World War II Never Ended for Germany – It remains occupied to this day (Part 2)

As I stated in the Part 1, the Allies liquidated the legitimate government of the Reich, arrested the leaders, took over, divided, occupied and plundered Germany. They stole all remaining assets, and our culture, and then imposed their own, both in the FRG and GDR.   In the West,  SHAEF erected a bogus state (a legal fiction). They wrote and imposed the “Basic Law” (not a constitution), and in spite of the so-called “reunification” in 1990, that law remains in effect today, as an entirely foreign construct. There is no “Made in Germany” constitution. That means …. Germany is still an occupied and foreign controlled country!

The present FRG government is a FRAUD, because it was NOT created by and for the German people, and has NO constitution!

Obama - Germany is an Occupied Country

Excerpt from an article by Chris Bollyn on the BRD Swindel:


On 5 June 1945, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) accepted Germany’s declaration of defeat* and quickly moved to recognize the legitimacy of the Zweite Deutsche Reich (Second German Reich), which was claimed to have been illegally displaced by Hitler’s Third Reich. [*Editor’s note: that should read “declaration of military capitulation” which was signed by General Keitl, but who was not authorized to surrender the state, nor to sign a peace treaty. Only the President Doenitz could do that, but the Allies arrested him]

The SHAEF laws underpinned a treaty between the occupation authorities and the Second German Reich, in which the latter was invested with full administrative rights and governmental sovereignty throughout most of Berlin and in all of the German states. After WWII ended*, a parallel state, founded by ambitious lawyers and Zionist activists and still known as the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD), competed with the Second German Reich for legitimacy. [*Editor’s Note:  again, if there is no peace treaty, a state of war still exists]

Wolfgang Gerhard Guenter

Chancellor Dr. Wolfgang Gerhard Guenter Ebel, Provisional Imperial Government of the Reich

Following the collapse of the DDR, East Germany’s Democratic Republic, a treaty known as the “2 Plus 4” confirmed that only the Second German Reich, now led by Reichskanzler (Prime Minister) Dr. Wolfgang Gerhard Guenter Ebel, represented the legitimate German State. In July 1990, the Secretary of the US Department of State, James Baker, confirmed in writing to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl that the BRD had come to the end of its lifetime and should be dissolved. From that moment on, the United Nations destroyed all of its stationery and placards that carried the words “Federal Republic of Germany” or BRD and replaced them with use of the broader term “Germany” in lieu of the anticipated “German Reich”.

Almost everyone in diplomatic circles around the world expected the re-emergent German Reich to take over where the BRD had left off.

Yet the government in Bonn, and later in Berlin, continued and still continues to act and behave as if nothing really happened: a sort of disembodied ghost that has no idea that its corpse perished many years ago. [article continues]”

Read More:


BRD expire on 17.7.1990 - 18.7.1990 from German Empire

For those who speak German, please see  and also  (or use Google or Bing translator) or see this Wiki page

VIDEO:  Chancellor Dr. Wolfgang Ebel –  German Empire Reunion

(The video is in German only – No English suns …sorry)

The BANKSTER GANGSTERS and their FRG minions merely pretend that the Reich is gone and legally succeeded by the FRG  and they hope that no one will notice or even care. What they established was a legal fiction called, a limited company called the  Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH.

With this, they have attempted to do an “end run” around Germany sovereignty, border issues and the peace treaty.

“Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss” ~ The Who – We won’t get fooled again


As mentioned in the above article, the victors do actually acknowledge the German Reich as legally still existing,  but with what right did they  (SHAEF)  have to declare the NSDAP a criminal organization and Third Reich as illegitimate? Who gave them that right? The Germans certainly did not. Contrary to popular belief, the NSDAP government of Adolf Hitler was democratically elected and Hitler legally and duly appointed as Chancellor. The government enjoyed increasingly massive support and that support remained strong to the end.  Major policy initiatives were also subject plebiscite.

