AP Report says “Top Nazi SS commander found living in Minnesota!” … oh really??

Over the past two days, a number of people called my attention to a “news” story and asked for my thoughts. The story seems to have gone viral and is all over the Social Media too.  Although I’m really busy working on other stuff,  as I will be Deanna Spingola‘s guest again on Monday, June 17th on RBN,  I felt it necessary to critically examine this item, ask some questions, and to speak up here, because the mainstream media certainly will not. Nor will most in the alternative media, who just seem to go along whenever the word “Nazi” is involved, or they even further exploit the story for their own agendas.

Here is the story as presented by RawStory.com along with my analysis in red, followed by commentary and added material for context and balance.

“Top Nazi SS commander found living in Minnesota”

karok [The title alone is deceptive. Most will look no further. Most would read that and assume this is a proven fact, and that this man is an “evil” person deserving of punishment.]

A top commander of a Nazi SS unit has been secretly living in Minnesota since shortly after World War II, The Associated Press revealed on Friday. [how about “he is alleged to be a top commander…” ?] 

According to records obtained by an AP Freedom of Information Act request, Michael Karkoc lied about his service in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defense Legion and the SS Galician Division in order to gain entry into the United States after the war.  [As if anyone who had been a member of the highly demonized and propagandized Waffen SS was welcome anywhere on the planet? No, no …they only wanted our brilliant German scientists and went about kidnapping them and using them as forced labour and they sanitized them for public consumption].

The AP reported that statements from men in his units indicated that Karkoc was at the scene of atrocities, including massacres and the burning of villages filled with women and children. [So they can positively ID him now, after all these years? Without a doubt? How did they do this?  Was it in accordance with standard US police practices? Was any testimony under oath? Has it been admitted in evidence in a court of law? What motive might they have had for this testimony? Might they have received inducements to finger someone, or that they or might be under threat themselves..or their families?] 

Efraim Zuroff, who works as the lead Nazi hunter at Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, told AP that there may be enough evidence to have Karkoc deported and prosecuted. [Wow…I will bet that he is not biased and has no agenda, eh?]

In America this is a relatively easy case: If he was the commander of a unit that carried out atrocities, that’s a no brainer,” Zuroff explained. “Even in Germanyif the guy was the commander of the unit, then even if they can’t show he personally pulled the trigger, he bears responsibility.” [Two big IFs, and yes, there have been many “no brainers” in the past too and they always count on all of us to be “no brainers” too.]

AP reporters who visited Karkoc’s home were told to “get off the property.”  [Of course! Why not? Who would welcome these rabid dogs? What the hell did they expect, a red carpet welcome?] 


Commentary: the thinker2

I don’t know if the man is guilty or innocent of any war crimes, but the media has essentially already convicted him.  Just toss in the word “Nazi” and case closed. Does anyone remember the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”?  Apparently that doesn’t matter when you allege someone to be an evil “Nazi”.  They don’t even say “he is alleged to have committed atrocities”, and nor do they refer to him as an “accused” person. He is presumed guilty on the “say so”  of the Simon “Weaselthal” Center and the reader is expected to trust them, and go along with whatever they say.   And it is also presumed that no one will dare think critically and speak up for anyone who has been branded as a “Nazi”. But we have seen this film played out far too many times in the past, most notably with the John Demjanjuk who was an old man put through a living hell for two decades.  But when has a Brit, an American, Frenchman, Pole (or other allied soldier) ever been hunted down and tried for crimes committed in World War II? Are we to believe that there were none? I can assure you that there were many, as I have also documented some of these here.

The truth is that there are have always two standards of justice: one for the victors and another for the vanquished. Indeed, the notion of justice was made a laughing stock at Nuremberg and it merely carried on from there, and it continues today. Many alternative sites which say they are “Anti-War” and “against Zionism” are also republishing this “news” story without any critical thinking or commentary.  That is very typical too when it comes to World War II stories, which most in the alternative media also maintain was the “Good War”.

Here is my question to them: You say you are the alternative, you say you are opposed to war and Zionism  so why would you trust the MSM and the court historians, and trust the Zionist “Weaselthal” Center to tell you the truth? It is a Zionist criminal racketeering organization.

