The ‘Good War’ Myth Exposed – Hoover’s Devastating Critique of the US Role in World War II

Two excellent and informative lectures by historian Mark Weber from  November 2012,

“Freedom Betrayed,  the recently published book by former US President Herbert Hoover, is yet another authoritative debunking of the prevailing, official view of the US role in World War II.” ~ Mark Weber  (

President Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover (1874–1964) was president of the United States from 1929 to 1933. An internationally acclaimed humanitarian, he was the author of more than thirty books and founder of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.

Part 1 – In a carefully written and well-researched book published nearly 50 years after the author’s death, former president Herbert Hoover details the folly, duplicity and great harm of US policy during World War II, and persuasively debunks the popular, entrenched view of America’s role in the global clash as the “good war.” In a book he considered his most important, Freedom Betrayed, Hoover examines president Franklin Roosevelt’s record of deceit and lawlessness in promoting war in Europe, pushing the US into war, and aligning the US with Stalin’s tyrannical regime. Hoover, one of the best informed and most principled public figures of the twentieth century, was devoted to America as a bastion of liberty, and supported a US policy of non-intervention in foreign wars.

PART 2 – Hoover and Other Historians on America’s Role in World War II
Mark Weber, November 2012 – As ever more historians acknowledge, President Franklin Roosevelt broke the law and lied to the American people in a deceitful campaign to promote war in Europe, and then to get the US to join in the “Good War” against Germany.  America’s purported role as the world’s “leader,” with the right to prod other countries into conforming with US policies and interests, was laid down in the years just before and during World War II by the US government, with critical backing by Hollywood and the American mass media.

NOTE:  These audio files are courtesy of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR)


It must also be added that we Germans owe President Hoover a great debt of gratitude for organizing a program of food aid to the starving Germans in the post war years, and for effectively putting an end to the genocidal Morgenthau Plan, being carried out by Eisenhower,  at least in it’s most overt form of deliberate starvation. Arguably, other aspects of the plan continued in a covert form.

Please see my previous post:  A Crime Against Humanity – The Allied Starvation of Millions of Germans

So, on behalf of the German people, past and present, thank you Sir, for your efforts to save our people and to tell the truth about Hitler, Germany and  World War II, and to expose the deceit of Roosevelt and Churchill. May your name live on forever in world history as an honourable and moral United States President, and as truly world class statesman with personal integrity.  God bless you President Hoover and may rest in peace!

I pray that the government of the FRG will also honour him with a statue, a section in a museum of German history, and with segments devoted to him in the school books, but I will not hold my breath waiting for a bunch of cowards and traitors to do the right and honourable thing.  Thus I take it upon myself to pay tribute in my own small way.


His book is now available through Justice for Germans Books and DVDs

Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath


The culmination of an extraordinary literary project that Herbert Hoover launched during World War II, his “magnum opus”—at last published nearly fifty years after its completion—offers a revisionist reexamination of the war and its cold war aftermath and a sweeping indictment of the “lost statesmanship” of Franklin Roosevelt. Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath originated as a volume of Hoover’s memoirs, a book initially focused on his battle against President Roosevelt’s foreign policies before Pearl Harbor. As time went on, however, Hoover widened his scope to include Roosevelt’s foreign policies during the war, as well as the war’s consequences: the expansion of the Soviet empire at war’s end and the eruption of the cold war against the Communists.

On issue after issue, Hoover raises crucial questions that continue to be debated to this day. Did Franklin Roosevelt deceitfully maneuver the United States into an undeclared and unconstitutional naval war with Germany in 1941? Did he unnecessarily appease Joseph Stalin at the pivotal Tehran conference in 1943? Did communist agents and sympathizers in the White House, Department of State, and Department of the Treasury play a malign role in some of America’s wartime decisions? Hoover raises numerous arguments that challenge us to think again about our past. Whether or not one ultimately accepts his arguments, the exercise of confronting them will be worthwhile to all.

Editorial Reviews

“What an amazing historical find! Historian George H. Nash, the dean of Herbert Hoover studies, has brought forth a very rare manuscript in Freedom Betrayed. Here is Hoover unplugged, delineating on everything from the ‘lost statesmanship’ of FDR to the Korean War. A truly invaluable work of presidential history. Highly recommended.”— DOUGLAS BRINKLEY is professor of history at Rice University and editor of The Reagan Diaries.

“Finally, after waiting for close to half a century, we now have Hoover’s massive and impassioned account of American foreign policy from 1933 to the early 1950s. Thanks to the efforts of George H. Nash, there exists an unparalleled picture of Hoover’s world view, one long shared by many conservatives. Nash’s thorough and perceptive introduction shows why he remains America’s leading Hoover scholar.” —JUSTUS D. DOENECKE, author of Storm on the Horizon: The Challenge to American Intervention, 1939–1941

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  1. Why does anyone think Hoover is reviled in history books? NOW you know. Why did you think Senator McCarthy is reviled in history books? Because he uncovered the American atrocities, the judicial lynchings and the torture which was present in ALL War Crimes trials. Why do you think Rasputin has been vilified? Because he counseled for an alliance with Germany, not war; that is also why he was murdered by amongst others the British Secret Service, as uncoverd in documents in the British Files on the case. etc., etc., ad nauseam. Gerry Fredrics

  2. Pat says:

    Could you do a few articles on ‘The Night of Long Knives’ and ‘Kristallnacht’?

    • Will keep that in mind. There’s just so many issues. Regarding Kristallnacht, please see my links section. There is a good article by Mark Weber. Cheers!

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