The Kaufman and Morgenthau Plans to Exterminate the Germans prior to, during and after WW II

The Kaufmann Plan to Exterminate the Germans

On Friday, June 28th, 2013 Deanna Spingola’s guest Karl Radl discussed the Kaufman Plan and Morgenthau Plans and the hate-filled campaign against the Germans prior to, during and after World War II by these self-described “Jews”.  Mr. Radl has written several articles on the topic and excerpts are included below as an introduction to the subject matter of the radio interview.  The material which he provides on his website is very well sourced.  During the show he also addressed a number of other lesser known but key facts about World War II.  It was a fascinating, fast paced and highly informative program.  Here is the free show archive, streaming audio or mp3  download.


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“As I intimated in my previous article on the subject of the probable derivation of the Morgenthau Plan of 1944 from the plan to exterminate Germans that was advocated by Theodor Nathan Kaufman’s 1941 book ‘Germany Must Perish!’ (1) It is necessary to perform a textual comparison of the concordance of these two documents bearing in mind that scenario that I previously outlined.

To briefly recap: I suggested that as Kaufman’s ‘Germany Must Perish!’ was sent to major officials and journalists in 1941 with a highly successfully marketing campaign that caused reviews in major periodicals of the book to appear coupled with the fact that Goebbels made it a centrepiece of the Third Reich anti-jewish propaganda effort. It would not be unreasonable to assert that the three parties who had a central hand in conceiving and advocating the Morgenthau Plan; i.e. Henry Morgenthau Jr, Harry Dexter White and Soviet Intelligence (with their leader in the USA being Rudy Baker [nee Rudolph Blum]), had read or were very aware of Kaufman’s otherwise inconsequential book ‘Germany Must Perish!’

Further I pointed out that the book’s proposed campaign of revenge and extermination by the sterilization of the Germans played nicely into the feelings that were elicited in all three parties given the atrocity propaganda that was a staple of Allied and Soviet propaganda and the fact that all three of the parties concerned were jewish.

I also argued that the probable origin of the Morgenthau Plan lies in Soviet Intelligence; who Harry Dexter White worked for, and Morgenthau’s central crime was his continued advocacy of the plan rather than its composition per se. Although the differential is slight it still should be made in the interests of historical accuracy as we should not ascribe to Morgenthau the authorship of the plan that bears his name per se (although he may well have made some minor adjustments to it), but we should ascribe to him the implementation of the plan which he cannot but have known would lead to the deaths of millions of innocent people across Europe.

I suggested Soviet Intelligence and White used Kaufman’s plan in ‘Germany Must Perish!’ as a base for the Morgenthau Plan, but instead of the extermination of Germans they sought to create such a dire socio-economic situation in occupied Germany that the Allies would be discredited by their treatment under capitalistic so-called liberal democracies and thus it would pave the way for communist revolution as the ‘working class would have nothing to lose but their chains.’

Now in order to understand the logic behind this thinking among the Soviet intelligence community as well as in White’s mind: we have to remind ourselves of the fact that we are dealing here with convinced Marxists who sought to apply Marx’s theories as if they were Hegel’s ‘end of philosophy’. They saw Marx; as many Marxists still do, as being the greatest philosopher and thinker in human history whose ideas are; to paraphrase Marx’s own critique of his fellow jewish socialist Lassalle’s economic ideas, an ‘iron law of history’.

This means that Marxist; past and present, will always attempt to frame their policy ideas within the context of their understanding of Marxism. When we understand this: we can begin to see the cynical logic behind the Morgenthau Plan….”

Continue reading Part I  here

Excerpt from Part II :

“Kaufman’ idea was thus impossible to implement, but we should note that Kaufman himself introduced a caveat into his recommendation. He believed that sterilization would be the humane way to deal with the ‘German problem’, but he thought that public opinion might call for something far more drastic and painful by way of revenge.

Now if we look at what Morgenthau is outlining: he is doing two things. He is removing the means for German industrial and agricultural self-sufficiency (the removal of machinery, reduction of territory and the breaking up of effective government [hence no subsidies or local schemes to help share what was left]) and then prevented the Germans from importing products and goods (e.g. foodstuffs) from outside the country.

