World War II Never Ended for Germany – It remains occupied to this day (Part 3)

AlliedGang-vs-GermanyThe United Nations is an international criminal organization, which is not concerned with world peace. It was created by and for the Bankster Gangsters. It was born out of a criminal conspiracy to wage and entirely unnecessary war against Germany. The FRG is the bastard child born of the inglorious victors: the ALL LIES! They did NOT “liberate” Germany! They reinstated the enslavement of 1919 on behalf of the International Bankster Gangsters and their NWO agenda.  Americans, particular the elite types pride themselves on exporting “American Culture” to Germany.  Who asked you for your degenerate so-called “culture”?  We had our own wonderful history, language and culture and were in the process of cultivating it and trying to preserve it!  We didn’t need your MacDonalds, Walmart and Hollyweird culture! Americans and Brits pride themselves on having given Germany “democracy”.  Who asked you for it? Only that minority who had left Germany after 1933 when they could no longer have their way with Germany. Then, having succeeded in stirring up the world against us, beginning in 1933,  and having instigating World War II in 1939, for the total destruction of Germany, this same bunch returned and restored the political cesspool called “democracy” and their “culture” which Germany had earlier liberated itself from.

Occupied Germany

The Americans and the Brits,  and their lackies, the Canadians, Aussies, et al  pride themselves on creating a “new Germany” in their own image, having given Germans “freedom”.  Really?  A country where you are not free to speak your mind, much less decide on your own form of government is NOT free.  It is a concentration camp where the inhabitants are on day parole.  And a country where the inhabitants are daily inundated with war propaganda, and the people are still chastised (domestically and abroad) with false history, shame and guilt is NOT FREE!

They speak of having “saved Germany (the FRG) from Communism”. Really?  If you had been truly concerned with Bolshevik Communism and freedom throughout Europe from those mass-murderers, you should NEVER have sided with them and to fight Germany which always wanted PEACE, and said so consistently and had done everything in its power to achieve peace, security and justice for all …which is well documented! If you really want to be a friend to the Germans, then face the facts, tell the truth, and take responsibility!

Wikipedia states:

“The relationship of Germany and the United Nations first began with World War II, with United Nations then being synonymous with the Allies of World War II, and Germany then being the Greater German Reich, a member of the Axis powers. With the war ending in the defeat of Germany, the country’s territory was divided amongst the victors, and what was to remain Germany was under Allied administration. In 1949, two new countries were created in these occupied territories: the Federal Republic of Germany in May, and the German Democratic Republic in October.”

The United Nations says….


Article 106

Pending the coming into force of such special agreements referred to in Article 43 as in the opinion of the Security Council enable it to begin the exercise of its responsibilities under Article 42, the parties to the Four-Nation Declarationsigned at Moscow, 30 October 1943, and France, shall, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 5 of that Declaration, consult with one another and as occasion requires with other Members of the United Nations with a view to such joint action on behalf of the Organization as may be necessary for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security.”

Article 107

Nothing in the present Charter shall invalidate or preclude action, in relation to any state which during the Second World War has been an enemy of any signatory to the present Charter, taken or authorized as a result of that war by the Governments having responsibility for such action.”

That is still in the UN charter today!  But there is more ….

Nordruch - Bleeding Germany DryHistorian Dr. Klaus Nordbruch, the author of “Bleeding Germany Dry”  states:

Neither the agreement of 12 September 1990 on the Vertrag zur Regelung aus Krieg und Besatzung entstandener Fragen (Treaty on the Regulation of Questions Relating to War and Occupation – amended version, also called the “Two Plus Four Treaty”) nor the agreement of 27 and 28 September 1990 on the Vertrag über die Beziehung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und den Drei Mächten (Treaty Concerning the Relationship of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Three Powers — amended version), revoked the 1954 Agreement (Treaty for the Regulation of Questions Resulting from War and Occupation or Transitional Treaty) in its entirety. Point 1 specified that the Allied directives are suspended and no longer in force — with exception of what is specified in Point 3 (of the Transitional Treaty of 1954.)

This startling exception reads as follows: “… The following directives of the Transitional Treaty shall remain in effect, however:

“Part I: Article 1, Paragraph 1, Points 1 (’Procedure for rescinding or amending legal regulations’ as well as Paragraghs 3, 4 and 5; Article 2, Paragraph 1; Article 3, Paragraphs 2 and 3; Article 5, Paragraphs 3, 4 and 5; Article 7, Paragraph 1; Article 8;
Part III: Article 3, Paragraph 5, no. a of appendix; Article 6, Paragraph 3 of appendix
Part VI: Article 3, Paragraphs 1 and 3;
Part VII: Articles 1 and 2;
Part IX: Article 1;
Part X: Article 4.