By the way, the accused man is Ukrainian not German, but based on comments I have observed, just mention the “Waffen SS” and automatically the mental connection is made to “Germans”, and thereby, all Germans, past and present, are again tarred with a broad brush as a perpetually guilty nation.  Few have any real context for the Eastern Front war and fewer are aware that the Waffen SS was the largest multi-racial and multi-ethnic fighting force ever assembled and included Blacks, Asians, East Indians, Arabs, Muslims, and volunteers from virtually every country in Europe.

As to that context, one must understand the methods of Stalin and his Jewzi-Soviet agents, the NKVD and the Cheka, and understand that the so-called “partisans” were not always true patriotic civilian “freedom fighters” as advertized, but rather, under-cover Soviet agents.  Furthermore, one must understand that the Soviet Union did not sign the Geneva or Hague agreements for land warfare (while the Germans did!), and that partisans, even if they were truly regular citizens, had no rights under those agreements. Even if the Soviets had signed them those agreements, partisans were not covered.

By and large, the German side was far more ethical and adhered more stringently to those agreements too. The German units were also far more professional and ethical than the volunteer corps, but where those foreigners did commit atrocities, it was still the Germans who got the blame. there have been numerous highly celebrated cases of alleged “Nazi atrocities” that turned out to be largely fabricated once ALL of the  facts came to light, such as the so-called “Malmedy” and “Tulle and Oradour” massacres in France.

How many have you ever heard of the Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau. They investigated allied war crimes, but also alleged German war crimes very strictly. But the MSM and court historians won’t tell you that.

VIDEO: Mark Weber Report:  Behind the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals


Meet the Weasels:

An Overview of The Simon Wiesenthal Center (IHR)

Simon Wiesenthal — Bogus ‘Nazi Hunter’ (IHR)

The Simon Wiesenthal Center: A Bastion of Jewish-Zionist Power (IHR)

The tragic case of accused “Nazi” John Demjanjuk

My Campaign for Justice for John Demjanjuk (IHR)

An Evil Campaign to Frame an Innocent Man (IHR)

Book Review: The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, 1939-1945 (excerpts)

“That atrocities were committed by the Allies against Germans and non-combatant civilians on both the Eastern and Western fronts is not often acknowledged. In large measure this reflects the fact that “victors write the history.” As a recent spate of popular books attests, the Second World War has been established in the public consciousness as “the last good war,” in which the forces of Evil were vanquished, despite the enormous costs involved, both material and moral. … The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau was the direct successor to the Prussian Bureau of Investigation of Violations of the Laws of War, which conducted investigations until after the end of the First World War as an arm of the Reich War Ministry. There was a remarkable degree of continuity between the two organizations. Johannes Goldsche, a military judge who served as deputy chief of the Prussian Bureau, was appointed director of the Wehrmacht Bureau and served in this capacity throughout the Second World War.

Both bureaus had the identical mission: to document allied offenses and submit reports. Some of their findings served as the basis for diplomatic protests lodged by the German Foreign Office against the Allied powers. But as we know, during and after the two wars, international public opinion tended to dismiss out of hand German allegations of Allied war crimes. Thus far, the one exception has been the case of Katyn, where thousands of Polish officers and intellectuals were murdered by the Soviets near Smolensk. [….]

Most of the existing records deal with atrocities committed on the Eastern Front by the Red Army and Soviet secret police (the NKVD). From the outset of the war in the East, the Bureau received reports of atrocities and wholesale violations of the internationally accepted rules of warfare. And as the Axis armies advanced, Soviet subjects came forward to reveal additional acts of barbarism perpetrated by the Soviet authorities. POWs, whether Germans or Axis allies, were often shot out of hand, or shortly after they had been questioned.

At Feodosiya, on the Black Sea, wounded soldiers were drenched with water and then left on the beaches to freeze to death. Captured soldiers were not merely executed, but frequently subjected to torture and mutilation first, then left where their remains could be easily discovered. When the Red Army invaded German territory in late 1944, civilians who had been unable to flee before their advance were condemned to undergo a regime of ferocious brutality. At such towns as Goldap, Gumbinnen, and Nemmersdorf, even children were raped before being murdered by Russian soldiers.

