They called it “Liberation” – I call it “Hate, War Crimes and Genocide against Germans” – YOU be the judge!

by George Duncan –

“The merciless revenge perpetrated on the entire German civilian population of Eastern Europe during the closing stages of the war, and for many months after, took the lives of over 2,100,000 ethnic German men, women and children. For generations these Germans had lived and toiled in areas that today are part of central and Eastern Europe. Around fifteen million of these “Volksdeutsche” were driven from their homes and ancestral lands in Poland, East Prussia, Silesia, Ukraine, Belarus and Serbia and forced back into the Allied occupied zones of Germany. This was the greatest forcible evacuation of people in European history.

It is estimated that of the eight million Germans expelled from Poland around 1,600,000 died in the process. In Czechoslovakia, memories of the Lidice massacre inspired acts of revenge against German soldiers and civilians. Soldiers were disarmed, tied to stakes, doused with petrol and set alight. Wounded German soldiers in hospital were shot in their beds, others were hung up on lamposts in Wenzell Square and fires were lit beneath them so that they died the gruesome death of being roasted alive. These ethnic Germans lived in fear of the Russians but no one thought that the dreadful fate which awaited them would not even emanate from the Soviets at all but from their own neighbours, the Czechs!


Thousands of innocent German residents were murdered in their homes by the Czechs, others were forced into interment camps where they were beaten and maltreated before being expelled. Bishop Beranek of Prague declared:

‘If a Czech comes to me and confesses to having killed a German, I absolve him immediately’.

The Americans, utterly blind to the political consequences of allowing the Soviets to liberate Czechoslovakia, halted at the Karlsbad-Pilsen-Budweis line. The Sudeten Germans now had no protection from the torrent of bestiality vented on them by the Czechs. In Brno, 25,000 German civilians were forced marched at gun-point to the Austrian border. There, the Austrian guards refused them entry, the Czech guards refused to re-admit them. Herded into an open field they died by the hundreds from hunger and cold before being rescued by the US 16th Tank Division on May 8th 1945. In the Russian occupied zones of Eastern Europe and in Germany, hundreds of thousands of civilian men and women, Poles, Czechs, Romanians and Germans, were transported to the Urals in the Soviet Union and used as slave labourers until released in the late 40s. Mostly ignored by the world’s press, the unimaginable suffering experienced by the expellees is largely unknown outside Germany, yet it was systematically carried out in a brutal fashion as official Allied policy in accordance with the decisions formulated at Yalta and Potsdam.

Around the small Bavarian village of Postberg (Postoloprty) in the province of Saazerland on the Bavarian-Czech border, hundreds of German men, women and children were shot to death during the Czech ‘ethnic cleansing’. All German civilian residents in the province were rounded up by Czech soldiers and communist partisans and marched to a collection point in Postberg. There they were interned and beaten, many were executed. On September 17, 1947, a number of mass graves were discovered in and around Postberg. Thirty-four bodies were found in the village itself, another four nearby at Weinberg and twenty-six in an old sandpit at Schuladen. At Lewanitzer, 349 corpses were unearthed and another 103 bodies were exhumed from another mass grave. Ten corpses were found in a sand pit at Kreuz along with another 225 bodies in a mass grave at the local school.

At the military barracks five bodies were found and seven were buried under house No. 74. During investigations only one Czech, Vojtech Cerny, admitted to participating in the shooting and killing of four Germans. In all, a total of 763 Germans were murdered. A law, passed by the Czech authorities (The Benesch law: No115/1946) stated that all Czech crimes against Germans were not legible to penalty.


Churchill said to the Germans in January, 1945:

“We Allies are no monsters. This, at least, I can say, on behalf of the United Nations, to Germany … Peace, though based on unconditional surrender, will bring to Germany and Japan immense and immediate alleviation of suffering and agony.”

Against that false claim, the late Dr. Austin App proclaimed the truth:

“Those Allies who were “no monsters” literally raped more European women than had ever before been raped in the history of the world. They put Germany on a starvation-level diet. Under direct orders from Dwight Eisenhower, they killed more than a million German POWs. They looted 12 million people of their homes, goods, food, and even clothes and drove them from their homelands. They took one-fourth of their farmland, they took their ships and their factories and their farm implements and then told them to live by farming. They abused and starved to death more German babies than there ever were Jews in Germany. They raped and debauched hundreds of thousands of German, Austrian, and Hungarian girls and women from eight to eighty. They brought to their death five times as many Germans in one year of peace as died during five years of war.