This is by no means a complete list of all the significant and highly sensitive limitations on Germany’s sovereignty. In addition to these specific limitations, Point 4c of the agreement of September 1990 specifies that the suspensions of other parts of the Transitional Treaty as enumerated in Point 1 of the agreement “does not diminish the necessity for Germany’s continuing observance of certain other obligations.” How can anyone speak of a “suspension” of the Agreement of 1954 when the Agreement of 1990 specifies that the fundamental directives of 1954 remain in force? The Auswärtiges Amt (equivalent of the US State Department) explains that the Federal Republic is bound by the earlier “international obligations” with no resultant “diminution of the present full sovereignty of the Federal Republic.”[33] Is such an explanation logically comprehensible?

Hans-Peter Thietz, a former representative in the last freely elected Volkskammer (People’s Chamber) of the German Democratic Republic and representative in the European Parliament, discusses this question at length in his treatment Souveräner Staat oder noch immer unter Besatzungsrecht? (Sovereign State or Still Under Occupation Law?), which is indespensible reading on the subject.[34]

In order to explain the immense significance of the above mentioned treaties, we must specify here the directives that have remained in force. Part 1 of Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Transitional Treaty of 1954 reads as follows: “All laws and obligations that have been established or decreed through legislative measures, court orders or administrative directives of the Allied agencies are in force and shall remain in force in all respects under German law, regardless of whether they are in agreement with other legal directives that may be issued or determined. Without exception these (Allied) laws and obligations shall take precedence over legislative, court or administrative measures, as well as similar laws and obligations based on domestic German law or (subsequently) established or determined laws and obligations.” In view of this directive, it is very obvious that the basic directives of occupation law are still in effect.

In plain language, this article means that Allied occupation measures that were decreed for Germany under earlier occupation law continue in effect, regardless of whether they are compatible with present German policies and legal system. It means that in future as in the past, German policies must accommodate and adhere to Allied (American) occupation directives. The continuing applicability of the above quoted article, as well as other articles of the Transitional Treaty, proves that the Berlin Republic will continue to be subordinated to former occupation directives, whose duration is unlimited.

This sobering acknowledgment is further evidenced by an additional fact. Article 1 of Part Nine, which also continues in effect, reads as follows: “Unless provided for in the provisions of a peace agreement with Germany, no citizen of Germany who is subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic may raise any claims of any sort against the countries that signed the Declaration of the United Nations of 1 January 1942; or joined and supported it; or were at war with Germany; or are named in Article 5 of the 5th Part of this treaty.

Furthermore, no citizen of Germany who is subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic may raise any claims of any sort against the citizens of these countries on account of measures that were taken by the governments of these countries or under their authority during the period between 1 September 1939 and 5 June 1945, on account of the condition of war that existed in Europe. Furthermore, no one shall be allowed to make such claims before any court of the Federal Republic.”  (where you can also purchase the book)

And NOW you know WHY no allied leader or member of the Allied forces has ever been charged with war crimes, nor sued for damages and reparations, but the German people must pay, and pay, and pay…

Putin - Germany is an Occupied Country




And that includes you Mr. Putin! Open the all the war archives !


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17 Responses to World War II Never Ended for Germany – It remains occupied to this day (Part 3)

  1. Markus says:

    As your torn Hakenkreuz implies, it is also outlawed by the occupiers to fly the legal German flag or associated symbols, such as the SS runes.

  2. Wiseoldlady says:

    Pathetic….Germany is not free due to the evil charade in charge. The USA is not free, we are a corporation of Britain, also ruled by the evil elites. The UN needs to be destroyed and all countries rebel against the UNs selfish satanic control propaganda. Sadly, their weapons are more powerful and we would not win unless Jesus took charge. We have all been slaves for far too long. If it wasn’t for computers millions would still never know the truth.

    • Hans says:


      nobody is free anymore in the Western World. You have the freedom the travel wherever you like – if you can afford it. And you have the freedom to say what you like – if you can afford a good lawyer. You are free to work where and what you like – if you can find a job. You have free access to information and education – if you can afford books and schools.

      In other words: No money, no freedom.

      Take people their money and they will loose their freedom.

