Interview: Rodney Martin discusses the 1944 conspiracy to overthrow Adolf Hitler

Deanna SpingolaOn July 19th, 2013, Deanna Spingola featured a conversation with historian Rodney Martin who discussed the real facts  regarding the failed July 20th, 1944 conspiracy to overthrow Adolf Hitler and the legitimate National Socialist government of Germany. The following archive of the interview is edited and commercial free.

NOTE:  In the first 35 minutes, Rodney also discussed his own recent activism concerning current issues in his home community in the state of California before proceeding with his discussion of the history surrounding the failed coup attempt.

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Thanks to Fritz for the following summary of Rodney’s presentation:

Rodney talked mainly about the July 20, 1944 failed bomb assassination against Hitler at Rastenberg. He pointed out that the plotters, led by Claus von Staffenberg, are considered heroes today by Germany and the rest of the world, when in reality they were cowards and traitors. Rodney refers to Germany as that “vassal state” that does the bidding of its conquerors  and that has lost any sense of self-respect.

While Russia today embraces or at least acknowledges the 73 year history of its corrupt and bloody Soviet regime, Germany tends to avoid or pretend its Hitler period did not exist, or it is endlessly apologetic and ashamed of it. According to Rodney, there is only one monument in Germany to German soldiers of World war 2, and that is to the July 1944 bomb conspirators. The street leading up to the museum in Berlin dedicated to resistance against “Nazism” is named Stauffenberg Strasse.

Martin suggests that Claus von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators carried out this plot because they believed the war was lost, and they wanted to position themselves for favorable Allied treatment. This appears cowardly, as well as the fact that the key plotters had access to Hitler and could easily have done the job in person with a pistol shot, but chose rather to do it remotely and kill innocents in the process. Several were wounded and 4 were killed in the explosion. One of them, Heinz Brandt, was a cavalryman and equestrian gold medalist at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

Hitler promoted the wounded and killed at Rastenmberg so that their wives and family would receive a more generous pension. The modern Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) later rescinded those promotions. The FRG did this to many generals and military notables such as Admiral Doenitz who succeeded Hitler as President of the Reich. The FRG however only granted him a captain’s pension because that was his rank before any promotions he received under the NS government. The FRG paid pensions to former German soldiers, but to many of the officers, their pensions related to their rank before the NS government took hold. The exception to this was Stauffenberg whose pension paid to his family was based on his rank as Colonel upon his death.

To highlight the FRG hypocrisy, Rodney states that the FRG arrested and charged the policemen who arrested Ernst Roehm, head of the SA, for planning a coup against Hitler in 1935.

Rodney discussed the White Rose Society which was active in the resistance to National Socialist policies. They are usually portrayed in the media as dedicated and idealistic young college students working for an honorable cause. Martin claims that some of them had close associations with British agents, and so were busy spreading their propaganda through their leaflets. A few of the activists were executed, but all the charged went through a trial and were given prison sentences or acquitted.

A movie named Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise was shot in Berlin in 2009. It dealt with the Stauffenberg bomb plot. Rohass Misch was present at the bombing at Rastenberg and he was asked to come to the film set as a consultant. Tom Cruise apparently asked him what he thought of Stauffenberg. When the 91 year old Misch answered that he thought he was a traitor, Tom Cruise had him removed from the set.

Rodney also made the point that the DDR (East Germany)  apparently did not prosecute former “Nazis.”

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