Churchill advocated “Show Trials” and electrocution of German leadership

Churchill wanted a captured Hitler to die ‘like a gangster’ in the electric chair

Newly released documents from National Archive also show PM was prepared to see Ghandi starve to death


The Independent

SUNDAY 01 JANUARY 2006 (The Independent (UK)

A side of Winston Churchill’s character rarely glimpsed – that of the vengeful, rather than magnanimous, war leader – has emerged in hitherto secret government documents. They reveal that he wanted to take the unprecedented step of sending Adolf Hitler to the electric chair, had he been captured, and was also content to see Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi starve to death during a hunger strike in 1943.

The Prime Minister, talking in a War Cabinet meeting in July 1942, described Hitler as “the mainspring of evil” and, in his flamboyant fashion, jokingly suggested leasing an electric chair – known as “Old Sparky”- from the Americans to execute him like “a gangster” if and when he was caught.

The new insight into Churchill’s deep anger and bitter hatred for the Nazi Führer – whom he held responsible for more than half a million British casualties – comes in a set of classified Cabinet Office notebooks released by the National Archives this week. The notes, taken by the Deputy Cabinet Secretary Sir Norman Brook during some of the most critical top-level meetings of the war, shed fresh light on the thoughts and fears of Britain’s leaders during the period.

The argument over how to deal with the Nazi leadership, if and when they were captured, resurfaces a number of times in the hand-written diaries.

At one key meeting, on 6 July 1942, Churchill says: “If Hitler falls into our hands we shall certainly put him to death. [He is] not a sovereign who could be said to be in [the] hands of ministers, like [the] Kaiser.”

The Prime Minister then goes on to outline his preferred method for Hitler’s execution: the most torturous means available – the electric chair. He even jokes to cabinet colleagues that one might be available on “lease-lend” from the US.

Gill Bennett, chief historian of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, said the idea of using the electric chair to execute Hitler was “typical Churchill”. “This is very much Churchill’s style. He was always a man of grand gestures, and he expressed what he believed was the will of the British people,” said Ms Bennett. “The whole Cabinet felt very strongly about the evils of Nazism.”

By 12 April 1945, just over two weeks before Hitler’s suicide at his bunker in Berlin, Sir Norman’s notes show just how far the argument had heated up. The Americans and Russians were pushing hard for a series of show trials, but Churchill still favoured summary execution as soon as possible. The Prime Minister tells his War Cabinet: “The trial will be a farce … they should be treated as outlaws.”

A spokesman for the Home Office warns against making Hitler a martyr in Germany, but Churchill, aware of the dictator’s talent for powerful rhetoric, is determined that he should not be given a public stage on which to plead his case. “I would take no responsibility for a trial – even though [the] US want to do it,” he tells those assembled, ironically on the very day that President Franklin D Roosevelt dies.

Further evidence of Churchill’s bullishness emerges in the diaries during 1943, when it becomes clear that he is happy to let the Indian spiritual leader Gandhi die during a hunger strike in British custody. At another meeting of the War Cabinet in May 1945, Churchill addresses the fate of Hitler’s right-hand man, Heinrich Himmler, in similarly pugnacious fashion. He is recorded as asking whether it would be possible to “negotiate” with the head of the SS, “and bump him off later”. Disappointingly for Churchill and his vivid imagination, Himmler, like Hitler, committed suicide before he could be brought to trial.

Had Hitler been condemned to the electric chair, the sentence could have been carried out in the US, where it had been a means of execution since 1890.


Churchil Gangster

Sadly, this War Criminal died in peace in his old age

Comment:  The UK is planning on putting a picture of Churchill on a new 5 Pound note. I nominate the above  picture!

This is PROOF of a conspiracy to defraud the public with mock justice  The proposed allied “show trials” indeed went ahead as planned at Nuremberg and were a SHAM, but much to their chagrin,  not all of the intended victims played along.  How disappointing that must have been for these fiends.  Given the above declassified documents with these statements, NO ONE should have ANY faith whatsoever in the notion that “justice was served at Nuremberg”. It was all a FARCE, .exactly as they said it would be,  to cover up their own crimes. It had nothing to do with justice, and especially not impartial justice.

I also note that Churchill indicated that his big motivation was to avenge “the death of half a million Brits”.  Hmmm.  No mention of “6 million Jews”!  Well, isn’t that strange, eh? Shame, shame Mr. Churchill!

Of course, had Britain accepted Hitler’s numerous well documented peace offers all along, then no half million Brits would have died. Indeed, nearly 60 million would have been spared.  And Hitler was the evil one??

“History is written by the victors” ~ Churchill

“History will be kind to me as i intend to write it” ~ Churchill

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth” ~  Hitler

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6 Responses to Churchill advocated “Show Trials” and electrocution of German leadership

  1. Big Man says:

    Not surprising given the company that Churchill kept: Stalin and Weizmann.

  2. mikesstaffel says:

    I would say churchill absolutely did not want any public information out on the defense of germany… I’m referring to the fact that the whole aim of ww2 was to stop the spread of a nationalistic solution to world jewish politics and stock exchange bolshevism… the financial and economic servitude of the people to the 1% which was and remains most defenitely world jewry… interesting that winston churchill already in 1932 in his book “thoughts and adventures” had not only told us of the disgusting plans for the fifth year of world war one, the mass civilian casualties he referred to in “the war of 1919 we never fought” but also the fact that “the plans remain and death stands at the ready” this is in 1932! That is evidence of a wide ranging conspiracy to detroy germany for it social and economic programs already before hitler was elected chancellor! How is it that this has been repeatedly ignored along with all other evidence of anti german/anti nationalistic pro world communist ideology…

  3. Gabor says:

    Churchill’s terror bombing campaign during WWII for which neither offered any apologies nor demonstrated any qualms. “Now everyone’s at it,” Churchill said about the deliberate targeting of civilians. “It’s simply a question of fashion — similar to that of whether short or long dresses are in.”

  4. irokoin says:

    thank for you work man

  5. Markus says:

    If only Adolf hadn’t committed suicide…

    one can argue if that was right or wrong. I understand the Heldentod saga of suicide, but many morons portray it as admitting guilt and wanting to escape “due legal and moral punishment of the liberators”.

  6. Meanwhile in the UK, nearly 70 years later, scarcely a day goes by without more anti-Hitler propaganda and drama. Why the obsession? It is pretty rare to find articles such as the above which delve into the sordid psyche and deeds of their own despotic “evil dictator”.

    Video interviews from 1948 of Hitler’s aides and secretaries re-discovered ( “Remarkable interviews with the circle of confidantes who surrounded Hitler in the days before his suicide have been shown for the first time on German TV. The group of aides, secretaries and friends — including Traudl Junge, August Wollenhaupt, Nicholas von Below, Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven, Arthur Kannenberg — described life in the squalid bunker retreat beneath the Reich Chancellery in Berlin as Russian troops moved in. They revealed intimate domestic details of Hitler’s favourite tea, the love letters from his admirers and the love song that he and Eva Braun, the woman he married in the underground hide, listened to over and over again.”

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