Historical Revisionism Under Attack in Russia – The Russian Bear Covering Up it’s own Bloody Tracks, by Hans Krampe

Russian MPs are drafting a new bill proposing up to 5 years in prison for justifying the crimes of Nazis and their collaborators as well as questioning the actions of the allies during WWII.

The new draft law has been prepared by a group of MPs representing the United Popular Front – a relatively new movement that supports Vladimir Putin and parliamentary majority party United Russia. It amends the existing part of the Russian Criminal Code entitled “Crimes against peace and humanity’s security”.

Banner of Victory over Berlin, 1945. (RIA Novosti / Evgeniy Haldei)

Banner of Victory over Berlin, 1945. (RIA Novosti / Evgeniy Haldei)

RT –  June 24, 2013

The main sponsor of the bill – MP Irina Yarovaya – drafted a similar document in 2009, but then the government said that it would need an extensive review from historians and legal experts. Now the MPs claim this work has been done and the draft has undergone the necessary changes.

The current version suggests the same sanctions as the older one – fines of up to 300,000 roubles (about $9,500) or up to three years of jail for individuals. The same offense committed in an official position or with the help of the media carries a harsher punishment – fines of between 100,000 and 500,000 roubles (about $3,100 – $15,500) together with the ban on occupying a number of posts for up to three years.

The difference is in the more precise definitions. In particular, the bill establishes the Berlin Declaration of Germany’s Defeat, dated August 2, 1945, as a document listing both the aggressor-nations and allies who fought against Hitler’s Germany. The same document confirms that the allied forces in WWII were defending international peace and security.

The formula of the crime is defined as “denial of the sentence passed by the international military tribunal as well as the denial of the fact that the actions of the anti-Hitler coalition were aimed at preserving the international peace and security.” “Distribution of knowingly false information about the actions of the allied armies connected with charges with various crimes, including the artificial creation of evidence” is also listed as a criminal offense.

In comments MP Yarovaya said that it was the Soviet Union together with other coalition countries who really fought Nazism “and any attempts to give a different interpretation or appraisal of the Soviet Army’s role and significance during WWII contradicts both the objective historical data but also the international legal acts”.

The politician added that other nations already had similar laws, protecting the historical truth as stated by the Nuremberg Tribunal from revision. 

Source:  http://rt.com/politics/jail-terms-nazism-rehabilitation-144/

The Russian Bear is attempting to permanently cover up it’s own bloody tracks!


Article by ‘Justice for Germans’ Guest Blogger  Hans Krampe

It would be interesting to know what kinds of crimes the “Nazis’ were supposed to have committed, according to Russian (Putin’s and Varovaya’s) opinions. The mass murder in the Katyn forest perhaps? Or the “benign” activities of Soviet indoctrinated, trained and financed Bolshevik agents, Jewish to a man (and woman), in Germany, subverting Germany’s efforts of self-defense in WW I and her subsequent struggle to survive the Versailles Siege during the interregnum up to 1941, and by sabotaging and inciting violent insurrection in the Soviet spirit of “international peace and security”?

soviet troops marching into Poland

Soviet Troops marching into Poland in 1939. Where was the outrage? Who has ever held them to account?

The FACT is….

Varovaya’s, as well as Putin’s, generation wasn’t even born at the time in question and all they “know” is the indoctrination with the history of the victors, which everybody knows is always phony, consisting of lies and the distortion of history into its 180 degrees opposite, with a sprinkling of suitable truth here and there, to provide a threadbare credibility; Soviet crimes simply being dumped upon the unblemished Wehrmacht’s record.

That’s a truth that the current generation of Russians avoids like the devil the holy water. To check if their “truth” is actually legit, i.e. to revise it if necessary, Varovaya and Putin, as well as the dutifully kowtowing MPs, perceive as a criminal offense, playing deaf, dumb and blind to the obvious inconsistencies and contradictions being revealed in the Kremlin’s own archives if merely glanced at with a minimum of sincerity. What good are free inquiry if publishing the results, let alone even whispering them to others, are soon to be punished in Russia harsher than rape and murder, just as in the Western democracies. Same difference!