If you have not already seen it, please watch my documentary: Hitler’s War? – What the Historians Neglect to Mention

Soooo, what happened to “liberty, freedom, democracy, the right of self-determination, etc” hmmm?  Well all of that was ignored, Germany was declared guilty, and the Nuremberg Flying Circus show trials were used to punish the presumed guilty, with fake evidence and largely tortured confessions, and to exonerate themselves, while using procedures and rules of evidence that would never be tolerated in an American or British court.  Having dispensed with National Socialism, the enemy of the New World Order agenda of the International Bankster Gangsters (who created and controlled both Western Hyper-Capitalism and Bolshevik Communism), they then, for all intents and purposes, reinstated a Weimar-like, foreign controlled, multi-party republic, and brought it back under the financial control of the worldwide Rothschild Central Banking authority. That is what had caused many of the problems in the first place, following WWI and the dictated Versailles Treaty, which the Germans had rebelled against, and which the NSDAP was elected to solve. Hitler had abolished that and freed the Germans, building up a new social state that served the people, not the bankers and various foreign interests.

Did the war really end for the Germans?

File: Germany - Made in USA.jpg

Documentary:  “Germany Made in USA” (1999)  

A film by Joachim Schröder  shows how CIA agents controlled and shaped post-war Germany.contains numerous original quotes from secret documents and interviews with American officials (including with Zbigniew Brzezinski ) and participants, on how they sought to create a new Germany in America’s image.  The film has some very good info, but also standard propaganda and depicts the “Amis” as the good guys.

So, in addition to the Morgenthau plan to starve the Germans, Psychological Warfare continued and indeed went into overdrive through the the process of so-called “de-Nazification” allegedly to un-brainwash the Germans.  But in the Orwellian post-war world of doublespeak, white was black, black was white, up is down, down is up, as seen with the FRG  flag (Black, Red, Gold)  that symbolizes foreign rule.

"Atrocity Propaganda is how we (Brits) won the war!"  ...and you thought Goebbels was the liar?

“Atrocity Propaganda is how we (Brits) won the war!” …and you thought Goebbels was the liar?

They did what Sefton Delmer had stated and used PsyOps to convince the Germans of their guilt … eternally.  By this means, Germans are held in a mental, spiritual and cultural  prison.  More on that later.

As I have previously written about, there was no such thing as “Nazis”.  That is term created by the enemies of National Socialism.  In reality, the Germans were “Nazified”, just as they had already convinced the world of “evil Nazis” prior to and during the war.  I have also spoken with numerous survivors of the NS years, including my own parents, who say they never heard the word “Nazi” until AFTER the war! Sadly, to this day, the Germans still accept the term and use it, against one another.  And some, a very small minority,  even willingly describe themselves as such, having bought into the propaganda.

United States of Germany

There is still much more to come on this topic with a more in depth analysis of legalities stemming from the UN Charter.

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13 Responses to World War II Never Ended for Germany – It remains occupied to this day (Part 2)

  1. dewulf84 says:

    Es lebe das Deutches Reich!

  2. Gary says:

    Allegorically speaking, NS Germany, forced to defend itself from envious, malevolent, encircling enemies, media instigators, gang rapists and hate filled crucifiers, fought the Alamo of the White West. Hitler’s Germany was a voice of sanity in a world of madness and self-defeating illusion, who’s peoples were unfortunately mislead by political stooges and national grave diggers. It is a tragic fact that today’s befuddled German rump state is a moribund vassal of the Anglo-Judeo plutocracy, and their mercenary minions. They have had nearly 70 years to defame, brainwash and straight jacket what’s left of the intellectually brutalized German nation. They have turned Germany into a self-hating milk herd, to be unmercifully exploited and mocked.

    They have utilized every masochistic German low-life, renegade and vile traitor to accomplish their evil aims. They have asset stripped, miscegenated and ideologically poisoned large segments of the German people, just as they, (ironically enough), have deviously done to their own people! These sociopaths will stop at absolutely nothing in their aberrant efforts to plunder and culturally toxify their domesticated victims. They prey on their captive people’s sense of ‘guilt’, altruism, morality, (and willful ignorance) in order to instill a fatalistic death wish miasma among their clueless and credulous hosts. The entire White Western world is in the death grip of these short sighted, greedy oligarchs and lethal nation wreckers. And, the affected peoples, need to know it!

