Radio Interview – Exploring the Nazi Fluoride Myth, British Black Propaganda, etc

"Atrocity Propaganda is how we (Brits) won the war!"  ...and you thought Goebbels was the liar?

“Atrocity Propaganda is how we (Brits) won the war!” …and you thought Goebbels was the liar?

On June 17, 2013  I was Deanna Spingola‘s guest once again and I discussed the “Nazi Concentration Camp Water Fluoridation Myth” and a variety of other topics including British “Black Propaganda” used against Germany before and during World War II, highlighting some of the dirty tricks and outright lies of  Sefton Delmer to deceive the Brits in news reports  regarding Germany but also, in the waging of Psychological Warfare against the German population through radio broadcasts and the dropping of leaflets etc. I also read from a 1940 news report quoting horrific statements and outrageous lies by the then British Minister of Information Duff Cooper (see Vancouver Sun article below).  Also mentioned  my recent ordeal with being blocked and banned by Facebook for alleged “hate speech” and the campaign that is now on to suppress free speech and truthful information under the guise of “antisemitism” within the realm of ‘Social Media’.  More Info below.


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Catalogue ref: KV 2/3715
Date: 23/04/1954 – 28/01/1957
“Dennis Sefton Delmer was the Daily Express correspondent in Berlin in the 1930s, later covering the Spanish Civil War. During the Second World War he was responsible for psychological warfare broadcast to Germany. The file notes that Sefton Delmer was a great friend of Otto John and arranged the English translation of his memoirs for serialization in the Daily Express. The file notes that ‘although Delmer may not be a Communist, he certainly writes like one’. “(UK National Archives)

I covered “Mölders letter”  but I misspoke mentioning the pilot “Helmut Lent” when I began discussing this story…sorry!  I had a reference to him on my note page that I was reading from as there is a relationship:  ” In June 1942, his brother Joachim was arrested by the Gestapo after reading the so-called Mölders letter from the pulpit. “

Here is a link to a portion of an interview with Sefton Delmer which I read where he spoke about his activities in relation to this incident.

“Tell me, Herr Delmer,” a young German recently asked me in Hamburg, “when the British dropped those counterfeit ration tickets why did they not make a better job of it? Why did they drop cards that were so poorly faked that no one could use them?” I told him. I must confess that the success of the other R.A.F. job, the Werner Molders letter undertaken early in 1942 came as a surprise to me. For before launching it I had the greatest misgivings about entrusting any `black’ job to the R.A.F.

Colonel Molders, one of the most publicised fighter aces of the Luftwaffe, had been shot down by German flak near Breslau in the last days of 1941 – It was almost certainly an accident. But of course we did not leave it that way when we learned of the peculiar circumstances of his end from a captured Luftwaffe officer.

Werner Molders, said the officer, was a devout Catholic. He had become outspokenly critical of the anti-Christian Nazi regime after a British air raid on Minister  when the Nazis had insisted on taking over a convent there and expelling the nuns from it, among them his sister. Himmler’s SD had just begun to investigate Molders’ `treasonable outbursts’ when he was shot down and killed as he was coming in to land on the airfield at Breslau.

Clearly this ambiguous death of one of the most popular heroes of the Third Reich was bound to be much discussed in Germany and I determined to exploit it with every means at our disposal. On `Gustav Siegfried Eins’ `The Chief’ delivered himself of a thundering denunciation of Himmler’s Bolshevik canaille who had so treacherously murdered this shining light of German manhood.”  continues here…

Related Notes and Quotes:

“Men such as Sefton Delmer, the creator of black propaganda, whose team of journalists, academics, German prisoners of war and Jewish refugees ran fake radio broadcasts to Germany with the cunning misinformation.

Men such as Juan Pujol, a Spanish double-agent (code-name GARBO) who sent hundreds of wireless messages from London to Madrid in the build-up to D-Day relaying supposed intelligence from his fictitious spy network. This allowed the enemy to conclude that the number of Allied divisions preparing to invade was twice the actual number.

Men such as R.V Jones, the head of British Scientific Intelligence, who masterminded the dropping of tinfoil confetti from the bomb-bay doors of Lancaster bombers, creating a impression that a flotilla of Allied ships was heading in the opposite direction to the genuine invasion fleet.

Using first hand sources from a wide range of archives, government documents, letters and memos, OPERATION FORTITUDE builds a picture of what wartime Britain was like, as well as the immense pressure these men and women were working under to ensure D-Day succeeded.”  Operation Fortitude: The Story of the Spy Operation That Saved D-Day

“Many Allied journalists were appalled at the restrictions placed on their observations as events unfolded during World War Two. Many were scathing in their cynicism and self-deprecating as a profession.

Canadian Reuters correspondent Charles Lynch accredited to the British Army was refreshingly candid: “It’s humiliating to look back at what we wrote during the war. It was crap, and I don’t exclude the Ernie Pyles or the Alan Mooreheads. We were a propaganda arm of our governments. At the start the censors enforced that but at the end we were our own censors. We were cheerleaders. I suppose there wasn’t an alternative at the time. It was total war, but, for God’s sake, let’s not glorify our role. It wasn’t good journalism. It wasn’t journalism at all.”  As quoted by Michael Walsh in Round one to the Barbarians.

