Free Book: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich, by Professor Cajus Fabricius

Book Cover - Positive ChristianityProfessor Cajus Fabricius was a Christian Theologian,  an NSDAP party member and a member of Hitler’s government.  So who better to understand and to explain Positive Christianity and the role of religion within National Socialist Germany?  His book was first published in German in 1935 and later translated and re-published for the world market in English in 1937, in an effort to combat propaganda and to set the record straight concerning Christianity and freedom of religion in National Socialist Germany. Moreover, to demonstrate that National Socialism was Christian at it’s very core, and neither pagan nor occult.

Why is this book virtually unheard of? Why is the author unheard of?  You will find practically nothing about him on the internet or in various encyclopedia sites? Not even a picture of him!  It should be obvious the court historians and the purveyors the perpetual “Anti-Nazi” propaganda would not be well served by referring to this author and his expert treatise, based upon first-hand knowledge, and unquestionably, with the full knowledge and blessing of the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler and other high level party and government members.

Fifteen minute introduction segment on YouTube (feel free to share it)

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Here are some text excerpts from the book:

Hitler Church“We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State, so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate against the morality and moral sense of the German race. The Party as such, stands for positive Christianity but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats the Jewish-materialist spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health from within only on the principle: The Common Interest Before Self-Interest.

Such is Point 24 of the Programme of the German National Socialistic Party. Since 1920 this has been the unchanged and unwavering guiding principle of the Movement with respect to its attitude towards religion, and since 1933 the inviolable expression of what is to be as law to the whole German nation. Adolf Hitler, its Führer and Chancellor has repeatedly affirmed this article, especially the main clause relating to Positive Christianity. This was particularly the case in the three notable speeches made by him in the year 1934, namely, on January 30th, August 17th and 26th. On these three solemn occasions the Führer stated in words that left no doubt as to their meaning, that National Socialism affirmed Positive Christianity.

Moreover, as a further explanation of his statement, Adolf Hitler declared that by Positive Christianity, he meant the Christianity of the two great Churches the Evangelical and the Roman Catholic, both of which are represented in Germany. He also called upon these Christian Churches to do everything in their power to make the moral forces of the Gospel Message effectual influences in the life of the German nation.

At the same time however, he made it perfectly plain that he had nothing in common with people in bear-skins” with those namely, who recalling the old Germanic tribes, would foist neo-pagan cult experiments upon the German Folk [Neo-Pagans].

hitler praysOn other occasions too, as for instance, in his historically remarkable speech of May 21st, 1935, the Führer emphatically rejected the godlessness of Bolshevism, contrasting it with the fact that in National Socialistic Germany the Churches have not been turned into places of secular amusement. And even if the Führer does speak on occasions such as these of a new National Socialistic Weltanschauung he means neither a new religion nor a new godlessness, but simply everything that is the result of national consciousness, of the ties of comradeship and of the heroic attitude of the National Socialistic German with respect to his mode of life, and his views of the world surrounding him. To these may be added everything needed for the reconstruction of man’s inner life. and this includes in no small degree the forces of Positive Christianity….

….And just in an era of new beginnings, such as we are now experiencing. it is indeed doubly important for religious principles to be worked out on a perfectly clear basis, and in every possible direction. For during times such as these when the inner life of a nation is in the process of being revolutionized, how easy it is for a certain confusion of mind to arise. Whereby many a trend of thought has come to the fore that had once already existed, only however, to fall into oblivion where It has remained until now, when the auspicious moment for its re-appearance and the realization of its aims would appear to have arrived. Efforts of this kind are remarkably prevalent at the present time, and in consequence, a certain religious unrest has seized hold of our Folk, most disturbing to the peaceful reconstruction of our new Reich, leading as, it does men’s minds astray, and so placing difficulties in the path of national unification.

hitler with a nunSince this is the situation in which our spiritual life finds itself today, it is all the more necessary to state with simple directness the real attitude adopted by National Socialism towards religion, and to consider it in detail from every point of view. An exposition such as this however, can only be undertaken by an expert, that is to say by one who is an authority on the subject, and as a researcher has devoted himself to the work of investigating the Christian religion, in short, a theologian, and at the same time a convinced National Socialist.

It was the need for such a treatise that brought me to the fore. I am conscious of a sense of responsibility to God and to my own conscience, both in my capacity as theological expert on confessional questions, and as an Evangelical Christian I felt it incumbent on me to proclaim the truth in all publicity. As an official of the State and as a political leader within the Party I am bound by a two-fold oath to the Führer of my Folk. But my religious and political duties do not clash, nor do they necessitate any inward struggle, but rather the one supplements the other, and both stand together in complete harmony. Indeed, they do even more than this: In my own life and thought, Christianity and National Socialism are closely knit together….

