Corruption in the German Justice System exposed – A former judge speaks out


This a stinging indictment of the alleged “justice system” in the Federal Republic of Germany, which has the audacity to send revisionist historians to jail and / or to mete out heavy sentences, and destroy people’s reputations and careers while defending and protecting the victor’s / occupier’s version of World War II, in an effort to keep the German people in the dark,  feed them BS, and a steady diet of false war guilt, nearly 70 years later.  Does this sound like a free or “liberated” country? Who benefits?

Frank Fasel former judge of the District Court Stuttgart, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2 April 2008:  “I have experienced countless judges and prosecutors who I can only simply describe as ‘criminal’. I have seen incredible and voluminous systematically organized breaches of the law and legal system inflections experienced not to come against the was / is because they conform to the system. When I think back to my profession (I’m retired), then a deep feeling of disgust comes over me.

Prof. Dr. Ing Hans-Joachim Selenz, formerly CEO of Salzgitter AG [states that] Frank Fahsel, former Judge at the Regional Court in Stuttgart, gives deep insight into what thousands of people experience every day in the German courts […] it’s not possible to better describe the level of abuse in the various divisions of the German judiciary and with the support from the political and business establishment. […] Clearly criminal activities abound. […] This sewer includes the highest German courts. Therefore, there are virtually no cases prosecuted regarding the subversion of justice, or obstruction of justice within public office, for their own benefit. Even sentences for very serious economic crime are adjusted so that only small fines are meted out. 

A thriving, legal, money making “Insult Industry”:  

“The size and number of these insult processes (1927),  dealing with trivialities – insults and gossip, and forensic treatment they are afforded are beneath the dignity of the judiciary.” Erich Schwinge “Ehrenschutz heute” (1987). According to statistics  for 1927, the Criminal Courts of Germany dealt with 50,000 cases of “insult”. In 2005, there were nearly 180,000, and rising. In England, the local judiciary in 2005 dealt with one case of “insult”. Accordingly, about 1400 apartment searches, and DNA tests were carried out in pursuit of “insults” (‘Der Spiegel’). “Penal laws against libel and defamation are often justified as a necessary defense against alleged abuse of free speech. But they are not in conformity with OSCE standards and their application constitutes a violation of the right to freedom of expression. “CSCE (Committee for Security and Cooperation in Europe) 24 May 2002

Ein Richter spricht

Note: The above are my translations of excerpts found on this page and there are MANY such quotes from other German lawyers and judges etc, but all in German. If you don’t speak / read German, can try using Bing or Google translation to view the page. 

Another site I highly recommend is BRD Scwhindel   (FRG Fraud) which also exposes corruption in Germany.

§ 130: Incitement to hatred (in the German Penal Code)
Section 130 makes it a crime to:
– incite hatred against segments of the population or call for violent or arbitrary measures against them in a manner capable of disturbing the peace
-to insult, maliciously malign, or defame segments of the population in a manner capable of disturbing the peace
– disseminate, publicly make accessible, produce, obtain, supply, stock, offer, announce, commend, undertake to import or export, or -facilitate such use by another of written materials that assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning or defaming segments of the population or a previously indicated group
– approve of, deny or downplay an act committed under the rule of National Socialism in a manner capable of disturbing the peace

This is what the FRG uses to stifle all dissent concerning World War II history in the FRG, and offences are punishable with fines and imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

Absurdities:  “to insult, maliciously malign, or defame segments of the population”  does NOT apply to publishing information or material which insults and defames WWII Germans fallen soldiers or other victims of the war, even where it is demonstrably false!  It is a criminal offence to insult a public official or police officer by calling them a “Nazi” …BUT the same protection is not afforded to the average citizen who disagree with government policy or the politically correct official views of history.

Merkel - All your fault!
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8 Responses to Corruption in the German Justice System exposed – A former judge speaks out

  1. Gary says:

    The current German puppet state is a horrible travesty that is destroying the German people. It was imposed by alien conquest after WWII, when the “Allies” ruthlessly deposed the legitimate German government and installed liberals, Marxists, renegades and traitors to rule over the brutalized, surviving population. The upshot is the corrupt, degenerate aggregation of self-hating fools, who, to the glee of their Jewish, and brainwashed Anglo programmers, do everything to suppress their own people’s natural instincts for national survival. Today’s Germany is a self-destructive fool’s paradise; a perfect reflection of the subverted/deluded English speaking world itself

  2. Of course everything that Gary (above) says is true. But extremism breeds extremism! What could be more extreme in the ‘modern’ context then Hitler’s insistence that the war in the east must be one of extermination? “Nature is cruel, so I must be cruel”, said Hitler, a statement perhaps not in historical context but lending credence to Hitler’s psychology. The ultimate and implicit result would of necessity be the complicity of the German soldier. This policy stood contrary to international policies emanating from the Treaty of Westphalia, the result of Germany’s rape in the Thirty Years War. The only major breach had been Sherman’s abuses in Georgia. One need not delve into the extortionate propaganda of the Ashkenazi to determine that Hitler saw himself as above ‘Morality’ as it is commonly understood. The natural result in the contemporary mind is one of horror, and the determination to never allow such slaughter anew!
    But if your vision is that of creating a “Superman”, one composed of the best genetics to be further refined by a disciplined and teleological culture, then the humanism of Christianity seems but sophistry, and the ‘Rules of Civilization’ but a hindrance.
    We have here the inevitable result of a chasm in philosophy so wide, that there can be no compromise, and each side seeks only the destruction of the other. One could be flippant and say that perhaps Hitler was the reincarnation of Jehovah who constantly insisted that the Israeli’s slaughter man, woman, child, and beast as they’re practices were an abomination to the Lord in the land He was ‘giving’ them. But Hitler wanted no less, and in so doing separated Germany from the standard of Western Civilization. Can one not expect Hitler’s enemy’s to bend their own putative rules to re-establish their suzerainty? They of course want to kill his ideas, but they will reappear inevitably because of their own merit!