“After the war the German constitutional lawyer, Professor Friedrich Grimm told the English propagandist that it was time to desist. “No,” Delmer replied. “Now we shall start all the more. We shall continue this atrocity propaganda, we shall intensify it, until nobody shall accept a good word from the Germans anymore, until all the sympathy you had in other countries shall be destroyed and until the Germans themselves shall be so confused that they do not know anymore what they are doing.” – The Methods of Re-Education, Udo Walendy.

Here is the news article I read from containing the comments by Duff Cooper:  “Death Against All German People” (click to enlarge)

Duff Cooper - War to Death Against All Germn People


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8 Responses to Radio Interview – Exploring the Nazi Fluoride Myth, British Black Propaganda, etc

  1. Markus says:

    -So, Delmer was employed by the Daily Express in Berlin during the “evil Nazi” time?
    (So much to -Hitler shut down all press-)

    -Propaganda is a neutral term, and a very telling word. It has been completely demonized and only associated with “the evil Nazis” by the counter-propagandists. They hate and demonize everything NS. The “Hitler Mustache” is another one. In fact, a very common mustache at that time. A “postman’s mustache” as David Irving called it. Today, it falls under inappropriate dress code, unless one personifies Charly Chaplin for a joke.

    -Regarding this Ukrainian SS hero survivalist, I researched the Ukraine a bit. “Svoboda” is with 10% strongest truth seeking party in the Ukraine, which joined with the Golden Dawn and other nationalistic parties in Europe. Karcok’s home region, Galicia, is very German friendly. They are ultra-patriots there, and were always pro-German and anti-Russian and anti-Jewish. When Galicia was under Austrian control, the Ukrainian language was allowed to speak and write, while in the main Ukraine under Russian jurisdiction, Ukrainians were always target of Russification. Furthermore, 450,000 Volks-Germans were expelled from Ukraine after the “liberation from Nazi occupation”. Catherine the Great allowed Germans to settle in the Krim area at the Black Sea.

    -Antarctica, Hollow Earth, Hitler’s escape. I’m looking forward for your stance, Wayne. Fact is, New-Swabia is German territory, even though foreign controlled by Norway until a peace treaty is signed with the UN.

  2. Netzband says:

    Duff Cooper was gambling, unstable.., but these “characters”, similar Churchill, can get under influences, I’m speculating, they were serving certain interests but not the ones of the english people. Another odd thing was, that The Daily Express was the paper that printed the Jews declaration of war on March.24.,33. Delmer was a well known journalist then until he had to leave Berlin because of his reports about the Roehm-putsch.

    • Yes indeed and I don’t think it is a coincidence regarding the Daily Express either. I have no proof but I would not be surprised if Delmer was using Roehm and stroking his ego to create a divide in the NSDAP, or to exploit one which was building, in order to destabilize Germany. When we look at his track record, I would think that was highly likely. Even the Brits did not trust him at the start. Some feared he was a double agent I recall reading somewhere. Deanna says she has been keeping notes on Delmer and will be devoting a chapter to him in her next book. You are also right about Churchill, Cooper, and others in that cabinet too in not representing the British people. I think, in some respects, there is a parallel or at least, that a comparison can be made to the U.S. Neocons and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), in 1999/2000. They were war mongers laying in wait, hoping for and pushing for war behind the scenes, and were masters of dirty tricks and deceit who would do whatever necessary to bring about a war. I almost choked when I read Cooper accusing Hitler and his cabinet of being “war mongers and profiteers”. A total projection of themselves!

      • Delmer and Röhm

        “The more I denied I had any connection with British Intelligence, the more Röhm became convinced that I was the great XYZ himself.

        We dined and wined together almost every time he came to Berlin from his Munich headquarters. And eminently useful to me this was. Through Röhm, who as a former Reichswehr officer was in charge of Hitler’s secret contact with the generals, I got on the inside news track of many of the intrigues and manoeuvres that were the essence of Hitler’s campaign for power.

        Röhm was in touch with General Kurt von Schleicher, the soldier-politician who had conducted all the army’s underground political plotting, from the November 1918 pact with the Social-democratic leaders and the deal with the Red Army to the present intrigue with the Nazis. Schleicher – whose name is the German for Creeper – wanted to abolish Germany’s ineffective parliamentary democracy and substitute for it an authoritarian government based on the army, with himself as the strong man in the background. Schleicher thought he could use the nazis in two ways – Hitler and his political party as a propaganda machine to give his regime a wide popular backing, Röhm and his Stormtroops as a militia reserve from which to fill the cadres of the Reichswehr when the day arrived.”

      • Netzband says:

        thank you; This chapter I had ignored. At the moment I read about Gen.Schleicher and AH’s speech on 13.7.34 about the Roehm putsch but not yet in Engl. Also found that U.Walendy’s book (Truth for Germany – The Question of Guilt for the Second World War) isn’t even forbidden anymore although someone tried to get it indicted, it was refused by a court (but the book is from 1964).
        It gets reasonable to assume that Roehm and Schleicher (Schleicher as before against v.Papen) were trying to split the NS-movement and therefore had contacts to the British about approval for their plans with the SA and Reichswehr at least (treaty of Versailles). Also Strasser plays a role in that time, Metapedis says that Schleicher and Strasser wanted to split the NS-party (Querfront- – national Communists already at the time of the republic of Weimar).
        S.Delmer wrote about that, haven’t read his perspective, but later in the Spanish civil war he has written for the international brigades (which were then or later taken over by the Stalinists).

      • Netzband says:

        and: the article on heretical is good, thanks.

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