      Our freedom is only illusionary. That is the reason why they tell us 24/7 how “free” we are.

      The opposite is true. Every Third-worlder has more freedom than we.

      We are the most unfree generation which has every lived on that earth.

      And it gets worse every day.

  3. Florin says:

    There is an interesting recent interview with Hans Krampe and hosted by Deanna Spingola from July 16th, 2013. It was presented here too together with his article, thank you for that. Hans says he had a high hope with Putin for a while, I have to say it happened to me too, however he (Hans) recently detected a change in the behaviour of the Russian leader that only can count for an obedient response on sensitive matters. Such an example is the new law project, that he promotes, that is incriminating any different opinion of the official version of recent European history.

    Apparently not too long ago he inaugurated a Holocaust Memorial somewhere in central Moscow, also generously funded the monument with personal money. This alone does not prove anything irreversible on his part but it goes hand in hand with the interdiction of researching the Russian archives. As for the Syrian war Hans believes that Putin’s moves are solely theatrical and in a more subtle manner he pushes for the same agenda The Anonymous Powers have long prepared for us, all.

    Putin’s words, from Zuerst , the empathy he shows for contemporary Germany may only be a card that he tries to play against the far west powers. We had seen in history plenty of such moving political statements and too few had the backing of honest intentions and subsequent actions.
    We can only hope that Putin’s public hints are for real and target the abnormal, subservient, position of Germany in today’s Europe.

    • Excellent commentary on Putin, thanks Florin! I don’t like or trust him, and would tend to agree with Hans Krampe. But his comments concerning German occupation, however, are quite remarkable. That interview is still available on this site:

      • Mr. Putin is a big scam. Jews took control of communism in 1917. And in the 90’s communism ended … No, but went “underground.” Now Putin (his mother might be Jewish) to the NWO agenda of the opponent and the “fight” the “West” Hegemony. At the same time, he and the other large countries such as China, the BRICS build a whole in opposition to the United Nations, NATO. It has a unified military cooperation, as well as the central bank, etc. Everything is great theater because almost all the power is Jewish. they can make a point to you just because people have been brainwashed into passive are not interested in anything other than building your life in such a perfect, unattainable, material fulfilled a dream by the TV to teach us. Yep … Holocaust worship Putin says it all. She deliberately lying, and at the same time to run their country, “racism and anti-Semitism” against the atmosphere. Which means that the Jews and their “useful idiots, non-Jews” are allowed to operate in peace. The real truth of the speakers throttled. BTW I do not know whether it is in Canada exceeded the threshold for the news that the Russian Jews millionaires bought ice-hockey arena in Helsinki (Hartwall Arena), and in Finland the biggest ice hockey team playing in the Russian Kontinental Hockey League next season … One example of how the Finnish exported to the way they want. As Germany is.

      • toinennakemys says:

        And also these jewish millionaires are “men from Putin’s inner circle”. And they were Putin’s friends already in their childhood. My source are the newspaper (Iltalehti+Ilta-Sanomat) that areowned by jews (Iltalehti by Bonnier family/US by Sanoma Oy.

        Putin has many jewish backers. He himself is an oligarch. I wonder why many people of “the real truth movement” always say that Putin “keeps the oligcharchs in check”. I have never seen any proof of that. This is a lie that the putinists hav promoted 10 years now. Almost every group loves Putin in the West The Zionists, communists, liberals, antizionists, all. Or there are many putinists everywhere. Every site appears to have a paid commentator who praises Putin and his Russia. I don’t understand that f.e the reraders of the “Lasha Darmoon” could love Putin, whose propaganda wants “the world without nazism” and whose jews are backing the groups called “antifascists” in many countries.

  4. Butterkeks says:

    For non German speakers:

    “The FRG agree with the declaration made by the four powers, and emphasize, that peace treaty or peace regulation is not intended. The GDR agree with the statement made by the FRG.”

  5. The last piece of materials spoiled the overall impression from the article.
    That KGB dictator Putin is a hypocrite scumbag, as well as his russian commie predecessors. Firstly he builds up the neo-soviet empire, prasied by his slave nation; than he butchers everyone who is not agreed with neo-bolshevist regime (so-called “extremists”), starting genocide wars and executing international terrorist attacks meanwhile, and finally tries to bark about “freedom”.

    • The point is that he was confirming that Germany is occupied. I am not promoting Putin anymore than I am promoting Obama. I have no use for either of them. If he were a true friend of Germany, he would open all the war archives and start telling the truth about Stalin’s war plans against Germany, which had caused Hitler to launch a preemptive strike to thwart the attack…and also about the post-war period, and the evidence manufactured to demonize Germany with.