(The book includes photographs of these deeds). Alexander Solzhenitsyn is cited by de Zayas for his testimony on this topic. The famous Russian author, who fought as a captain in the Red Army, confirmed that, “all of us knew very well that if the girls were German they could be raped and then shot. This was almost a combat distinction.


See also:  

CRIMES AGAINST THE WEHRMACHT (vol 1.)  by FRANZ W. SEIDLER  (translated by C.W. Porter) “The traveling exhibition known in German as “Vernichtungskrieg.: Verbrechen der Wehrmacht 1941 bis 1944” [“War of Extermination: Crimes of the Wehrmacht 1941–1944”, translated into English as “The German Army and Genocide: Crimes Against War Prisoners, Jews and Other Civilians in the East, 19391944” or simply, “The Crimes of the German Army”, and referred to below as the “Anti-Wehrmacht Exhibition”] — is simply an exercise in propaganda. It states no historical facts and provides no precise factual data or details.

The present book, however, the first of two volumes, provides full documentation of than 300 Soviet war crimes committed in 1941–1942, accompanied by exact descriptions, many of them proven in detail by eyewitness statements and horrifying photographic evidence. This shocking volume was made possible by a systematic study of the archives of the incorruptible, entirely objective, Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau [“Wehrmacht Untersuchungstelle”], which investigated 8,000 war crimes.

Even Goebbels’ propaganda ministry was compelled to keep silent about these atrocities for fear of their possible effects on the morale of the domestic front. Only now is the full truth of the matter revealed. Horrifying mutilations, including deliberate blindings, rapes, inconceivable tortures, sadism; massacres of wounded men in hospitals, cold-blooded slaughter – even cannibalism practiced [by the Soviets] on [the bodies of] German soldiers – all proven in abundant detail. The photographs – more than 100 of them – are enough to make the reader’s blood run cold. The book is a shocking indictment of an army which committed truly shocking, and unpunished, war crimes – Stalin’s Red Army.”


FackelmanbefehlHave you ever heard of the “Fackelman Befehl” (Stalin’s “Torchman Order”) ?

Probably not! The following are my translations from the German sources of this information. Stalin’s (“Torch man”-) Order Nr. 0428 by November 17, 1941 – The Stawka of the Supreme Commander orders:

1. All settlements, where German troops are located, within 40 to 60 kilometers from the first line are to be destroyed and burned down, in a range of 20 to 30 kilometers to the right and left of the them. For the destruction of the settlement points within the specified radius, the air force is called in, and artillery and mortar fire are to be used extensively, as well as the reconnaissance commandos; Skiers and partisan Division Groups  which will be equipped with fuel bottles. The commandos should dress in uniforms from the stocks of those stolen from the German army and Waffen-SS to carry out the annihilation campaign. This ensures that hatred of the fascist occupiers will be stirred up and will facilitate the easy recruitment of partisans in the hinterland of the fascists. Ensure that survivors remain, which can report “German atrocities”.

2. For this purpose, in each  regiment, 20 to 30 hunter commandos are to be trained, with the task to carry out demolition and setting fires in the settlement points. Brave fighters for these actions for the destruction of settlement points must be selected. Especially those who are behind the German lines and in enemy uniforms to destroy settlement points, should be recommended for service medals. Within the villages the population rumours are to be spread that the Germans had set the villages ablaze in order to punish the partisans.

SOURCE: Archiv Serie 429, Rolle 461, Generalstab des Heeres, Abtlg. Fremde Heere Ost – II H 3/70 Fr 6439568. Lagerstätte: Nationalarchiv Washington (National Archives, Washington, DC)


Bernhard Frank (* 15. Juli 1913 in Frankfurt am Main) was the last SS-Kommandant at Obersalzberg. Early in 1942, SS-Standartenführer Dr. Frank receives for his efforts in the Battle of Wolchow the EK I.. In talks with captured Soviet soldiers, Frank learned that many Russians would rather fight communism, rather than to fight for it. (For this reason Stalin decreed the “torch man” order to increase the hatred and the rage on the German soldiers!)”

