Shame on this compulsive, pathological liar, and all the other frauds like him!

Joe Corry

Joe Corry claims in a book that he was at a death camp that never existed

According to this DailyMail UK report, Canadian WWII vet Joe Corry claims:  “He had assassinated a Nazi scientist with a crossbow, watched D-Day from a house on the landing beaches, rescued the nuclear scientist J Robert Oppenheimer (the so-called father of the atom bomb) from Holland, attached limpet mines to U-boats, been shipwrecked off Newfoundland, and had even worked with the future James Bond author, Ian Fleming, himself an intelligence officer. The new edition (of his book) has been described by Corry’s editor as ‘everything you’d want to read in a World War II memoir — it’s a gripping, rollercoaster account of extreme bravery and resourcefulness, that also packs a powerful and emotional punch’.


There is, however, just one problem: it simply isn’t true! 

There were no such ‘experimental extermination camps’ in Holland, and the concentration camps that had been on Dutch soil had been discovered well before May 4 — the day of the German surrender in Holland.

In fact, nearly everything Corry claims about his wartime experiences is fictitious. There was no ‘Special Service Unit’; Professor Oppenheimer was in the U.S. throughout the war; there were no British troops hiding in houses on the D-Day beaches.  The list of falsehoods is astonishing and blatant. Little wonder that Mike Jones, editorial director of Simon & Schuster, now says: ‘We publish a vast range of non-fiction, and we have acquired the book on the basis of what we are being told.

The article then goes on to list a number of other frauds whose stories have been highly publicized and later exposed as fiction and adds:

“After the exposure of Fragments, one might have hoped publishers would have taken more care in vetting manuscripts, but this has not proved to be the case.

After all, the Nineties were the decade in which ‘misery memoirs’ became fashionable, and a Holocaust tale is the ultimate misery memoir.”

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Yeah right Simon & Schuster,  more like …lots of fiction passed off as non-fiction, only this time you got busted!  Shame on Joe Corry, but shame on you too, for all too often this sort of rubbish ends up on the New York Times Best Seller’s List, earning you and the writers plenty of dough, while being absorbed into the public consciousness as fact, and also encouraging more frauds to publish fake stories. And shame on this pathological liar who has done a grave disservice to his own country and to other WWII vets (though not the first to do so), and who, like so many other fraudsters, malign the German nation with pure bullshit, and do so with impunity!

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4 Responses to Shame on this compulsive, pathological liar, and all the other frauds like him!

  1. larryzb says:

    With a crossbow?! How romantic and chivalrous. A knight in shining armor. Anyways, great essay.

  2. altepeter says:

    Compare with Hans Ulrich-Rudel’s memoirs.

  3. We are very fortunate to have this atrocious propaganda. Anyone who ‘reads’ will find it implausible. The natural reaction will be to cast other more credible claims as dubious, until the light begins to shine and one realizes that the whole scope of WW2 – stated as ‘factual’ – is nothing more than the prejudicial view of the Anglo’s, Commies, and Ashkenazi’s. Then the history of the war can be reconsidered from an objective standpoint, taking into account the Japanese and German conceptions.
    The single most important ‘event’ we can hope for is the release by the British of the secrets held about the war in 2017. They will show Churchill as the warmonger, and Hitler as the peacemaker. All glory to Rudolf Hess and David Irving!

    • herbda2 says:

      The more that I read of the ravings of sick minds .. the more that I understand the power of truth .. the more that I understand the desperate scribblings that would lead a man onto a path of untruth .. Cross Bows Indeed .. and each bolt tainted with a lie and carrying a ribbon of insanity.

      In terms of history it matters not which archeological diggings we look at .. look at Masada ..they came badly unstuck .. another legend trashed in the face of truth.

      Matt keep serving up the truth .. we know and we follow the truth.

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