…. My own personal attitude therefore, gives me every right, indeed makes it my duty to publish an expert opinion on the principles of National Socialism with respect to religion. As an expert I shall adhere strictly to facts, having no intention of obtruding any personal theories or pet ideas that might tend to divert attention from the main line of thought. Rather shall I show with unwavering consistency how the attitude of National Socialism to the Christian religion as evidenced in the Party Programme, and in the Führer’s own words, has been determined both by the substance of the Christian religion and by the substance of National Socialism. …

…. It has been found advisable to divide the exposition itself into two main parts. The first subject of investigation to be dealt with concerns the National Socialistic policy with respect to Religion. Conclusions will thereby be drawn from the Party Programme applicable to the general attitude of the Party and the State towards Church life. In a second exposition the inner associations will be treated of, and it will be shown how the spiritual forces of Christianity must needs have a great influence in the life of the newly awakened German Folk.”

Hitler - God Save Hitler

Church Sign: “God Protect Adolf Hitler”


National Socialism was far more than a “political creed” or a “philosophy”. It was the recipe for the spiritual rebirth of the German nation,  for redemption and regeneration on a path away from the path of godlessness and wickedness that was visited upon her by the satanic forces of Judeo-Capitalism and the godless Judeo-Marxists,  in the Weimar years, following World War I, and back to the German-Christian roots, morals, order, discipline, self-respect, hard work,  and of community spirit and brotherly love, with neighbour helping neighbour, working together for their common good, as well as, national self-sufficiency and security.

Again, who did not want that? To what lengths would they not go to stop it?

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9 Responses to Free Book: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich, by Professor Cajus Fabricius

  1. John Palmer says:

    Thank you. I have always been convinced that Hitler was a God fearing peace loving person.

  2. khejr says:

    Thank you for this presentation. I own this book and read it recently. It is very rich in detail and it is good to hear it read. It proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that National Socialism was most certainly not pagan and that the lies about Hitler and NS are merely the poisonous narrative of Germany’s enemies. I truly believe that the nation that existed as NS Germany between 1933-1945 was a foreshadowing of the heavenly Kingdom prophesied in the Bible.

    • Your welcome. Glad you enjoyed it and I thank your for your comments and support. I have much more to add to this in the next few days or next week. Stay tuned! 🙂

  3. Markus says:

    The same can be said about the “evil fascist” Italian state.

    In 1929, the King of Italy Victor Emanuel III (represented through Mussolini) and the Pope of the Catholic Church signed the Lateran Treaty, which reestablished full sovereignty to the Holy Sea and reaffirmed that in the Kingdom of Italy, “the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Religion is the only religion of the State”.

    Corporatism has thereby to be understood as Christian Corporatism. This term can looked up in a lexicon and describes a state that works in harmony in all its organs like the human body (corpus).

    Fascist Corporatism is not what Aaron Russo wanted us to believe in Freedom to Fascism. Another Big Lie.

  4. aj says:

    Great post! Very important information for removing the disinfo weeds. Another stake through the heart of the lies about Hitler’s Germany.

  5. netzband says:

    Thanks for this source of “positive Christendom” because have not found Cajus Fabricius in original German in the worldnet. Thanks also Markus, he is right with christ.corporatism, they regarded life, people, Volk as organical.
    Today many “experts” of NS exaggerate paganism, I think, because historically most of the people in that time were Christians and many turned to that, what you describe as “positive christendom”.. Deutsche-Christen. The morale was christian. What has pulled people of today away from their elders belief, is more the open Marxism in East-germany and the marxist Frankfurt school and materialism in the West. Today the churches also do anything to claim their present and at the time “resistance” to the NS, which they know only through Hollywood and which is silly mainstream adjustment.

  6. Matt says:

    Very good Wayne. The german version is censored,
    Fabricius, Cajus: Deutsche Christen im Kampfe für das Evangelium. – Berlin: Ges. f. Zeitungsdienst 1934.
    One of 35743 books an material..
    What a shame..
    We are living in jewish dictatorial party system.

  7. Matt says:

    Fabricius, Cajus: Deutsche Christen im Kampfe für das Evangelium. – Berlin: Ges. f. Zeitungsdienst 1934.
    Fabricius, Cajus: Positives Christentum im neuen Staat. – Dresden: Püschel 1936.
    Fabricius, Cajus. Die Judenfrage in der deutschen evangelischen Kirche. – Berlin: Ges. f. Zeitungsdienst 1934.
    Fabritz, Carl: Die Entlarvung der großen Verschwörerbande gegen Deutschland. – Berlin: Redemann 1914.

  8. Pat says:

    Excellent Addition!!
    I wanted to bring a quote / book to your attention that some use to dispute this.
    “The Fuhrer is deeply religous, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race… Both [Judaism and Christianity] have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end, they will be destroyed”
    ~Joseph Goebbels

    This is from the book; The Secret Conferences of Dr. Goebbels, October 1939-March 1943 / Edited and Selected by Willi A. Boelcke.

    I’m already wary of the content, especially with the “edited and selected” bit. So I doubt its veracity…

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