The Katyn Massacre was committed by Soviets, discovered and reported by the Wehrmacht! All ignored by the ALL LIES and the IMT Kangaroo Court

Did the Wehrmacht commence with the attack on the Soviet Union just on a whim?

Or was it a necessary preemptive strike, as a response to the Red Army’s string of prior aggressions, its attacks on Finland, the Baltic states, Poland and Rumania, including a Bolshevik coup d’etat in Belgrade, in the spirit of peace and security, of course, by way of violent World Revolution, another term for Soviet imperialism, which in Varovaya’s mind had apparently no part in it. That term, Soviet imperialism, is conspicuously absent from the Russian leadership’s idea of justice and truth. Only Germany had imperialistic ambitions, and that can’t be talked about enough. It’s practically being etched in stone. Although that claim is as phony as a three dollar bill. And Varovaya knows it, too.

Soviet military activities left no doubt about who would be next — with or without the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact — namely, the imminent attack on Germany with the biggest concentration of offensive forces, over 160 divisions, armed with a colossal amount of the latest military attack hardware; the largest such military attack force in the history of the world, lined up along Germany’s borders. Was it simply there to “protect the USSR”, without having made no (ZERO) defensive preparations? No trenches, no barbed wire obstructions, no mine fields, no anti tank barriers, no air-defense, no interceptor fighter planes, no rearward ammunition and supply stores, none such. Just a huge concentration of offensive armaments ready to pounce. It was obvious, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Red Army was poised to attack not just Germany, but all of Europe. And in doing so it offered itself as a perfect target to be destroyed in one fell swoop.

I’m sure Varovaya will have a perfectly innocent explanation for it. Russians are nothing if not apt in rationalizing their willful tunnel vision, if not outright lying, obviously.

And wasn’t “the great patriotic war” nothing but the vicious revenge of a fuming bully filled with hateful rage, out of humiliation for having been thwarted by a smart sucker punch from the Wehrmacht, a flea daring to sting Misha the bear, forced into chaotic and panicked retreat, nay run, and almost defeated within a year; if it hadn’t been for the massive amounts of material and financial aid of the Western allies? All that beautiful and expensive armament lost in less than a week, when Stalin had already been that close to realizing his world revolution with an overwhelming military leviathan and, as a fringe benefit, realizing his delusions of grandeur in the process? The Russian ego must’ve been hurt something fierce!

Russians on parade

To boost their frail self-esteem, Russians now celebrate every year their “victory” with bombastic parades, ridiculous and silly in their pretentiousness, with their soldiers sticking their noses up into the wind as if they can’t get enough of the stink of decomposing corpses of the millions of German women and children the sadistic piss-tanks of a Red Army tortured, raped and murdered.

But hey, it’s water under the bridge, right? So let’s bygones be bygones …except for the “Nazis” who, as the old Soviet guard defensively clamors, did worse to peace loving Russians who were innocently minding their own business.

Germany, being openly threatened with extinction by the hostility and hate propaganda that surrounded her, was compelled to rebuild, with every justification, the Wehrmacht — a true defense force — which she had previously been conned into dismantling.

Being a far smaller nation in terms of population and arms, with very limited resources of her own, Germany had to defend herself against enemies of vast numerical superiority, not just the USSR, each with their unlimited resources, bent from the get-go to finish what the Versailles Siege had not quite managed to accomplish, namely, the utter destruction of every trace of Germany and her people. Considering that it took the colossal Red Army and over fifty other nations, four long years to bring little Germany to its knees in a defeat that was from the start a foregone conclusion, Russia should be ashamed, rather than celebrating.

By most of her enemies, the Wehrmacht, unlike the Red Army, was being regarded after WW II, worldwide, with the highest respect as the most disciplined, spirited and fairest fighting army in the world. Even Stalin agreed with that. The real heroes, then, unlike the Soviets, were the German soldiers; and they don’t perform self-glorifying parades, like Russian peacocks.

As to the Nuremberg IMT as an International Tribunal, it was a cruel joke!

Most of the attorneys organizing it were Jews who were bent on revenge not justice, just as its Soviet members were (all of them war criminals on steroids).  And that is no “conspiracy theory”! Just the inconvenient, non-politically correct facts of the matter.