  3. It is important to understand that Germany is not a threat. Germans are not evil and bad, and burdened with a big lie. And Germany is occupied country not independent. There is not peace treaty with Germany.

    Paris peace treaty 1947 say that not even Finland is independent.
    Paris peace treaty 1947 says what we can do in Finland, what we can say and what kind of political parties we can have. Paris peace treaty 1947 says what is prophited and what is not prophited in Finland. Supprisingly every act of real nationalism is deniable in Finland. Only fake oppositions are legal here. And everything has to be decided idiotical democracy system = tyranny of idiots.

    These idiotical traitors of us now (our ministers) are selling everything here because we cannot print our own covernment money. We have lack of money they say. Money has to be borrowed from international banking cabal of course. We cannot print it our self against work.
    This Finlands collapse begin in 1990,
    These social democrats = jewish lackeys want to join Finland to Soviet union 1988-1998 and now we are in EU = Soviet union.
    We have now economical and moral collapse. Because we forgot Martin Luther writings and original Christianity.

  4. RickB says:

    Bravo! Well said, Gary.

    The world, humankind, must throw off its jewish yolk, and outlaw it –judaism– everywhere, if it hopes to survive.

  5. Markus says:

    Reichskanzler Ebel is a good man. He claims that the Allied High Command has issued him a legitimate document to represent the German people as Reichskanzler. I have yet to see this authorization though.

    It also bothers me that Ebel ignores the fact that Germany exists in its 1939 borders (but is occupied in its 1937 borders) and that he flies the Weimar flag instead of the lawful German flag as proclaimed by the Reichstag.

    Many have said, his club is a scam. I don’t know. At least he knows a lot about the legal situation of Germany and is sincere about the peace treaty.

    • Butterkeks says:

      I am very suspicious of Ebel.

      Since the last German government was arrested and executed, who the hell appointed him? Certainly not the German peoples.
      In my view, he has the same legitimacy as Merkel, none.
      He tells many truths, but he just one of so many intel operations to confuse us.
      Be very sceptic of people like him, or Frühwald etc…

      The FRG plan B is to revert to Weimar ‘constitution’ if EUSSR should fail. We would be in the same situation again as we are in right now with ESM(Versailles 3.0)

      I can only agree with you, Weimar is the worst we could do.

  6. wilfriedh says:

    Well done, Wayne. When I mention this to my German relatives, they either don’t believe me or say: So what? Sadly, in my opinion that is true for the majority of Germans. Why I don’t know.

    But I agree with those here who are suspicious of Ebel & Co. The Weimar Constitution (Weimaer Reichsverfassung, WRV) was only suspended, Dönitz tried to have the Allies reinstate it. But the victors were not interested and arrested the legitimate Dönitz government (Josef Schüßlburner, Das Grundgesetz als Übergangsverfassung).

    The suspension of the Weimar Constitution creates a problem in my view, and I am not an expert on this. Did the Third Reich continue to exist following WWII? If so, why did Dönitz, as the legitimate head of state, try and have the WRV reinstated?

    Dönitz also asked Eisenhower for permission to have the rumors re. German crimes investigated, by German officials (Trees/Whiting/Omansen/Ruhl/Thies/von Daak, Stunde Null in Deutschland, p.29ff). And that did it, there was to be no investigation, the rumors were to become facts, and they did.


    • Butterkeks says:

      Wilfriedm it purely depends if NS Germany was legally successor of the 2nd Reich.
      It wasn’t successor of Weimar, as I understand it.
      But, big but, the FRG’s “Basic Law” is essentially based on the Weimar “constitution”.

      You can go on the FRG site an look up laws, many rendered void, but they funnily state…

      “Wir …
      verordnen im Namen des Deutschen Reichs, nach erfolgter Zustimmung des Bundesrats und des Reichstags, was folgt:”

      Wir verordnen? Who?
      Which Reichstag? The Reichstag hasn’t constituted itself for over 70 years.
      Deutsches Reich? The FRG is not the Reich.
      But the FRG regard Weimar the Reich which it was not. The Reich exists in 1918 borders, plus Austria if they want. Or in 1939 borders, there are different views.

      The WRV was a masonic coup d’etat, never ratified by the German peoples, but it implemented the Versailles dictate.

