Thank you President Ahmadinejad for standing up for the German people!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is stepping down as political leader of Iran and will soon leave the world stage. Thus, I would like to express my gratitude to him for standing up for the German people, and honour him for his integrity in speaking out about the perpetual demonization of the German people, while the phony FRG government will not.  I wish to also congratulate this true statesman for the fine job he has done in representing his people and nation to the world,  in spite of all of the outright lies leveled against him by the western corporate self-described “Jewish” (ie Khazar)  controlled media,  and again, for his firm and patriotic stance for his people against a ravenous pack of war wolves in the west.  I wish to thank him and salute him for his courage in speaking out for human rights, particularly as they relate to the Palestinians but also, and no less, all gentile nations who seek freedom, peace and justice, and liberty from interference and domination by the International Bankster Gangsters.  Thank you for opposing their New World Order agenda!

Video clip from a speech by Mr. Ahmadinejad addressing the issue of WWII history and propaganda (German  with English sub-titles).

Today’s Iran and the German Reich, prior to 1939, have a few things in common!

Iran Central Bank

Adolf Hitler raised his country up out of the dirt by getting rid of the influence of the International Bankster Gangsters by creating a new currency that was based upon German production, not gold,  and which was out of their reach, and which was debt free and interest free.  He took back control of the Reichsbank (Central Bank) and made funds available for make work projects at little or no interest, and he put strict regulations on the stock markets to prevent international speculators from manipulating the German economy and the price of German goods and services.  Germany recovered rapidly and the German people  prospered.  President Ahmadinejad and his government has done much the same for his own people.

Now, here’s one more thing that modern day Iran has in common with Germany of 1939…

Iran wants war

It’s called “encirclement” and this is exactly what they did to Germany in WWII,  and they made every effort to provoke Germany into war, while feeding their own people lies while withholding many other important  fact,s in order to demonize Hitler and Germany, in a ‘lead up’ to a war which they had wanted all along.  They also used “sanctions” in the form of a world wide economic boycott, instigated by self-described “International Jewry” to try and starve the Germans into submission to the “Internationalists” (now called “globalists”) and their New World Order agenda.

Now more than ever, people need to begin to understand the full and true history of Hitler, the NSDAP and WWII if they hope to stop the modern day wars of aggression that will cost millions more lives and billions of dollars in debt and interest owed to the International Bankster Gangsters!

In 1939, the ALL LIES and their Money Masters used Poland and incited her, to provoke war with Germany, even while Hitler was going out of his way to avoid war. That is well documented. At the same time, these alleged “good guys” who claimed to be all about “democracy, freedom and human rights” ignored the will and the plight of the people of Danzig, and the atrocities being committed against the Germans in what had become Polish territory, following the dictates of the Versailles Treaty, after WWI. After disarming Germany, the ALL LIES armed themselves to the teeth, and they were constantly seeking to encircle Germany militarily, and were always planning to completely destroy her.

It was only a last minute “friendship treaty” with Soviets prevented that. However, it was a dirty deal on the part of Stalin who was secretly negotiating with the Brits, French and Americans, and taking financial and military aid from the American President Roosevelt. The treacherous Stalin only intended to give Germany a false sense of security, and was always planning to stab her in the back, while she was fighting the French and Brits in the west. But the Germans became wise to the plan, causing Hitler to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Soviets. That is all well documented in my previous posts.

In an earlier post, I covered the topic of Iraq and the two Gulf Wars was also covered:

Why it is essential to learn the true history of World II

There the ‘Coalition of the Gullible, the Blackmailed and Bribed’ on behalf of the same aforementioned international interests, used Kuwait (just as they did with Poland in WWII)  in order to foment war in order to take out Saddam, and thereby gain back control of that country financially, and of course, to steal her oil resources. Saddam had done much the same thing as Hitler in that he stood up for his people. The same was true with the late Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (who survived numerous attempts to oust or to kill him by US covert ops). The same was true of Ghadaffi in Libya who had done wonders for his own people. The same is true with Syria. Ahmadinejad has tried to do the same in Iran.  Don’t even get me started on 9/11 and the bogus “war on terror” against Afghanistan and other countries!

