Radio Interview: An Examination of Hitler’s concept of Lebensraum, the Hossbach Memo and the Aggressive War allegations

Adolf Hitler - Behind my backOn Monday, July 29th, 2013 I was Deanna Spingola‘s guest on her radio show on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) during which I discussed Hitler’s concept of “Lebensraum” as put forth in his autobiography “Mein Kampf” which many believe was a blueprint for “aggressive war” but was not. I spoke about the problems with the “Hossbach Memorandum” that was entered as evidence concerning the allegations of plans for “aggressive war” (by Hitler and the NSDAP government) at the Nuremberg Trials (IMT), and how “Lebensraum” was also a major them in the course of those trials.  I read from the testimony of one of the accused, Dr. Walther Emanuel Funk who discussed his own understanding of the concept of “Lebensraum” at Nuremberg.   Additionally, I provided some background information on “Mein Kampf” and the various translations and touched on what is called “das Zweites Buch” (the Second Book) or “Volume II” and why we need to be skeptical with regards to its contents.  No such book was ever authorized for publication by Hitler and the NSADP.  As with the Hossbach document, the manuscript was found under suspicious circumstances and whose background and motives must be taken into account. Also, there are two separate English translations of that book and they do differ substantially. I must add that, this alleged second volume is often included with Murphy’s 1939  translation of “Mein Kampf” but without any background information as to it’s origins. Thus, many will presume it also came from Murphy when in fact it did not. He had only translated the original authorized German version of “Mein Kampf”.


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NOTE:  RBN has a new format with longer station breaks so the actual air-time for the show is reduced by about 10 minutes. We did not take calls during the program in the interest of time. After commercial breaks it was about 68 minutes of air-time.  As mentioned during the show, I have collated my notes from various sources which formed the basis for the above presentation into a single pdf document which you may download for free here.

Hitler - The World Needs Peace 1933

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12 Responses to Radio Interview: An Examination of Hitler’s concept of Lebensraum, the Hossbach Memo and the Aggressive War allegations

  1. 1776blues says:

    Great interview today on Deanna’s program. I always enjoy what I call my realy history lessons even if it is 45 years later. I love this website and really appreciate all you have done and are doing. You rock J4G!

  2. toinennakemys says:

    I want to remember that Erich Priebke is still alive and he is now 100 years old. The jews have remembered him in their media and they and their lackeys have said that the man lives too well…

    Innocent old man has been tortured for almost 20 years now and still the media of the world lies about him.

    • toinennakemys says:

      Hmm. I should write carefully because my english is very bad. Of course I remember, mut I would like to remind others too.

  3. ItWasMe says:

    Hey Wayne.

    I always failed history in School. Not because I don’t like history, but because I knew most of the stuff is politically “inspired” bull-crap. You are like the history teacher I never had. I hope to still learn a lot from your unbiased teachings.

    One thing is for sure. Even though the world is at the brink of another great conflict. Let there never again be such a war, the world can not afford it.

    Freiheit durch FRIEDEN!


  4. Pat says:

    I found an “edited” interview with Adolf Hitler in 1923. A few parts sounded like him [Hitler] but there were a few ‘damning’ parts that make it feel like it was ‘changed’ in parts.
    Your opinion?

    • Hi Pat. I have read that before. It is impossible to verify whether or not it was doctored, but it was no doubt edited, as interviews generally are, but you have to look at the time lag too, 1923 to 1932. There is no straight-forward ‘Q & A’ dialogue taking place in the article. It seems selective with much interjected editorializing, some of it ludicrous. Even if the statements attributed to Hitler are 100% accurate, I see nothing “damning”. Hitler was nowhere near gaining power in 1923! Most had never heard of him. It was before the attempted Putsch, his subsequent trial, and his time in jail, and thus, also before Mein Kampf. Afterwards, he was also prohibited from speaking for a time. He never shunned a camera nor the public unless he wanted some privacy. From the time of the interview, it would be another ten long, hard, years before he won power. You can tell that some of the editorial comments must have been added in 1932 when Hitler was finally a real political force on the verge of power.

      It would be ridiculous to think he had not changed his stance on anything related to foreign policy in those years either. Germany was very divided through all of those years and he had to tailor his comments on foreign policy depending on who he was talking to, while attempting to not offend or alienate others. Where he never wavered, however, was domestic policy which was always against the Bolsheviks, and against the control and influence of International Jewry and the hyenas of high-finance, as well as their domestic agents who were destroying the country. Hitler’s foreign policy, at it’s core, was always against the dictates of Versailles and every German was opposed to that. But he sought a peaceful and just settlement through diplomacy, which reiterated many times once he became Chancellor and as the diplomatic records verify. The “living space” issue would largely resolve itself through the return of all or most of German territory (and ideally the colonies) combined with innovation and hard work, with a view to becoming self-sufficient and staying out of debt to the bankster gangsters. And that is essentially what happened.

      The problem with the Sudetenland was forced on him with the Czechs abusing the ethnic Germans and the League of Nations and world leaders turning a blind eye to it, and no doubt with some encouraging it. They were hoping for Hitler to take unilateral action, so that they could demonize him, just as they did a year later in Poland. The war mongers in Britain (Churchill, Duff Cooper, Belisha, Halifax and Co) extremely pissed off when Sudetenland problem was resolved, through diplomacy at least without force. They took out their frustration on Chamberlain, and then forced the situation with Poland to come to a head, while Hitler was doing everything possible to find a peaceful, diplomatic solution, as the records also show. Hitler certainly never wanted to sign a deal with the devil Stalin but was forced to by the French and especially British war mongers. The Germans then had to keep watching their back and luckily they did, as Stalin prepared to attack Germany and Europe all along. Operation Barbarossa was a preemptive strike, as has been proven. It had nothing to do with “aggressive war” for ‘Lebensraum”.

  5. Der Kommissar says:

    I am a Venetian born in Piedmont, aka Alpine-Venetian.
    Therefore I have got plenty of Germanic blood, as well as Slavic.
    (Former Venetian Republic, basicly South Austria-Germany. Unfortunately we are under the crappy state of Italy, founded by British Freemasonry)
    My family were of Socialist-Left views, but my Mother had for about two years a group of Panzer stationed in her courtyard: sound funny 😉 isn’t it. 1943-1945, about 100km North-East of Venice.
    She always told me how nice they were, especially a private of the Wermacht named Johann.
    Today I have found your website: I’m very happy.

    • Hello, thanks for the comment and personal anecdote. I appreciate it 🙂

      • Der Kommissar says:

        You are welcome.
        And I have spread some “identitarian ideals” into Venetian Indipendentism, although now I’ve left that political area. We’ll see what happens… Should we keep that bloody state of Italy? … I don’t know…
        … but I leave You with a couple of nice anthems:
        dem land tirol die treue

        National Anthem of Republic of Venice

      • Der Kommissar says:

        And on Twitter I’m your follower Number 100 🙂

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