    • herbda2 says:

      There is so much in that small excerpt that would take a book within itself to cover even one small part .. from those that cast the dice .. to those that must survive the dancing roll of those dice .. as a veteran .. who amongst us would deny my right to live ?

      Sure I fight .. and fuck the philosophy and the philosophers who try to gloss what it is really like.. do you think I would have Hitler or Churchill in my mind whilst my underpants were full of crap ? well fuck them both .. it would be nice to get back to the wife and kids in one piece .. its for sure the armchair generals need a bayonet up their hemorrhoids ..

      That it should have all been in vain is unthinkable, because until justice is served then legion after legion of the screaming ghosts will continue to haunt all those things that are good within nations .. all those things that we honour our warriors for on a special day in the year .. just come to naught and make cruel jokers of us all.

      Yes we must have justice for Germany .. but justice for Germany depends upon the Jew .. as we all know the Jew rules the world with usury .. when we rid the world of usury then we will be free .. but not until .. and not until will there ever be any Justice for Germany .. Ms Merkel must drag up her knickers and vote for Germany ..

      Germany has my vote .. the German people have my vote .. but only the German people can assure justice for Germany.

      • Butterkeks says:

        From a German pov, the German collaborators and traitors have much more to fear the consequences than any rotten jew who paid these bastards.

      • herbda2 says:

        Butterkeks ..
        I hear you loud and clear and it is difficult for me to imagine any Northern Nation where the same situation does not pertain .. Let us have the roast wild boar on the table first .. then we can deal with the poison mushrooms later ..

        A National debt free economic system for all nations .. and those poison mushrooms will wither as a natural process .. Germany will yet have justice!

    • Markus says:

      Ashkenaz is the father of the German/ic nation. Ashkenazi is hence a German. Askenazi Jew is a Jew living in Askenaz’ land from a Hebrew perspective.

      The 1732 tome Royal genealogies by James Anderson reports a significant number of antiquarian or mythographic traditions regarding Askenaz as the first king of ancient Germany, in the following entry:

      Askenaz, or Askanes, called by Aventinus Tuisco the Giant, and by others Tuisto or Tuizo (whom Aventinus makes the 4th son of Noah, and that he was born after the flood, but without authority) was sent by Noah into Europe, after the flood 131 years, with 20 Captains, and made a settlement near the Tanais, on the West coast of the Euxin sea (by some called Asken from him) and there founded the kingdom of the Germans and the Sarmatians… when Askenaz himself was 24 years old, for he lived above 200 years, and reigned 176.
      In the vocables of Saxony and Hessia, there are some villages of the name Askenaz, and from him the Jews call the Germans Askenaz, but in the Saxonic and Italian, they are called Tuiscones, from Tuisco his other name. In the 25th year of his reign, he partitioned the kingdom into Toparchies, Tetrarchies, and Governments, and brought colonies from diverse parts to increase it. He built the city Duisburg, made a body of laws in verse, and invented letters, which Kadmos later imitated, for the Greek and High Dutch are alike in many words.
      The 20 captains or dukes that came with Askenaz are: Sarmata, from whom Sarmatia; Dacus or Danus – Dania or Denmark; Geta from whom the Getae; Gotha from whom the Goths; Tibiscus, people on the river Tibiscus; Mocia – Mysia; Phrygus or Brigus – Phrygia; Thynus – Bithynia; Dalmata – Dalmatia; Jader – Jadera Colonia; Albanus from whom Albania; Zavus – the river Save; Pannus – Pannonia; Salon – the town Sale, Azalus – the Azali; Hister – Istria; Adulas, Dietas, Ibalus – people that of old dwelt between the rivers Oenus and Rhenus; Epirus, from whom Epirus.
      Askenaz had a brother called Scytha (say the Germans) the father of the Scythians, for which the Germans have of old been called Scythians too (very justly, for they came mostly from old Scythia) and Germany had several ancient names; for that part next to the Euxin was called Scythia, and the country of the Getes, but the parts east of the Vistule or Weyssel were called Sarmatia Europaea, and westward it was called Gallia, Celtica, Allemania, Francia and Teutonia; for old Germany comprehended the greater part of Europe; and those called Gauls were all old Germans; who by ancient authors were called Celts, Gauls and Galatians, which is confirmed by the historians Strabo and Aventinus, and by Alstedius in his Chronology, p. 201 etc. Askenaz, or Tuisco, after his death, was worshipped as the ambassador and interpreter of the gods, and from thence called the first German Mercury, from Tuitseben to interpret.[5]

  3. Jett Rucker says:

    When translating/transcribing, DO have a care to spell the same person’s name the same way each time you use it. It gives the rest of us (auch jenen, die deutsch können) much difficulty in stringing your otherwise quite worthy paragraphs (not to say thoughts) together. Fasel/Fahsel.

    • Sorry for the confusion but I took it from the other website (see the link) and they were quoting from newspapers which spelled the gentleman’s name differently in the different papers, so I left that as it was. I am not sure which is the correct spelling.


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