WWII German Death Toll

A TOTAL OF MORE THAN 17 MILLION GERMANS PERISHED, OF THOSE MORE THAN 12 MILLION GERMANS WERE KILLED AFTER THE END OF THE WAR.  Source:  Huttenbrief fuer Volkstum, Kultur, Wahrheit und Recht – Herausgeber (Publisher): Freundenkreis Ulrich von Hutten e.V. Note:  in the above graphic “Sowjet” is the German word for “Soviet”

Yes, yes, of course, these men of the United Nations, these men of the ‘New World Order’ are no monsters!

Quite apart from any ethnic or ideological considerations, World War II was a war between, on the one side, the elitists who created Communism as a way-station on the road to their New World Order; and on the other, those who opposed that New World Order. It is a tragedy of millennial proportions that America and Britain were induced to fight on the side of Communism and Communism’s masters.” ~  Dr. Austin J. App (as quoted by Kevin Alfred Strom)

Yes, they “liberated” us alright … from peace,  from our legitimate form of government which represented the will of the German people, from our freedom and autonomy, our lives, our individual rights and human dignity, our land and personal property,  our industry, ideas, patents, our identity as a nation, and our pride.  And THEN came permanent occupation and the “cultural genocide” of the Germans.  More to come on that!

Rest in peace all my beloved German people who perished, and all of that generation who were victimized by these heinous crimes against humanity. No people ever deserved such  a fate.  And to the High Perps who planned these things, made them happen, or allowed them to happen, and those who carried them out … may you rot eternally in  HELL!


For everyone else it is “history” from which we ALL must learn.


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14 Responses to They called it “Liberation” – I call it “Hate, War Crimes and Genocide against Germans” – YOU be the judge!

  1. Yes history is written by the victors, it just shows how the truth can be twisted when you can print what you want and how the allies can convince the population otherwise. Truly truly shocking what happened to the Germans even after the war.

  2. sophiah8says says:

    His supporters are carrying on his site. He was a friend for a few years and I was one of the FEW females who posted there as he had no patience for blather we had a spirited conversation one day I will put in a book to remember a path clearer of the net.

    Am posting some of your stuff here and there as well as other clear thinkers my tiny contribution to changing hearts and minds 🙂

    Happy Summer


  3. netzband says:

    Perhaps You know him, Erwin, living in California, but expelled by the Tito-partisans from the Danube , Donau – direction to what was today Yugoslavia, Donau-Schwaben.. He had a website with always news in Engl and German and a big archive also in German and Engl., ARCHIVE-GERMAN| ARCHIVE-ENGLISH | GERMAN LOSSES | GERMAN HISTORY, VÖLKERMORD DER TITO-PARTISANEN can be found here: GENOCIDE OF THE ETHNIC GERMANS IN YUGOSLAVIA also the book by Frank Keeling, a courageous American who wrote it in 1947 “Gruesome Harvest”- Schreckliche Ernte – the costly attempt to exterminate the German people after the war. This website disappeared last year, don’t know why perhaps he couldn’d continue it, but it can still be found in:
    or from some other date there.
    —quote: “On May 8, 1945 the shooting ended in Europe. But, shockingly, the war against Germany went on. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill had decreed that the German people must suffer – and suffer they did. Driven from their homes, looted of their property, decimated by famine and disease, raped, robbed, and enslaved, millions of Germans – most of them women and children – bore the brunt of what Time magazine called “history’s most terrifying peace”.
    Gruesome Harvest was one of the first books in America to sound the alarm…”

    • A Gruesome Harvest is available in my bookstore along with others which cover these topics.

      Thanks for the added info as always!


      • Netzband says:

        Yes, I would never have found this part at amazon- as with many things, it’s not easy to go through all of it.. also Ingrid Rimlands books there too, good I wanted to read them one day, her hard way with her mother through the steppes from I think, Kasachstan, thousands of kilometers, to survive they ate grass and bark of birch.