It was a lynch mob set-up who had to invent war crimes that weren’t any, and to torture confessions out of soldiers to have something, anything, to justify their insane bloody revenge, going through the fake motions of a phony tribunal that was just oozing with bias, hate and malice.

Over two hundred flag officers of the Western allies attested to this image of the IMT, and of the American and British attorneys who participated in it some expressed shame of having been part of it. Others don’t even want to talk about it . . . also out of shame. Only Russians, like Putin and Varovaya, and all those war criminals among the allies who have a lot to hide, are shameless enough to claim that it was a fair and legitimate tribunal. Even though the Soviets couldn’t make their accusation of the Katyn massacre stick, for lack of evidence, despite forged documents and affidavits, nine innocent German officers were strangled to death for it anyway. Russian revenge pretending to be just, even now, almost 80 years since.

Nuremberg Hanging

I have listened to Putin’s speech, in almost perfect accent free German, in the Bundestag, and couldn’t believe the arrogance and hypocrisy of that man. There he stood, pretending to be a veritable dove of good will, talking eloquently about the greatness of German culture in the past and how close the amiable traditions between Germany and Russia had been and how desirable it would be to reestablish such conditions again.

But not one word about the thwarted Soviet invasion or the subsequent atrocious and sadistic rampages of the Red Army, not only committed on German injured soldiers and POWs but also on their own populations, now being blamed on the Wehrmacht!

….let alone an apology or some expression of regret; all the while being applauded by former Stasi snitches and pedophile  perverts, all of them greedy maggots at the trough, the worst traitors Germany had ever to endure, installed and micro managed by the former allies. This mob of felons got their guilty consciences soothed with Putin’s oily, dishonest and entirely specious rhetoric, to be sure.

In fact, Putin, nay Russia at large, is terrified of the truth and the deleterious effect on Russian self-perception it might have. That’s what’s driving Varovaya and Putin to protect their lies in law; and that is also why Russia Today plays along by repeating nothing but lies with routine monotony.


How does Russia expect to ever normalize relations under these circumstances?

No nation with a shred of self-esteem would associate with a nation of liars! Alas, Germans have no more self-esteem left and will bend over to kiss Putin’s arse in the spirit of sheer pragmatism. International peace and security, with justice  buried under a mountain of other of priorities, will go and fly a kite. And that’s what Putin, Varovaya and the MPs of the Duma want for Germany, and that’s what they’re going to get.

Merkel - It is all your fault

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Hans Krampe lives in Central B.C. (Canada) and was a feature writer for The Radical 1998 – 2002. He was born in Germany during WWII and spent his early years in East Germany.  After a stint in the German navy he immigrated to Canada in the 1970s.  He is also the author of:

Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Swastika and Scimitar

RADIO INTERVIEW: Arthur Topham & Hans Krampe – World War II History, Propaganda and Modern Day Canadian Revisionist Witch Hunts

NOTE:  Hans will be Deanna Spingola’s guest on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) at 11:00 CT  …TUNE IN!!

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17 Responses to Historical Revisionism Under Attack in Russia – The Russian Bear Covering Up it’s own Bloody Tracks, by Hans Krampe

  1. Hans says:

    If you look careful at the picture where they put the Soviet flag on the Reichstag you can see on the bottom right corner a liberator with two watches 🙂
    The picture has been photoshoped for many years, the watch was removed a a little bit smoke added.


    This time Ria Novosti is using the original photo but superimposed a black bar on the bottom
    of the picture ….

    • Butterkeks says:

      Hans, I agree to 99% with your excellent summary.
      However, tbh, the “pragmatic kissing” feels a bit too simplified.

      As you know, the situation is desperate, criminals and perverts running wild in our country, and the heart bleeds.
      We need to be also a little pragmatic, I mean, why do the Russians declassify archives which leads the whole thing ad absurdum?

      I think, from all the enemies, Russia, being riddled with jewish agents still, wants to make clean, and draw a line to start new. I agree, if they indeed would want that, how much clean do they want to make?
      With the criminals in Berlin is nothing to win, they will kiss any ass, out of fear just a tiny truth would collapse the FRG. And the truths are innumerous, not only WWII related, but as you pointed out, Stasi related.