It seems that they are taking a slightly different approach this time with Iran, by going after Syria and Palestine in order to blame and demonize Iran, and to provoke war with her, while encircling and strangling her. It seems that only the interests of the Russians and Chinese have been able to prevent this so far, but that could easily be sabotaged through a false flag attack by covert ops, as a pretext for war. Don’t fall for it!

In the media and from the mouths of our bought and paid for “leaders” in our allegedly “democratic” nations, its basically the same old con game with blatant lies and omissions regarding Ahmadinejad and Iran. Well, now you know WHY they always say about him (or anyone else who gets in their way) “he’s another Hitler”, and “he’s a threat to world peace” and “we have to do do something to stop him!” and often combined with bogus atrocity stories.

It is the same method of operations!  Wake up people! If you really want peace on this planet, and are tired of these horrendous and unnecessary “aggressive” wars for their global empire being waged at the cost of your own blood, or that of your children, and at the expense of your children’s, children’s, children’s, children, then STOP falling for the SAME PACK OF LIES!

Stand for Truth, Peace and Justice and for the Sovereignty and Autonomy of ALL nations against the New World Order agenda (which is authored by and for the same interests which attacked, destroyed, raped, pillaged, looted and occupied Germany, and many others since then). Stand with Iran! Stand with Syria,  and stand with all other sovereign nations against these bogus CIA created and funded  (al CIAda) “revolutions” and “democracy movements” on behalf of the REAL terrorists: the International Bankster Gangsters!

THANK YOU  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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5 Responses to Thank you President Ahmadinejad for standing up for the German people!

  1. Nathan says:

    Yeah, I’ve always seen Ahmadinejad in a good light, and overall to be a very decent man and leader.
    Too bad most will just point to a photo of him flashing the ‘devil horns’ with his hands, and then exclaiming he is just a NWO puppet.

    Actions speak louder than words, and more so than mere hand gesturing.

    Love reading your posts. Excellent work.

  2. Butterkeks says:

    Glad you came across this excellent Achmadinejad statement.

    Er sprach mir aus der Seele. Der einzige Staatsmann mit Mut zur Wahrheit.

    That is Iran’s true “WMD”, the truth about WWII and the “holocaust” lie, and true reason they are targeted by the jewish banking taliban, besides the archaic aim to annihilate Amalek(Iran, nowadays we are all Persians)

    Here is another one with him, this time demolishing the CIA shill and goon from the FRG firm TV “ZDF”.
    However, the reason I post it, the utter brazeness and arrogance of the hypocrite jewish system exposed itself.

    The key passage is when Kleber hypocritically stated, “it appears so” answering Achmadinejad’s question concerning NPT and the criminal zionist entity in Palestine. Israel is also a firm btw, FRG’s twin, also having a “basic law”.

    A “Basic Law” is defined as a law in an occupied territory to maintain public peace.

    Imagine Achmadinejad said, he consequently plans to cancel Iran’s NPT obligations to be free from any sanctions…

    Anyway, here it is, the masterpiece of jewish arrogance and lunacy, but it was still a disaster for the CIA shill.

  3. Markus says:

    Germany was Persia’s largest trading partner when Hitler was Kanzler and Führer.

    In 1935, the Shah (King) of Persia issued a decree to rename his country Iran = Land of the Aryans.

    Heil Dir, Mahmut Ahmadinejad. Gesegnet sei das Heilige Iranische Brudervolk.

  4. Butterkeks says:

    A quick link to Venezuela…

    Venezuela’s ‘anti-Semitic’ leader admits Jewish ancestry

    Dang, what is CIA Assange’s or Snowden’s business with Venezuela?

    Could it be, the jewish mafia evacuated one of their spies again?
    I have long had the impression the is a war going on inside the corrupt US establishment. Messianic Armageddon loons vs half sane rest.
    All I see and hear is praising of these guys, which is suspicious, if it is done by the jewish press.

  5. Video: Rothschilds Want Iran’s banks

    Goebbels explains the Matrix

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