Speech: Adolf Hitler Responds to Allegations of Religious Persecutions in Germany

The following  text is an excerpt from Adolf Hitler’s speech to the Reichstag on January 30th, 1939 in which he responded to ongoing “atrocity propaganda” in the international media concerning alleged religious persecution of Christians and of the Christian Church in Germany. He set the record straight with regard to National Socialist Germany’s religious policy and its support for the Christian Church. He then rebuked the western democratic leaders for utter hypocrisy.

The full text of the speech is available from a variety of sources both in German and English, but only small segments of the audio can be found, and are of very poor quality, Thus,  few are aware of this very important statement, so I have taken the liberty to narrate this excerpt and have posted it on YouTube (video above).  No. This is not one of those fake “Hitler meltdown” video clips that many morons seem to find amusing. This is the real, highly intelligent, articulate statesman Adolf Hitler responding to a real and very serious international threat to the German nation.

Hitler stated:

Hitler Reichstag[snip] …“At this moment, the Jews are still propagating their campaign of hatred in certain states under the cover of press, film, radio, theater, and literature, which are all in their hands. Should indeed this one Volk attain its goal of prodding masses of millions from other peoples to enter into a war devoid of all sense for them, and serving the interests of the Jews exclusively, then the effectiveness of an enlightenment will once more display its might.

Within Germany, this enlightenment conquered Jewry utterly in the span of a few years. Peoples desire not to perish on the battlefield just so that this rootless, internationalist race can profit financially from this war and thereby gratify its lust for vengeance derived from the Old Testament.

The Jewish watchword “Proletarians of the world, unite!” will be conquered by a far more lofty realization, namely: “Creative men of all nations, recognize your common foe!”

Among the reproaches which the so-called “democracies” have heaped on Germany has been the claim that National Socialist Germany is a state hostile to religion.

On this topic, I wish to make the following solemn declaration before the entire German Volk:

1. To date, no one has been persecuted because of his religious affinity in Germany, nor will anyone be persecuted for this reason in the future either.

2. Since January 30, 1933, the official institutions within the National Socialist State have transferred the following tax earnings to the two Churches:

130 million Reichsmarks for the fiscal year 1933;
170 million Reichsmarks for the fiscal year 1934;
250 million Reichsmarks for the fiscal year 1935;
320 million Reichsmarks for the fiscal year 1936;
400 million Reichsmarks for the fiscal year 1937;
500 million Reichsmarks for the fiscal year 1938.

In addition to this, the Church receives approximately 85 million Reichsmarks annually in the form of state subsidies, and approximately another seven million Reichsmarks in the form of subsidies by the local communities and associations.

Next to the State, the Church constitutes the greatest proprietor of land. It possesses holdings in real estate and forestry in excess of ten billion Reichsmarks. From these, it derives annual earnings of about 300 million. Moreover, the Church benefits from countless gifts, bequests, and, above all, from donations collected. Further, the National Socialist State accords the Church concessions in a variety of realms: donations and inheritance are tax exempt for instance.

To make an understatement, therefore, it is with insolent impertinence that foreign politicians accuse the Third Reich of hostility to religion. Should the churches within Germany regard the situation as unbearable, then please bear in mind that the National Socialist State is willing, and prepared at any time, to undertake a clear separation of church and state, as is the case in France, America, and other countries.

In this context, I permit myself to pose the following question: Within this same period, how much did official state appropriations to the church amount to in France, England, and the America?

3. The National Socialist State has not closed even one single church, neither prevented church services nor infringed on the conduct of Mass. It has not imposed its views on any confession’s church doctrine and faith.

In the National Socialist State, everyone is free to find salvation in whichever way they choose. However, the National Socialist State will relentlessly deal with those priests who, instead of serving the Lord, see their mission in propagating derisive comments on our present Reich, its institutions, or its leading men. It will bring to their attention the fact that the destruction of this State will not be tolerated. The law will prosecute a priest who implicates himself in illegal activities and he will be held accountable for these in the same manner as any other, ordinary German citizen.

It must, however, be stated at this point that there are thousands upon thousands of priests of all Christian beliefs who attend to their clerical duties in a manner infinitely superior to these clerical warmongers and without entering into conflict with the established law and order.