  6. bigcree1 says:

    Thankyou for this enlightening and encouraging Article. No more lies for organized jewry. NO MORE lies for their artificially created ‘Country’ a criminal enclave and base of gangsterism, known as ” israel “.

  7. Florin says:

    In a recent post Paul Eisen gives more details on the new Russian legislative initiative and on the Holocaust Memorial in Moscow (
    “In particular, the bill establishes the Berlin Declaration of Germany’s Defeat, dated August 2, 1945, as a document listing both the aggressor-nations and allies who fought against Hitler’s Germany. The same document confirms that the allied forces in WWII were defending international peace and security.
    The formula of the crime is defined as “denial of the sentence passed by the international military tribunal as well as the denial of the fact that the actions of the anti-Hitler coalition were aimed at preserving the international peace and security.” “Distribution of knowingly false information about the actions of the allied armies connected with charges with various crimes, including the artificial creation of evidence” is also listed as a criminal offense.
    In comments MP Yarovaya said that it was the Soviet Union together with other coalition countries who really fought Nazism “and any attempts to give a different interpretation or appraisal of the Soviet Army’s role and significance during WWII contradicts both the objective historical data but also the international legal acts.
    The politician added that other nations already had similar laws, protecting the historical truth as stated by the Nuremberg Tribunal from revision. ”

    Putin also states that “the memory of WWII is sacred” and “we highly appreciate that our sincere feelings are shared in Israel.”
    The Russian leader underlines: “The Holocaust is one of the darkest, most tragic and shameful pages in the history of humanity” and “It is still impossible to stomach the Nazi atrocities. And it was the Soviet Army that put an end to that; it saved from extermination not only the Jewish, but many other peoples.”

    “The idea to erect the monument was put forward by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Moscow in 2010. It was swiftly backed by the Russian leadership.”

    At the end of the article there is a very educative video of David Duke on Red Army’s crimes!

    • Markus says:

      Let Putin pass his law. This will only show how pathetic this “international coalition” is and always has been. That the Western Allies present themselves as the great liberators and defenders of freedom is widely accepted in the Western countries. But the Soviet Union is viewed as evil montrous dictatorship, “almost as bad as the Nazis” with which the West only worked together to destroy the Nazis. The lesser of two evils, so to speak.

      Russia also still has plenty of symbols from the Soviet era. The 5-pointed star is still on many buildings.

      This 5-pointed star is also everywhere in the USA and Communist China. While it stands for the devil, the Hakenkreuz stands for God, I guess.

      Swastika is Sanskrit for “Do Good” and the symbol is also called “Sonnenrad” or sun wheel.

      And as we all know, this Cross works like sprinkling holy water on vampires. They just hate it!

      So let “Pathetic Putin” pass his ridiculous law that enshrines the Soviet Union as the best thing since sliced bread…this will finally wake up the American patriotards and British Nazi-haters.

      • bigcree1 says:

        The Swastika is found throughout the world as a symbol of power. GOOD things. It can be found in ancient Hopi symbols as well as other tribes of ‘The Americas’. It was long ago used in this way and only taken out of context by organized jewry in their vile lies about the Wehrmact and SS, Adoph Hitler. He knew this symbol held much power and was UNIVERSAL. Thus it was selected by him to represent his people. The Swastika is sacred as is the Medicine Circle found in many locations in ‘The Americas’ where tobacco offerings and prayers are left to be carried to the ‘Great Mystery’.

    • oh hey, one more question for you, do you know of a decent work that cover’s the aftermath of codreanu’s murder, I am referring particularly to the wave of assassinations and complete war by the iron guard against the traitor’s/judeo Bolsheviks?

  8. Butterkeks says:

    The FRG Vassals’ ZDF TV aired thursday just the tip of the iceberg in connection with PRISM.
    Nonetheless, it gets interesting at 3:00.
    In fact, the historian from Freiburg Uni tells the truth, as much as he is allowed to say publicly.
    And notice the faces of the ‘Officials’ at the end.
    Very telling.

    I have a dream, I will see one day the FRG firm being dissolved and Germany being reborn, fully sovereign, free from occupation and foreign rule, with a German independent defence policy and economic policy.
    I am sure it will happen, as it happened with GDR and ironically FRG already.
    Second try after 1989 will be a success.

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