Source: http://de.metapedia.org/wiki/Frank,_Bernhard

According to Dimitri Volkogonov, Stalin issued on 17 November 1941 Order No. 0428  (“Torchman Order”)

Next  “all settlement points, where there are German troops, were to be destroyed 40 to 60 kilometer from the main line to be destroyed and set on fire … “.  “For the destruction of the settlement points”, in order “to burn and demolish the settlements”, and for the villages,  air force artillery hunter commandos were to be used. Volkogonov describes how, in this way, countless Russian villages were destroyed by the Soviet army’s own … [72]

SOURCE: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsch-Sowjetischer_Krieg


So, why should I care about  some old Ukrainian man in Minnesota who is an accused “Nazi” war criminal? It is a matter of principle. I know of a great many miscarriages of justice  related to war, and even just in my life time alone, many murder convictions have been overturned on DNA evidence, or other evidence that was deliberately withheld during trials, or where there was tampering.  But I also hope look at it as insurance. What I am doing here is also very risky as there are people who do not want the information that I am  bringing out to become well known, and who have a vested interest in the BIG LIES of WWII.  And so, if or when the enemies of truth come for me, I will be counting on YOU to not be a bunch of lemmings running with the herd,  or to behave like Ostriches with your head in the ground and your ass in the air, but rather,  to act as moral people with courage and integrity, who will think critically, ask the questions which the media does not, and then to speak out to the world on my behalf.


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17 Responses to AP Report says “Top Nazi SS commander found living in Minnesota!” … oh really??

  1. I read that documents didn’t accuse him of being involved in the alleged crime but that only he was there – so are we to be found guilty just because we are standing next to someone who commits a crime – always assuming that a crime was committed

  2. mike the nationalist says:

    Wayne, I would like to ask, is it even true that immigrants were asked about ss service? How do we know he lied? Remember a lot about world war 2 has been invented in the 1960s and 1970s by jewish hollywood…

    Also, why is the soviet union who murdered something like 40 million of their own people considered a reputable source on war crimes? Considering their disgusting torture of german soldiers… I am referring to acts like castrating priests and hanging them from trees with something placed somewhere else other than it should be, disgusting…

    • Absolutely Mike! Why indeed! And that is why I added so much additional information to provide context. So much of their bogus info was also used at Nuremberg Flying Circus

      • I think we both know the answer why the soviet union is considered a reputable source and a most beautiful governmental system by the united soviet states of America? hint, they share a ruling class… literaly, also let us never forget who it was who funded the entire Bolshevik revolution(from new York) and the ensuing decade long civil war of extermination of the middle class by a foreign subversive element

  3. What SHOULD be headline news EVERYDAY are the massive monsterous atrocities the US government is guilty of including using it’s own people against their will as human guinea pigs and lab rats, like they did to my father and some of his comrades and MANY more Americans DURING WWII at the hands of the US government. DURING WWII !

    My own father was just one of MANY unwilling victims of human experimentation at the hands of the US government DURING WWII, but you’ll not hear about that from the media!

    I have been cut off of a couple of radio programs as soon as I began to tell the truth of what the US government was doing to it’s own people during WWII. The USA is GUILTY of the MOST INHUMANE human experiments in the entire world, but you will not hear that truth because the same group that controlled the media since WWI are the same who control it today.

    • Excellent points Carolyn! I have followed your work for many years and know the story well. Shame on those people for not letting you tell it. The USA military has a tradition of using torture going back at least to WWII that carries on to this day, as they pretend to be “liberators” in the name of “freedom and democracy” but are merely the horse ridden by the bankster gangsters for their NWO agenda. Sadly, that offends the deluded and dumbed down sheeple.

  4. Raymond Dunn says:

    Growing up in the Zionist US I was taught there there was no positive side to anything related to Nazis whatsoever. The Germans declared war on the entire world and Hitler was a madman hellbent on nothing more than killing the poor victim Jews. I honestly appreciate you exposing this information on a regular basis.