To protect these is the mission of the State. To destroy the enemies of the State is the duty of the State.

4. The National Socialist State is neither prudish nor hypocritical. Still there are certain fundamental mores which must be upheld in the interest of preserving the biological health of the Volk. And we shall not allow these to be altered. This State prosecutes pederasty and child abuse as crimes to be punished by the law, irrespective of who perpetrates them.

Five years ago, when leading members of the National Socialist Party were guilty of these crimes, they were shot. Should other men perpetrate similar transgressions, whether in public, privately, or as members of the clergy, the law will duly prosecute them and sentence them to serve time. Should men of the cloth perpetrate other transgressions, in violation of their avowal of chastity etc., then it is of no interest to us. There has been no mention of this in our press ever.

And besides this, this State has interfered only once in the inner organization of the churches, namely on the occasion when, in 1933, I myself attempted to reunite the impotent, fragmented Protestant State Churches of Germany in the form of a great and mighty Protestant Reich Church. This attempt ran aground on the opposition of individual State Bishops. And therefore I abandoned my efforts since, in the final instance, it is not our task to strengthen or to defend by force the Protestant Church against its own leaders.

The motivation behind certain statesmen in the democracies abroad taking such a vigorous interest in a few German priests is obviously political. For these very same democratic statesmen remained silent when in Russia hundreds of thousands of priests were hacked to pieces and their bodies burnt. These democratic statesmen remained equally silent at the brutal slaughter of priests and nuns in Spain, numbering in the tens of thousands, some of whom were even burnt alive. These democratic statesmen could not deny these facts, but they remained silent and nothing broke this silence.

In the meantime, upon news of these massacres – and of this I must indeed remind these democratic statesmen – countless National Socialists and Fascist volunteers placed themselves at General Franco’s disposal. They did so with the aim of precluding an escalation of the conflict, to prevent this Bolshevist bloodbath from enveloping all of Europe and hence the greater part of the civilized world. It was concern for European culture and the essence of civilization which led Germany to take sides in this struggle between Nationalist Spain and the Bolshevists who attempted to destroy it.

It is indeed a pitiful sign of the mentality abroad that people there cannot conceive of so selfless an intervention. Alas, National Socialists shared in General Franco’s uprising because of their burning desire to promote his cause: to avert the danger threatening to engulf his country, a danger Germany itself had almost succumbed to.

NS crossTherefore, it cannot be sympathy or pity for persecuted servants of God that has mobilized the interest of the democratic citizens in some priests in Germany who have come into conflict with the law. Rather these interest them as German enemies of the state.

May they note the following on this topic:

We shall protect the German priest as a servant of the Lord, but we shall destroy the priest who is a political foe of the German Reich. We believe this will preclude the development of a situation which, as the experience in Spain has demonstrated, could all too easily escalate into a confrontation of as yet unforeseeable proportions.

As a matter of principle, I should like to state the following on this subject: apparently, certain circles abroad are pervaded by the conviction that the outspoken avowal of sympathy for certain elements who have come into conflict with the law in Germany would bring about an improvement of their situation.

In this context, there is perhaps the hope of terrorizing the leadership of the German State by employing certain methods of exerting influence through the media. This assessment rests on a profound fallacy! For the credence lent to these individuals abroad, and hence implicitly to their anti-governmental activities, merely reassures us in our earlier conviction that the characters in question are in fact traitors!

After all, simple opposition to a regime has never elicited equal sympathy from these democracies abroad; and neither has the prosecution nor the sentencing of an individual in political opposition. For when was there ever a stronger opposition movement in Germany than the National Socialist one? Never were political adversaries suppressed by like base means, persecuted, and hunted as those of the National Socialist Party.

To us it is an honor never to have partaken in the sympathy and support extended by a foreign government. Evidently, such support is lent exclusively to those who aim to destroy the German Reich. 

Hence, in our eyes, the display of such support would indicate the necessity to step up measures previously taken in any such case. ”  [snip]

Here is one source for the full text, though there are others, an they may vary slightly



Hitler’s statement is important and relevant even today for many reasons. It again reinforces the fact that Hitler himself was a Christian, which many (fans and foes alike)  still doubt, in spite of all the material which I have provided in numerous posts, and the dozens and dozens of indisputable quotes, and furthermore, it demonstrates the unprecedented government financial commitment  to the Christian Church that was (an is) unheard of in western democracies.

