Achtung! A Blitzkrieg of Truth – Two important revisionist broadcasts…

we knew who we were fighting

(Updated 06.25.13)

On FRIDAY June 21, 2013 at 2PM Pacific, Mark Weber from the Institute of Historic Review  joined Rodney Martin in a very special broadcast of World View Conversations which will commemorate the preemptive German invasion of the Stalin’s Soviet Union, Code named, and “Operation Barbarossa” on June 22, 1941.

“Despite years of repeated falsehoods, the German invasion was a preemptive action. Stalin was indeed planning a massive invasion into the heart of Europe. The United States created the first “Axis of Evil” with the Soviet Union and Great Britain in 1941. We will discuss: German Combat ethics vs. Soviet atrocities; Was Stalingrad really the turning point? The German Wehrmacht as the true guardians of Western Christian Civilization, and What the world would have been like had the Germans overthrown Stalin evil regime” ~ Rodney Martin

Here is the archive of that show:


Download the mp3

On SATURDAY June 22, 2013 at 2PM Pacific,  yours truly J4G  co-hosted of a special broadcast of World View Conversations Rodney Martin commemorating Germany’s Victory over France.

Topics: Dunkirk- Fact vs. Fiction; the German surrender Terms;  German Occupation vs. Allied terms imposed on Germany after the war; and Adolf Hitler’s Last Appeal to Reason, a peace offer to Britain after the French surrender.

Here is the archive:


Download the mp3

Both shows aired on “World View Conversations” on the American Nationalist Network


The Eastern Front: The Soviet-German War, 1941-45

Hitler’s Declaration of War Against Stalin in 1941 – Who Was the Real Villain?

Documentary: Hitler’s War – What the Historians Neglect to Mention …and what the world finally needs to know

Documentary: Hitler’s Victory – A Final Appeal For Peace and Sanity, July 19th, 1940


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  1. Here is the archive of today’s ‘World View Conversations’ (06.21.13) radio program featuring Rodney Martin with Mark Weber discussing Operation Barbarossa and the true reasons why Hitler declared war on the Soviet Union, what the objectives were, and why it ultimately failed. The facts presented here contradict what mainstream historians have sold to us for nearly 70 years. Listen online (streaming audio) or download the mp3 here: .

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