf Hitler’s first appeal to the German nation on February 1st 1933 he asked to be allowed just four years in order to carry out the task of national reconstruction. On March 29th 1936 the German nation was given the opportunity to express their approval or disapproval of the National Socialist State: 

TOTAL VOTES CAST 45,001,489 (99%)
VOTES ‘NO’ OR INVALID       540,211
VOTES FOR HITLER’S NSDAP 44,461,278 (98.8%) “ 

SOURCE: Michael Walsh: Round One to the Barbarians – Nuggets of Inconvenient History


The above Op/Ed piece displayed a great deal of  ignorance,  intellectual dishonesty, bias or “chauvinism”.  It contained numerous factual errors on a variety of points concerning, as the Herr Amsis stated in his published reply, and as I have also added  What might have motivated this editor to write such a nasty piece of half-truths to a large Australian readership? Might it have been the “atrocity propaganda” emanating from New York, London and Paris? That would be my guess.

And as I stated above, I am also left to wonder what may have been edited out of the reply from the German Consul General.  I can only speculate that he gave a much more thorough response to the claims made. It is standard practice that letters to the editor are edited in the interest of space, so they tell us, but no doubt also due to editorial bias.  A simple comparison to another editorial piece by the same editor, in the same paper, on the same time frame may serve to demonstrate his level of dishonesty and lack of journalistic integrity. That will be the subject of  Part 2,  which I have already prepared and it will follow later this week.

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