  4. Markus says:

    In Poland, Former Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski has suggested in a book that “Germany wants to annex part of Poland” and that “the East German secret police helped Angela Merkel win power.”

    Here we go again, the Polish Prime Minister proclaimed in 2011 during election campaigns that Germany wants to annex parts of Poland!

    Excuse me? Who annexed the largest chunks of Germany again? First after WW1 de jure (under duress) and after WW2 de facto through genocide…

    Nonetheless, Merkel probably was an Informal Member of the Stasi. If so, the above quote would be an oxymoron, since the DDR signed the UN Charter against Germany in 1973, plus it is a creation of the UN itself under the occupation statute and enemy state clause.

    • Netzband says:

      As far as I know, the DDR may have recognized the Oder-Neiße-border with Poland -and the BRD after 1990, but not as a formal act between states ? Anyway the DDR, as a partial construction, was not entitled to give away our easten provinces – nor the BRD since it is not successor of the Reich, as courts have stated – and not after 1990 either.
      Never were the German people asked about the German lands, neither the refugees.. In the 60s we had in school in the maps (Diercke Weltatlas), that the provinces were under Polish and Soviet administration. Silesia, West- and East-Prussia, Pommern and all. The Poles had even stolen Stettin, west of the Oder. I don’t know about Bohemis and Sudetenland. Nothing is according to international law or Geneva laws or the laws of war of the Hague (Hager-Landkriegsordnung). But the Politicians, Strauss, Waigel enshured the Refugees (Vertriebene) that they would return there.
      In 1990 it was possible to get Germans and still some refugees to settle again in the East, especially by returning their property and lands but time is running away, over 20 years since 1990.

    • Angela Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner in Hamburg on 17. July 1954, the daughter of Horst Kasner, a Lutheran pastor and his wife, Herlind Jentzsch with a Jewish heritage in Poland. Johan August Jentzsch emigrated to Denmark from Ballinstaedt, Germany, about 50 miles north of Efurt. He was a Jewish furrier.

      Jewish Personal Names: Their Origins, Derivation and Diminutive Forms

      by Rabbi Shmuel Gorr z”l; edited by Chaim Freedman this book lists merkel as a jewish name… also jentzsch

      as far as I can tell anyway…

  5. Immortal, Imperishable Pain, the story of terrible suffering by my family can be found on my Web site
    Our Mother in particular, born in 1909 at Koelln, a West Prussian Town situated in what was to become the Polish Corridor was expelled by the Poles at age ten when she was without parents.
    The same did happen to her in 1945 at the hands of the gruesome Poles.

    • Danke Ernst! I am so sorry to hear this, but I appreciate you adding a personal story to this article. Thanks for your website and all of your efforts too!

  6. MCP3 says:

    Mr. Churchill suggests, endorses Vertreibung of millions Germans out of their houses in Prussia/Eastern Germany to compensate Poland on December 15, 1944 in a House debate about Poland. Some MoP suspect that Poland would become Communist, Mr. Churchill plays that down and calls Marshall Stalin a “honorable man” who would allow free election after V-Day.
    Full Speech:
    WSC:”Nor do I see why there should not be room in Germany for the German populations of East Prussia and of the other territories I have mentioned. After all, 6,000,000 or 7,000,000 Germans have been killed already in this frightful war. …
    Moreover, we must expect that many more Germans will be killed in the fighting which will occupy the spring and summer and which we must expect will involve the largest and fiercest”

    All what matters on December 14, 1944 for Mr. Churchill is to kill as many as possible German civilians until V-Day with conventional means—so that there is enough space in Western- and Central Germany for those who are going to be expelled from “East-Prussia and other territories” after V-Day.

  7. wayne I don’t wish to get off topic but I have heard that a book in Danish on the jentzsch family has information on their jewish heritage but I cant seem to locate the actual source, also I made a mistake, jentzsch is not listed as a jewish name in rabbi gorrz book, neither are most European jewish names, merkel definitely is though, I personaly would not be surprised to discover her Jewishness just like we finally did for Vladimir blank aka lenin…

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