      The “Basic law” loots assets of the reich, and transfers them to the “Bund”.

      We got such a legal mess, it is a disaster.

  7. wilfriedh says:

    Butterkeks, I agree. My question was: Why did Dönitz try and reinstitute the Weimar Verfassung?

    Those of us who have taken a closer look know that Germany, as such, did not cease to exist on May 8, 1945, only the fighting forces surrendered, unconditionally. And you are right when you ask:

    “Wilfriedm it purely depends if NS Germany was legally successor of the 2nd Reich…”

    It all depends on that, IMHO. Did the National Socialists write a new constitution when they suspended the WRV? If not, then the Weimar Republik continued to exist, if only in limbo. But, I am no expert, I did however look at this issue and question remain.

    What the victors did, and are still doing, is illegal. The following is from “The Nuremberg Trials”, by Dr. August von Knieriem, legal consul of IG-Farben. A bit lengthy but worth the read:

    “In both cases the occupatio bellica is a transitory state which only lasts for the duration of warfare. It ends either with the conclusion of peace or with the reoccupation of the territory by its sovereign, or by the latter’s complete subjugation. This nature of a merely temporary situation
    explains the way in which it is regulated by international law. It also indicates the difference from debellatio.

    The latter designates that situation of complete subjugation of the enemy by which belligerent occupation is terminated. The distinctive characteristic is thus one of time. Occupatio bellica is temporary; it ends with peace or recapture of the occupied territory, or it is transformed into debellatio. The latter thus results from that occupatio bellica which extends over the entire territory of the state and is not intended as merely a temporary measure of warfare but is intended to be permanent. Debellatio thus practically results in the dissolution of the subjected state. The government of the defeated state is either dissolved or has fled; its territory is completely in the power of the occupying state, and its population obeys the commands of the latter. The conquered state thus lacks the characteristics of a sovereign state. The power of the occupying state over the occupied territory and its population has become exclusive; it has ceased to be restricted by the sovereignty of the occupied state and by the attainment of the ends of the war. The occupying state has become the sovereign in the subjected state. It decides exclusively on the future fate of country and people; it can annex the subjected state—i.e., incorporate it into its own country—or it can grant it a certain independence as a protectorate; or it can, finally, at some time restore its sovereignty.[8]

    The situation of Germany after 1945, as far as international law is concerned, was actually that of debellatio. Nevertheless, Germany never ceased to exist as a state. This fact follows from the Berlin Declaration of June 5, 1945, of the four Commanders in Chief of the occupying powers;

    “Acting by authority of [their] respective Governments and in the interests of the United Nations,” they pronounced that:
    The Government of the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the Provisional Government of the French Republic, hereby assume supreme authority [9] with respect to Germany, including all the powers by the German
    Government, the High Command and any state, municipal, or Iocal government or authority. The assumption, for the purpose stated above of the said authority and powers does not affect the annexation of Germany.”

    From the express denial of an annexation it follows that German continued to exist as a state. This conclusion is furthermore indicated by the fact that in the Declaration, as well as in the Potsdam Agreement and in all Ordinances of the Control Council, Germany was considered to constitute a governmental unit with one unified supreme power. Consequently, the foreign tribunals that had to deal with the question of the continued existence of Germany as a state
    have answered this question in the affirmative.[10]

    But if Germany was not annexed and if she had not ceased to exist as a state, her occupation was a belligerent occupation. It was it is true, at least as the Allies intended it, more than an occupatio bellica in the traditional sense. But this “more,” which can be ex plained from the fact that this occupation was an intervention, only plays a part insofar as the governmental power of the Allies was concerned, a power which has been properly called by Professor Grewe as that of trustees exercising the German sovereignty.[11]

    While the consequences of a debellatio are comparatively easy to determine from the point of view of international law, this cannot be said about the conditions of its existence. In discussing them we shall immediately recognize the questionability of some of the Nuremberg decisions.

    What now does international law provide on belligerent occupation? The text of the relevant provisions of the Hague Rules of Land Warfare [12] will be found on p. 449 below.[13] While it must be remembered that today not all of these provisions can be considered to be
    international law, they still express the basic principles by which the rights and duties of an occupant are to be determined.

