I hate to beg, but I really need your support…

Dear Readers, Friends and Supporters,

I really hate to beg, and very rarely do. But if you feel that the work which I am doing (researching, writing, translating, graphical arts, audio and video, and tons of correspondence) is valuable and important, and if you appreciate my efforts to help correct the historical record, and to speak out on behalf of the German people, then please consider making a donation in ANY amount, or small donation on a monthly basis. I can honestly use it. This is a one-man-operation and it is more than a full-time job for me. I rarely take a day off or do anything for sheer pleasure. Donations help me pay my bills and get me through each month, and I do lead a very simple and humble existence, with practically no social life or luxuries.  Some people might say “get a life!”.  Well, this IS my life and this is my mission, and I accept it graciously and with pride!

Making an impact:

Every month, my website hits increase and my articles are reaching an ever growing worldwide audience. At least eight other bloggers are routinely re-posting virtually everything I publish, people are posting links or copying and pasting entire posts on web forums, and others are sharing my posts and memes on Facebook and other Social Media. I do not copyright anything and I encourage people to copy and share anything they find here which like or find useful, so long as credit is given.

The feedback which I am getting from readers is at times overwhelming, but also overwhelmingly supportive, especially from Germans and those of German descent.  They are all very grateful as they too know and share the same pain and false shame I grew up with, and the suffering which their parents and grandparents endured during and after the war.

Here is just one recent example:

J4G - postcard #6

But it is not just the Germans who routinely visit and write to me either. Many of my readers are from the UK and I get many thanks from them as well for helping them to better understand what went on in World War II and the level of deception that took place in Britain, and which still goes on to this day.  They now realize, not only what their country and people were manipulated into doing to Germany and why, but now understand what  actually happened to their own country and empire in the process.  And they are seeing the level of corruption that has been at play there and which continues to this day.  Here is another recent example.

People who follow my blog on a regular basis, or have become acquainted with me through e-mail or on Facebook etc know that I am not a hateful person and that my goal here is not to incite hate nor revenge, am not a “neo-Nazi” and that I have no affiliations with any extremists, and have no ulterior motives.  I seek to expose the truth about what really happened in world War II and why, to the best of my knowledge, and to demonstrate who the real victims on a massive scale ultimately were, and how they are still being victimized by the lies and propaganda today: the Germans. Thus, I seek truth and justice for my people, both past and present.

The truth can be a hard and bitter pill to swallow, and I understand that.  But I am grateful to those who have the courage to look at the facts which I am presenting and to face them squarely. And in spite of all that we Germans have suffered and endured, I stretch out my hand in peace, with an open hand, and not a clenched fist.  But, I steadfastly refuse to be personally insulted anymore, nor to allow the dignity, honour, culture and character of my people to continue to be insulted and perpetually chained to a false version of history, written by the inglorious bastard victors.

That said,  I have been an activist most of my life on a variety of fronts, and I care about ALL of humanity, and therefore, I try to make the information which I share relevant to what is going on our world today,  and has gone on within our own life times. Many other countries and peoples have been or are being wrongly accused through propaganda,  or set up through PsyOps and dis-info, and targeted militarily for destruction or takeover in the same despicable way that they accused, targeted, destroyed and took over Germany, right now, even as I type this.  My heart and my prayers goes out to ALL of them, no matter what race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

This has to stop! And I firmly believe that it will only stop once the world wakes up to the deceptions of World War II, because precisely the same method of operations are being used and justified with the same false pretexts, by the same governments for the same puppet-masters , the International Bankster Gangsters, and for the very same New World Order agenda which Hitler’s Germany struggled against.

There will never be any true, lasting peace and cooperation on this planet without equal rights for all nations, and especially, the right of self-determination of all peoples, including the right to choose for themselves their own form of governance without international interference under the guise of “freedom and democracy”, which invariably means financial enslavement, interest servitude, occupation, political and social chaos, cultural decline, and foreign domination.

That is why it is imperative to get this information out and to share it!

In closing, I am just one guy doing my best with what little I have materially, but with all the strength I have personally, and with all that I know how to do and am capable of doing, and putting my liberty and possibly my life at risk in the process.  So, if you are so inclined and able to spare a few dollars, please help me out. With sufficient regular donations, I could also do more, and I do have various other things planned to try and take this to a new level.  And by the way,  I do not selling anything, unless you choose to purchase related and recommended books, DVDs or Kindle Readers or other gadgets  through my Amazon affiliate store (but from which I have yet to earn a dime).

There is no money to be made in telling the truth, but …. the truth will make you (us) free!

WAHRHEIT MACHT FREI!   … So, let’s keep it going forward. Cheers!

And may it be a blessing to you as well!

(If you are unable to use PayPal, please e-mail me for another option)

PS  Thanks to prior donations, I have recently upgraded my WordPress account which now gives me more webspace and capabilities for my site, and I also purchased two domain names:  justice4germans.com and also justiceforgermans.com, both of which will now bring you straight to my blog.

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4 Responses to I hate to beg, but I really need your support…

  1. Markus says:

    Nothing to be ashamed of.

    I’m a proud financial supporter of J4G.

    (I hate to brag though) lol.

  2. Buthaina says:

    Al-Mighty Allah Bless you Wayne. It’s a great honor to support you.

  3. Germans everywhere support you Wayne!

  4. warheit frei says:

    Curacao Deutsche kolonie. Weltkrieg I began here with the sinking of Deutsche Karlsruhe, a boat. The spies operated on this island’s soil. Look for the code books of the Karlsruhe. Everything began here. They will never let Curacao go to Deutschland. Decoded the telegrams sent by the people of Kaiser Wilhelm on this island. That’s why Weltkrieg I was won. They knew exactly where every Deutsche kriegship and kriegsubmarines were, that’s why they were sunk.

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