More British WWII Dirty Tricks Revealed: Espionage in the USA and Bribery in Spain

British WWII Spying in U.S. Shown in Secret Files
By Robert Hutton – May 22, 2013

Britain’s World War II spying on U.S. isolationist groups and its propaganda efforts against them were revealed in secret archives published for the first time today.

The declassified documents at the National Archives in London show how Winston Churchill was sent a report on a 1940 private phone call between President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Secretary of State Cordell Hull, and Joe Kennedy, the U.S. ambassador to London, during which they discussed options “if Europe is overrun” by Nazi Germany.

Winston Churchill The following year, British agents in the U.S. compiled a four-inch-thick dossier on America First, a group urging the U.S. to stay out of what was then a European war. It included private correspondence and mailing lists. Meanwhile, British diplomats paid for propaganda on the other side of the argument and considered secretly funding sympathetic groups.

The money spent in the U.S. was nothing to the sums authorized by Churchill to be spent keeping Spain out of the war. At least $14 million was passed to a group of Spanish generals as a bribe to persuade the dictator General Francisco Franco to stay neutral, the archive files show.

When U.S. officials began inquiries into Juan March, the conduit for this cash, British agents resolved the Americans should be told “as little as possible.”

The documents released today cover Britain’s intelligence work from 1903 to 1951. They also include discussion of whether to assassinate German officials working in France ahead of the D-Day invasion in 1944, a plan that was rejected.

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As to Spain, now we know why ‘fascist’ Spain’s support for Germany was minimal and cooperation was very grudging at best.  Hitler had demanded that Spain make good on an agreement to attack and occupy Gibraltar, a British-controlled region. This would have sealed off the Mediterranean, trapping British troops in North Africa and close off the efficient supply route, and prevent easy access to Italy, Greece, the Balkans, and Middle East, but Franco refused.  Thus, Hitler held great contempt for Franco, especially after German forces had rescued his country from the Bolshevik Communists during the Spanish Civil War.

It is also interesting to note that the United States had planned to attack Britain with massive bombings and chemical weapons in 1930, reveals a set of highly classified files and a new documentary.  Read more:

Who were the “war mongers” again??

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3 Responses to More British WWII Dirty Tricks Revealed: Espionage in the USA and Bribery in Spain

  1. Markus says:

    White Student Union leader calls for Franconian resistance against Communist takeover. (Will he get a bribe as well?)

    “The answer to 1984 is 1936”

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  3. Netzband says:

    About the isolationists in America,there is a long article (from the Barnes review). Isolationism was famous with with Charles Lindberg of course, but it is not so well known today and it is a long thing to read, so maybe later but before I have to search the link again, be it here:
    A Mockery of Justice -The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 By Michael Collins Piper & Ken Hoop

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