Re-Post: Hidden History – The Secret Origins of the First World War

Hidden History - The Secret Origins of the First World WarI was contacted in July 2013 by the co-author of a brand new book that has just come out in the UK, which is going to blow the lid right off of the false history of World War I, as it has been sold since 1919, and according to the author, exposes the progenitors of the NWO agenda.

It is called “Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War


“Hidden History uniquely exposes those responsible for the First World War. It reveals how accounts of the war’s origins have been deliberately falsified to conceal the guilt of the secret cabal of very rich and powerful men in London responsible for the most heinous crime perpetrated on humanity. For ten years, they plotted the destruction of Germany as the first stage of their plan to take control of the world. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was no chance happening. It lit a fuse that had been carefully set through a chain of command stretching from Sarajevo through Belgrade and St Petersburg to that cabal in London.

Our understanding of these events has been firmly trapped in a web of falsehood and duplicity carefully constructed by the victors at Versailles in 1919 and maintained by compliant historians ever since. The official version is fatally flawed, warped by the volume of evidence they destroyed or concealed from public view.

Hidden History poses a tantalising challenge. The authors ask only that you examine the evidence they lay before you . . .”

(NOTE: you can also read the the intro and first 2 chapters for FREE by clicking the “Look Inside” image on the amazon UK page!)

The Co-Author Jim MacGregor tells me:

“You will find it very interesting. A secret society of mega-rich and powerful British Imperialists was set up in London in the 1890s with the aim of spreading English ruling class control to the entire world.  Basically, they were the founding fathers of today’s New World Order gang. The young flourishing democratic Germany was seen as a potential major obstacle to their global control ambitions, and they planned to destroy her. As soon as the Boer War ended in 1902, and they had grabbed the Transvaal’s gold, the planning began. Germany was next on the hit list!

It truly is an astonishing story of how those evil bastards controlled leading politicians in Britain, the US, France and Russia and used them to enact the plan. Kaiser Wilhelm did absolutely everything he could to avoid /prevent war, but he was overwhelmed by their machinations. The vilification of Wilhelm and Germany across the world was truly despicable.

The book is NOT conspiracy theory. It was only released last week so we’re not sure how much of a stir it is going to cause here. A BIG Sunday newspaper is covering it tomorrow, so it will give us an idea as to how the establishment intend to deal with it.

We are now working another book about the war itself and how these elite criminals, having deliberately started it, unnecessarily prolonged it for four years. The object was not merely to defeat Germany in battle, but to grind her and her people completely into the mud. How they did this is even more astonishing and horrendous than how THEY actually started the war.

Our aim then, is a book on the post Versailles years and how they did the same in 1939-45. My greatest ambition at the moment is to get the book translated into German and on sale there. Many Germans, of course, already believe / know that Germany was not responsible for WWI, but a book coming from Britain which proves it will give them a big moral boost!

The German people deserve the truth at last about WWI.  

How we can do this I’m not sure, but I’m going to try my damndest!”

Well, with that statement, even without having yet read the book myself,  I am very pleased to inform my readers about it and hope you will consider ordering a copy.


Update: I originally posted this in July 2013 after being contacted by the authors regarding the new book. Later I was asked to pull this article due to contractual concerns with a prospective US publisher.

I now have noted that this book is available on (USA) and decided to re-post it.

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9 Responses to Re-Post: Hidden History – The Secret Origins of the First World War

  1. Wiseoldlady says:

    Finally to expose the TRUE snakes. From my research, as I explain the actual facts to others they cannot believe the truth due to one hundred years of lies. Hopefully now people can begin to realize that those ruling government elites are the most evil vile murderers ever to exist. The cause of all the planets present day misery. They have destroyed more nations, rulers, Christians…so finally people can hopefully awaken from their sleep of incorrect history. England and France could not tolerate freedom for others. They were/ are bent on destroying until every country is their puppet, every people their slave.

