Hey morons, we aren’t laughing with you – We are laughing at you!

How We Got “Hitler-ized” – What the Ubiquity of the Führer Says About Our Culture,
By Gavriel D. Rosenfeld
June 26, 2013 –

(excerpts only) “It has been dismissed as a tempest in a teapot, but the recent brouhaha over JC Penney’s now-infamous Hitler teakettle may be more significant than it initially appears. Far from being an isolated incident, it is merely the latest in a long series of news stories in recent years about the “discovery” of Hitler’s face in unusual objects.

Since 2011, the mainstream media has published sensationalistic reports about cats that look like Hitler, fish that look like Hitler, a stinkbug that looks like Hitler and even a house that looks like Hitler. Much of the attention has been tongue-in-cheek and featured on the back pages of tabloid newspapers in Europe and the United States. But established news organizations, such as CNN, have covered the phenomenon, too.

Various observers have pointed out that among the countless memes that have spread on the Internet, one of the most familiar has been Adolf Hitler. He has been featured in online videos and photographic images; he has inspired groan-inducing puns and mindless games. The forms have been diverse, but what links them all is the use of humor. Whether employing irony, parody or satire, Internet representations of Hitler have been linked by the playful tendency to exploit his (false) legacy for laughs.

The phenomenon of Hitlerization serves several functions. First and foremost, it attracts attention. Like adding spices to food, adding a Hitler moustache and hairstyle and Nazi uniform to an image automatically lends that image a powerful kick of irony, sensationalism and controversy — and gets it noticed.

In a world where the average Web user moron  spends less than 30 seconds on a Web page before clicking elsewhere, what better way to generate Web traffic than taking the Western world’s paradigmatic symbol of evil and turning him into a laugh line?

This process, second of all, has become something of a competitive enterprise. In the same way that the game of Scrabble challenges players to assemble words out of random letters, many  Web users morons find it challenging to gaze at random objects and figure out how they might resemble the Führer. They compete with one another for bragging rights about who has come up with the most creative examples. (The competitive impulse has been especially visible in the effort of Web users morons to out-do one another in coining Nazi-related puns, among the more iconic, if tasteless, being “I did Nazi that coming” and “Anne Frankly, I don’t appreciate it.”)

Ultimately, though, Hitlerization satisfies what appears to be an ever growing (moronic) cultural desire to laugh at the Nazis. In the most charitable explanation, laughing at Hitler by transforming him from a frightening symbol of evil into an amusing punch line demythologizes him and diminishes his aura of omnipotence. At the same time, of course, it normalizes the (false) Nazi legacy by aestheticizing, universalizing and ultimately trivializing his historical significance.

It is unclear whether or not the controversy should be seen as innocuous or as a cause for concern. It is certainly true that, in isolation, each individual expression of the Hitler meme amounts to little more than trivial — and often offensive — ephemera (amongst morons with pathetically trivial minds). At the same time, the exponential powers of digital reproduction make sure that the meme will reach countless millions of people sheeple worldwide. The cumulative effects of this development are unknown. But one thing seems sure: As the law of ironic Hitlerization continues to transform the Nazi dictator into a laugh-inducing staple of Internet (moron) culture, we are likely to encounter Hitler in unpredictable places on an increasingly frequent basis.

Read full article: http://forward.com/articles/179071/how-we-got-hitler-ized/

My Comment:

“The cumulative effects of this development are unknown.”  Oh really??  It is what Hitler and Goebbels described as “THE BIG LIE” technique employed by the ALL LIES and the mass media which is overwhelmingly owned and operated by the self-described “Jews” (as they also admit).  It is a continuation of “Black Propaganda” techniques used before and during the war to demonize Hitler and the Germans.  The cumulative effect of sharing these caricatures and repeating false quotes and outrageous lies is to perpetually reinforce the years of mental programming and conditioning that have been induced in the minds of western populations through 7 decades of propaganda, so that they now salivate like dogs and regurgitate all of the crap they have been fed. It is called “dumbing down”!

We who know the truth aren’t laughing with you! We who can think for ourselves and have taken the time to educate ourselves about Hitler, National Socialism and WWII and now know the truth are laughing at you pathetic SHEEPLE!

Here’s one backatcha …

Hitler and Goebbels - The last laugh  (please feel free to copy and share this graphic)

Hitler and Goebbels – The last laugh (please feel free to copy and share this graphic)

The joke is on YOU!

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2 Responses to Hey morons, we aren’t laughing with you – We are laughing at you!

  1. vuk says:

    I wish more people knew the truth.
    It’s so difficult to spread the truth, because the anti-NSDAP (anti-European) propaganda is so powerful! Have you seen Hitler’s Children? Extremely destructive documentary.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  2. Hitler has become an iconic meme because his presence and principles were revolutionary and inspiring. This gives further evidence of his ‘Avatar’ status as proposed in “The Lightning and the Sun” by Savitri Devi. He was indeed “The Man Against Time”. His image is now part and parcel of World Consciousness, especially what Jung spoke of as the “Unconscious”, because his effect was so traumatic that it cannot be escaped or ignored. This is why the Ashkenazi media and it’s acolytes MUST trivialize him. It is all too easy, once one has a basic understanding of history, to see him as the Savior that he tried to be …

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