    The starting point is the proposition that the occupied territory still belongs to the state to which it belonged before and that this state has only temporarily lost the faculty of exercising its power
    within that part of its territory. This faculty has actually passed to the occupant, which may use it subject to certain limitations…”.

    Von Knieriem knows what he is talking about, his book a gold-mine.

    Good talking to you, Butterkeks (sind das Bahlsen Kekse? [grins])


    • Butterkeks says:

      Wilfried, first, just a normal Keks, but with teeth. 🙂

      I have still much to learn, I will take a look into Nuremberg again.
      My Grandpa didn’t know everything, but told me so much truth. I sucked him dry with knowledge, haha.

      As for Dönitz, I believe, that WRV was a precondition to cease hostilities, since WWI was basically about WRV. They forced him. The WRV is as foreign as the “Basic Law”, it is from the same ‘family’.

      However, I would like to point to another reason I found to be the primary reason to wage war against us twice.
      That being the BGB, the civil code.
      The BGB differentiates between a natural person and artificial/corporate person.

      Before WWII, the BGB used to sate that natural persons default the laws, but this was removed from BGB.
      Since the FRG is a limited firm, we have become unknowingly corporate persons. Ask any lawyer in FRG, the brainwashed fool will tell you, that you are a natural person. The lawyer is wrong.

      The anglo-saxon nations don’t have such differentiation, people there are corporate persons by default, regarded dead persons in UK.
      This is the business model of the City of London, trading humans as trade good, assets, commodities. The BGB in fact forbids that, and prevents it with the natural person.

      Hence, it is reasonable to assume that the FRG is nothing else than a colony within the global east india company.

      Especially the UN charter is revealing, unfortunately the article doesn’t cover the other two Un articles, that being art. 53 and 77.

      Especially 77 is very interesting, if you keep the Treuhand in mind. My conclusion is, Eastgermany under Polish, Russian and Lithuanian administration, has been administerd in reality by the UN in form of a trusteeship. Treuhand means trusteeship, right?
      Is the FRG a UN trusteeship since 1990?

      More later eventually.

  8. wilfriedh says:

    Butterkeks, as ‘much to learn’ goes, me too, that’s a fact.
    Dönitz and the WRV is still an enigma. For if, as you claim, the acceptance of it was a precondition, why then did the victors not insist on it being reinstated? I don’t know what’s what here, but you are correct in saying that the BRD is not a state as such, only a company, a commercial entity. And yes, the WRV and the Basic Law are made from the same cloth.
    The destruction of Germany was planned right after Bismarck succeeded in the reunification of the German states, WWI and WWII just part of the plan. But, questions remain, one: Why was Germany allowed to continue to exist following WWI? Austria/Hungary was dismantled and after the Germans disarmed it would have been child’s play to occupy Germany, Foch threatened as much should the Germans refuse to sign the Versailles Diktat.
    One possibility is that Germany was to serve as the springboard for communist world conquest, the New World Order, or Globalization, by another term. Lenin, a NWO agent, stated that there can be no world communist revolution without Germany. They came close, Prof. Nolte provides details in his “Der Europäische Bürgerkrieg 1917-1945“. The National Socialists prevented it, that plan was dropped and replaced by WWII.
    Just some thoughts.

    • Butterkeks says:


      “For if, as you claim, the acceptance of it was a precondition, why then did the victors not insist on it being reinstated?”

      I think they did, with the “Basic Law”. The BL draws many articles from WRV,
      And the WRV implemented Versailles.
      Now, the Euro was Versailles 2,0, the ESm is Versailles 3.0(this time targeting entire European peoples).
      The GDR at least attempted to draft a constitution, which was of course impossible.

      If the system FRG comes to an end, they will try to do the legal trick of replacing BL with WRV. This is my suspicion. Nothing would change, just the name of the firm.

      Connect the dots, if hypothetically Israel could not be defended any longer.
      If FRG goes, Israel goes. If Israel goes, FRG goes likely too.

      “One possibility is that Germany was to serve as the springboard for communist world conquest, the New World Order, or Globalization, by another term.”

      I think it is bitter reality.
      We have been a giant lab for the social engineers.

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