      I think, we should leave the door open, and listen to the Russia proposal at least. The unwilling side is absurdly the Britsh and American. They propaganda in fact defend Soviet crimes harder than the Russians.
      In my view, the Russian proposal is half baked, one step ahead, and two steps back at the same time. They fear the truth, right, they have much to lose, it would rip Russian society apart. But, I think the Russians realized that if they want to help themselves, it only leads through WWII truth. But how does the eventually willing Russian bear do it?
      He has no plan, seeing the Poles again built up as line of confrontation with the US “missile shield”.
      Russia would help themselves best if they were publicly going for a peace treaty. It’d open up so many taboo questions. The FRG can’t sign peace. We need such start.

      • Hans says:


        I am not Hans Krampe, a different Hans.

        Regarding Putin: he is a very obscure person. At the moment it seems that he can keep the Oligarchs in check. As former KGB agent knows Putin full well that all stories which are told to the public are a bunch of nonsense.

        As a politician you can´t always afford to say the truth because that would furnish your enemies a fit occasion to destroy you. The veterans of Red Army in Russia have the same status as the veterans in US. They are regarded as kind of saints by the average Joe. So Putin has to be careful what he says.

        I didn t find much about this woman. Maybe she is a communist. Would not be a surprise.

        I hope Putin gives her the boot.

    • Gabriela Cirstea says:

      Romanians who lived through the invasion of the Russian army can still remember one word in Russian: Davai! “Davai ceas” (Give me your watch) seems to have marked the Romanian collective memory to the point that it inspired satirical poems.

      • Butterkeks says:

        Not only in Romanian memories, but davai is here associated with the rape of women.
        They even took the water taps. and the engineers to install them, to Soviet Union.

        You did the best of all former Soviet block, you executed the red dictator.
        I wish, we would have had that change. He went to Chile and his wife still enjoys German pension payment there.

      • has anyone read any of the works of corneliu zelea codreanu?

    • Markus says:

      The current Reichstag building (they call it Bundestag in the Reichstag), is designed so that people can walk through its dome. Critics (Ebel) have said that this represents the trampeling on the head (and spirit) of Germany.

      • Butterkeks says:

        The new dome is actually 23 metres high.
        You probably know about the 23 obsession.
        23 on the bench in Nuremberg, 23 of “basic Law” etc… FRG and 23 go together.

  2. john says:

    For any country to suppress history is an obomination. You should not go to prison for saying your views of history. If Russia is so bent on making themselves so good to the rest of the world, why are theyhelping Assaad in Syria?

    • Dn La says:

      I don’t agree with Russian Federation’s steps of censorship at all, especially when the full truth of WW2 is yet to be established officially. However, you have to understand that the current Russian regime isn’t really pro-Russian at all, just a less-influenced branch (or at least seemingly so) of the globalists’ intent in suppressing free speech on the conflict that defined today’s system: World War Two. Putin is a multicultural civic “patriot”, who mocks and suppresses Russian nationalists every time he gets to. He’s supported by many Russians, but that’s because of the non-stop institutionalized brainwashing about the “moral paradise” that was Soviet Union and “The Great Patriotic War”, from cradle to grave (there are now many supporters of Stalin, the Mass Murderer, who care more for the rapid industrialization of USSR than him being responsible for 10 to 20 million, and perhaps more deaths). There has never been freedom on this issue in Russian lands since WW2, except for the ironically chaotic and horrible 1990s, and perhaps early 2000s. While in the West there was also persecution for questioning the official version, it wasn’t as harsh (especially outside Germany/Austria). Western Europe and North America have much less of a totalitarian history and didn’t live through hard-line dictatorships after Germany’s subjugation, which is why historical inquiry was more possible there. Also, most Russians are, if not nationalists, then definitely patriots (especially because of their history).

      I myself attended a few of the “Victory Day” commemorations while I lived there. Since there was barely any Internet for me to access, I just accepted the official version. It’s later on that I understood there was far more to the conflict than what’s been said to us, and much of it is uncomfortable to the victors. Pretty much the only things they have retracted against the “evil Nazis” is the Katyn Massacre and some parts of the Holocaust mythology, while keeping the general narrative completely intact.