    • hitler born at Versailles by leon degrelle is extremely interesting, its too bad someone has not written in great detail about communism being sent to Russia from jew York, I would say that’s extremely relevant, perhaps such long neglected information will be spoken of in this new book, as far as south Africa, look into the war Rhodesia fought against African communist insurgency, Rhodesia didn’t cave right away like south Africa, Rhodesia fought a very protracted struggle against communism, like over a decade under international sanctions and all that…

  2. tylr says:

    It’s easy to get people (specificaly in this case Germans) to understand the wars were started and fought for very different reasons than Official Doctrine says….
    What is not easy to understand for people is the confusing, untangible “shadowy” hidden hand or ruling elite; When they need to be told in upfront fashion it is International Jewry and a FEW of their lackeyes.

  3. sigebrand says:

    Reblogged this on Mímisbrunnr and commented:
    Certainly looks worth a read, it’s easy to work out what really happened leading up to the second world war, but the seemingly simple escalation of the first world war needs clarifying some more, I think…

  4. sigebrand says:

    Not very related question, but have you come across any good books on either the french revolution or South Africa? It seems hard to find any books on the “glorious” French Revolution not written by communists, perhaps it is easier in France where there are more traditionally minded academics such as the late Dominique Venner. I also feel I should read up on South Africa more, but again, it seems hard to find anything that does not deify the murdering terrorist Mandela and communist movement of thugs and rapists, while demonizing all Boers and English South Africans…

    This book definitely looks worth reading, I am sadly ignorant of the truth behind WWI, I just know it can;t be as simple as it seems, not even if you take the balanced view of it as some boiling point of imperial tensions…We know what really causes WWII, but I think we need to dig some more to see how it all started before WWI

  5. Jay Blue says:

    Too blame the jews for everything is a fairy tale. Jews have limited intelligence just like the rest of the human monkey race.The NWO is made of jews and christians etc. History is a lie and maybe there is some truth in this book.

    • herbda2 says:

      I have to agree that intelligence has nothing to do with avarice .. However I do know who controls the Bank of England and exactly how that was done.

      Cromwell sold us out to the Jews centuries after Edward the Confessor reined them in and as they say the rest is history .. Rothschild manipulated the news from Waterloo and basically helped himself to Britain.

      the Jews have tried on many occasions to say otherwise, and the British side of things is full of these bullshit stories of the .. “We wuz framed” .. variety.
      What these congenital liars forget to explain is the control of the Bank of England and how it was done.

  6. Nesta Webster and Carroll Quigley are the probable sources for this book. Nesta was an inveterate and determined reporter who personally embarrassed Rockefeller senior around the turn of the last century. She was then ostracized by the literate and academic societies. It’s a pity that she could not come back in this interactive age! She was a brilliant, disciplined and insightful scholar who lived when so many of the primary sources for the ‘modern’ conspiracy were still about. Carroll Quigley was the author of Tragedy and Hope, in which he catalogued contemporary events with reference to the ‘string-pullers’. He was a professor emeritus and counselor to Bill Clinton. He is noteworthy for his cowardice, doing nothing when his books were scrubbed, explaining that he “agreed” with the goals of the Conspiracy.
    Let us hope this book has new source material! But any compilation of good references is more than sufficient to prove that the Noble Germans were the first in the cross-hairs of the Anglophile/Ashkenazi Conspiracy. Her culture, atavism, economy, technology, and military prowess had to be eliminated as the first step towards World Dictatorship. And her ethnic purity, just as the U.S., must be ruined !
    Adolf Hitler and his fellow party men will some day be revered as the ones who first determined the igniter of all our problems in the Ashkenazi menace, as the Anglophile conspiracy needed a mass culture, perverted in it’s understanding of finance, insular, racially exclusive, combative and convinced of it’s moral superiority, and integrated into other cultures … to insulate and protect themselves from discovery.

  7. KRISTY Robinson says:

    Was this removed? I went to read it and it is nowhere to be found…

    Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 04:43:29 +0000 To:

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