    As a side question…I have a limited grasp of the German language. Are there any English translations of Mein Kampf anybody could recommend?

    • irokoin says:

      1939 James Murphy Translation

    • Thank you Raymond! Some say the Ford version of is best, though I have not read it. I read the James Murphy (1939) translation which was originally commissioned by the NSDAP though not officially approved, though I am not sure why. He went back to England and published it on his own. I did a number of side by side comparisons with the original German version and found it to be accurate and reliable in terms of conveying the meaning of the German text. There is a so-called “second book” but I believe it is a fraud.

  5. Markus says:

    Infowars has linked to CNN regarding Alfred Rosenberg’s alleged diary (the one they talk a lot about and use to justify their actions, but no one has seen yet!). It’s probably a hoax like the famous Hitler diaries.

    Paul Joseph Watson has also made a video, where he asks the question if Churchill was a war hero or war criminal???

    The comments posted on Infowars do the rest. There are constant real and truthful entries regarding WW2 and its legacy today.

    We are making progress!

    • Thanks Markus. Glad to hear that knowledgeable people are holding AJ and P.J. Watson’s feet to the fire!

      • Markus says:

        Infowars has a new comment software that allows uploading pictures and rate comments. Very helpful to plant our 2cents more visually.

        P.J.W. really surprised me by questioning “Winston Churchill as an icon for Britain itself, like the Queen.”

        PJ admitted the atrocious bombings of German cities and brought it in perspective with genocide in India and Palestine. This was the first time I heard Infowars talking about “Nazis” without defaming them as war criminals, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, or underground globalists.

  6. Ray M says:

    With this case, any attempt to disprove war crimes by Karkoc or under him, is entirely a strawman argument since historically 1st Ukrainian was never indicted for any war crimes by any commission, though there have been unproven accusations. In the full AP release, this supposed 1967 Malazhenski Chlaniow statement being used now to pin crimes on the unit, was produced by Soviet interrogators, as well as testimony from a communist-era commission in 1948, all discovered by the AP now, for this? Conveniently of course, Malazhenski died in a Soviet prison in 1974. So any prosecution in this case will have to depend entirely on an old Soviet investigation. You know of course that everything the Soviets ever disseminated was just and true, especially with their cushy and soft interrogation tactics which were so polite, you really didn’t have to say anything. Only a signature was required. In our times, a coerced capitulation can be thrown out of court and has to be proven as voluntary disclosure, yet here in this case, innocence requires for the witch to sink. So the interrogating methods in which the testimony was divulged half a century ago will likely not be eligible for submission. No doubt with the State Dept frothing at the mouth for another KILL, lots of new circumstantial evidence in the form of testimony against Karkoc will miraculously materialize out of thin air. The best thing that he can do, is liquidate all of his assets and spread the cash out among distant relatives that he trusts, then fight this thing tooth and nail. It’s too bad a trip to the Ukraine would likely be made impossible now being that he’s under a microscope. As the AP release stated, they would hail him as a hero over there.

  7. germanusgott says:

    So… It is evident and fact that most of the Germans after WWII were investigated and then released to continued their lives and many went to different places. Thus whoever German person living today that participated in the war and is free living wherever this does not mean that is a fugitive, criminal or whatever nonsensical label ignorant people want to use.

    People think that no German were exonerated of any “crime” (according to their false ideas and inventions of alleged crimes) and of course people think that every German committed all sort of crimes. They don’t need proofs and never will, they are already brainwashed by mainstream media and Hollywood.

    YOU ARE RIGHT!! The supposed alternative media believes in all sort of conspiracies BUT in the case of Hitler and WWII, NO THEY DO NOT!! They believe every single word of it. Part of this alternative media go even further than that they even say that Hitler won the war and the Nazis are ruling the world listening to that it’s like being in an alternative reality. Well then the other theories of Hitler and Rothschilds, Hitler and the Vatican, Hitler and the English monarchy, etc.

    This “Nazi” hunting will never stop and it is a shame to watch and listen to all the same lies over and over again.

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