This is nothing less than a blueprint for mass starvation, which is precisely what occurred. Kaufman’s caveat is simply applied to this by understanding that because Kaufman’s original policy idea is completely untenable: it then means that Morgenthau had to look elsewhere for his means of exterminating the German people. He found his methodology in Stalin’s own famine caused by massive changes to the economic situation in the Ukraine: starvation.

Starvation would exterminate the Germans over a shorter period of time and would also be a vicious play on National Socialism’s own demands for self-sufficiency in the 1930s. It would be Morgenthau’s nasty way of saying to the Germans: ‘you wanted to be self-sufficient so have at it!’

Now I am sure some readers will be wondering why I am suggesting that Morgenthau deliberately set out to exterminate the Germans with his plan. Well if we simply look at his eighth recommendation then we notice that it isn’t intended for just one or two years, but rather for twenty!”

Read Part II here

The Kaufmann Plan - Germany Must Perish

My Commentary:

As with the case of the case of Nemmerdorf massacre, which I recently reported on this post, it is commonly stated by the “court historians” that Goebbels used the Kaufman Plan for “propaganda purposes” in late 1944, implying that he was “lying” or “exaggerating” or using this to wrongly induce fear.  Do they really suppose that Goebbels, a public servant,  would have done his people a service by not telling them what the allies and their puppet masters had in store for them? Especially when one then also includes the statements and plans of Soviet Propaganda Minister Ilya Ehrenburg who was openly advocating and ordering the red Army to commit mass murder and rape, calling it “a duty”? And of course, Germany had already been subjected to years of illegal terror bombing and fire bombing.

So, one must also look at what in fact did happen after the capitulation of the German armed forces. Millions of Germans were deliberately starved to death, soldiers were systematically exterminated in allied death camps, or enslaved for years, millions of girls and women were raped, while most of the leadership was rounded up and exterminated following Soviet and Jewish dominated show trials, on the basis of alleged “evidence” that would never have stood up in an American or British court.  15 million ethnic Germans were ethnically cleansed, of which several million perished. Everything worth taking was stolen. Germany was de-industrialized with factories dismantled and hauled away, thousands of patents were stolen, and the top scientists and engineers etc also stolen. The surviving population was  subjected to permanent occupation and the ludicrous charge of “collective guilt” for the war and every crime alleged to have been committed by the NSDAP government.  And finally,  the survivors of this holocaust were subjected to a program of  “De-Nazification”: a massive brainwashing programming was implemented to disinform and induce self-hate and loathing, and collective cultural suicide. And that, I submit, continues to this day, nearly 70 years later!  To avoid these facts in any commentary regarding Dr. Goebbels is completely dishonest and biased “propaganda”.  When you have all of the facts, it is obvious that he was telling the truth and being honest and candid with the German people. The same cannot be said of the allies (ALL LIES).

Goebbels, however, was not the only one sounding the alarm.  I highly recommend reading this translation of ‘Niemals!’  (Never!) by Heinrich Goitsch, (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1944) as he really laid out what Germany was up against.

So ask yourself honestly, what would any responsible government have done in the face of such an onslaught?  Was silence any sort of option? Was unconditional surrender an option against such enemies with such genocidal and maniacal plans, and who obviously had the means to carry them out against a defenseless population?? I think NOT!

Finally, as I recently pointed out, it was only thanks to President Herbert Hoover that millions more Germans were not systematically exterminated by starvation and other means..



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The Ruling Elite: A Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation The Ruling Elite: The Zionist Seizure of World Power
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  1. we have to be very careful for international zionism-but we cannot kill the zionists, because then we are the same unhumans, Better to make them harmless by all means except using their own methods.

  2. Gary says:

    This is an exceptionally well written, important, and high impact article. The online translation of Niemals is another vital work that is essential to understanding what the Germans were fighting for, and against. Thanks again to Wayne and Deanna.

  3. Tylr says:

    I wonder why we call them Zionist instead of what they are;The [International] Jew. I mean zionism has nothing to do with the way they act and have acted for the centuries prior. If there was no such thing as “Zionism” The Jew would still be the enemy and he would have still done all he has done upto this point (save, perhaps, Isreal) and continuing to do so.
    Anyway I agree we should not be trying to kill any of them. The Third Reich had it right in continuing what other nations did before Her, Isolate them or deport them. Restrict them from any position of power of Natives of the Lands they are in/allowed to be in.

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