      Still, it’s in the free peoples’ interests to support Assad in Syria, since he’s fighting the murderous NWO colonialism, which is very intent on weakening all of Israel’s neighbors. Like after WW2, you’re getting the mass media one-sided propaganda that tries to justify NATO terror against the Middle-East’s few left independent countries. Now ask yourself: why?

  3. Markus says:

    I spoke with a Russian fella two weeks ago. He said that everyone in Russia knows that East Prussia belongs to Germany and is occupied, much like the Kurillen Islands of Japan (that nobody in the world questions to be not occupied by Russia other than the East Prussian situation).

    He pointed out that it was a haggle for people in the Kaliningrad Oblast to travel to Main Russia for it is surrounded by EU countries. Many of the Kaliningrad-Russians therefore say, that their Oblast is actually Germany and that they are a quasi-member of the Schengen treaty.

    Stalin offered a unified Germany in the 1950’s already if Germany would remain neutral like Austria and Switzerland. Gorbachow suggested the same, but the Western Allies wanted Germany to remain in NATO and even expanded the military alliance onto Russia’s Western borders with Poland, Lithuania etc joining NATO, although the German “unification” of 1990 included terms that NATO would not expand Eastwards, including no US troops in East Germany (aka Middle Germany).

    Fazit: if the balance of power becomes so unfair that Britain, France and Russia will feel threatened by the US, a revision might take place to rearrange the cards.

    • Butterkeks says:

      Correct, Russia will play this card if the “missile shield” problem won’t get better.
      They will try to shift the borders back to legal and original status.
      The loser will be the thorn in the flesh of Germany and Russia, Poland.
      Upper Silesia already train the revolt by trying to become autonomous from Poland.

      This interview was aired exactly on the 20th “anniversary” of “reunification” by Ria Novosti.
      A little reminder to the FRG vassals to form a state with a constitution.
      Its the unofficial Russian position.
      Fenenko is not a nobody, member of the primary Russian “think tank”, the Academy of Sciences.

  4. Florin says:

    @ nationalconscience: Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was the charismatic Christian Romanian individual that succeded to focus an entire generation and beyond on the danger of the alien and antichristian character of international bolshevism. His writings and legacy are well spread and known at least by people of his motherland. There are english translations as well.

    • yes I know, I have several of his works in english, there seems to be a misconception among people that the iron guard of the arch angel Michael was in some way a violent organization? I havn’t come across anything suggesting that in “for my legionaries” or “the nest leaders manual”?

  5. Florin says:

    @ nationalconscience: In order for anyone to get a good grasp of Romanian political scene prior and during the WWII I recommend to you all a good reading, the memoirs of Prince Michel Sturdza, Former Foreign Minister of Rumania. You’ll find on the page linked below a good and fair reader’s review by J. Michael. Enjoy it!

    • hey thanks a lot, ill look into it, ive read 3 of codreanu’s books, authored by him, and he was quite the righteous character, a great nationalist hero to me!

  6. Florin says:

    @ nationalconscience:
    To me, Mihail Sturdza’s memoirs has been most enlightening reading in regard to understanding before and during war period of time political games in Europe. He witnessed first hand both the diplomatic environment and the individuals involved therefore you’ll find in his writings surprising connections that reveal a less visible course of decisions and events. In one instance he is telling us how – as early as the fall of 1940 after two of his meetings, one with Canaris and shortly later one with von Muller – he got a good hunch of their treasonous tracks. The book covers also the in brief the personality of Corneliu Codreanu and events that sorounded him.

    Nowadays, the new order tries to diminish or eliminate altogether any nationalistic historical legacy that would wake up the peoples of Europe to their traditional values that are also Christian ones.
    Therefore there is a quiet and sustained abusive policy that regards any truthful research or writings on or of personalities such as Corneliu Codreanu as potentially dangerous and worth of suppression.
    In spite of this there is a large circulation of such writings both digital and hard copy in Romanian and also in other languages.
    Please let me know whether or not you need more guidance with your searches, I will gladly offer my help!

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