Secondly, he reiterated the official NSDAP policy of freedom of religion; that anyone could worship God as they wished, but that the clergy did not have the right to engage in politics and to subvert the democratic will of the German people as expressed in Hitler and his government, which enjoyed overwhelmingly popular support.  Actions taken against certain clergy members was due to subversive political activity and not faith issues.

Thirdly, as I have previously pointed out, at the moment that Hitler came to power in 1933, self-described “International Jewry” declared war on Germany, spread malicious “atrocity propaganda” and effected worldwide boycotts of German goods with the intent of terrorizing and extorting the Germans in order to subvert the popular political will of the people, and indeed, to starve them, and incite them to overthrow Hitler.  Jews in Germany publicly and voluntarily denied that any atrocities had taken place and defended Germany (see my previous posts).  None of that worked of course. In spite of the International Jewish campaign, Germany quickly began to recover and to prosper. That, in turn, increased Hitler’s domestic popularity, while no doubt, doing severe damage to the International Bankster Gangsters and the Bolshevists. Hence, as Hitler indicated, their attempts to continually undermine the National Socialist government and to subvert the will of German people by further inciting the world towards war, as well as,  inciting discord within Germany through liberal dupes,

It should be noted also, that this speech immediately followed the Munich Accord which brought the Sudetenland into the Reich, and also following the vote which saw Austria join the Reich by an overwhelming majority. Their representatives were present in the Reichstag for the first time as part of the Greater German Reich, and also, that this speech was given just seven months before the outbreak of war.

Finally, now please consider this story in the modern context. Think of  Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya etc.  This same method of operations is being still being used today, with the same or similar lies being told to us by the Jewish controlled media to bring about international boycotts, UN resolutions, civil insurrections, and religious infighting to destabilize nations and to bring about “regime change” against nationalistic and truly socialistic governments, which do not permit usury, print their own interest free currency, do not submit to the communistic UN, and thus, buck the New World Order agenda.

You can simply replace the name Hitler with Saddam, Ghadaffi, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, or Assad (“He’s the next Hitler! Something must be done!”).  Then think of  the “Muslim Brotherhood” and Wahhabism  (Jewish creations / agents)  and of al Qaeda being trained and funded in America to infiltrate to Arab / Muslim nations.  Many “truth seekers” see and undestand these things, and acknowledge them regularly.  The “alternative media” is all over that, as is “Russia Today” (RT),  BUT,  just as the mainstream media, they would still have you believe every horror story that was ever told about Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich as being the gospel truth (and to never consider the sources) and believe that World War II really was “the good war”.  As if they only started lying AFTER World War II  …. Really?

Who benefits from you believing that? What agenda is served?

PS   Yes, I still have more to cover on the topic of Hitler, National Socialism and Christianity….. and without apology.

A late addition…. This video supports my point:
“Bill Maher gets owned by Glenn Greenwald over religion and US intervention”

Greenwald refers to 6 decades of propaganda induced wars, but just can’t quite make it to 7+ decades. But he is approaching it. You can guess as to why!  LOL

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7 Responses to Speech: Adolf Hitler Responds to Allegations of Religious Persecutions in Germany

  1. irokoin says:

    Russia Today (RT) its own by RIA NOVOSTI which was created by the jewish bolsheviks in June/24/1941, the Jews were not only the owners of the Western media but also were the owners of the URSS media.

    In short RT is simply controlled opposition, RT is like Infowars without Alex Jones’s crazyness


  2. Hans says:

    >Finally, now please consider this story in the modern context. Think of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya >etc. This same method of operations is being still being used today, with the same or similar lies being >told to us by the Jewish controlled media to bring about international boycotts, UN resolutions, civil i>nsurrections, and religious infighting to destabilize nations and to bring about “regime change” against >nationalistic and truly socialistic governments, which do not permit usury, print their own interest free >currency, do not submit to the communistic UN, and thus, buck the New World Order agenda.

    Some say England tried to destroy the German Empire in order to remove competition, but got in the end herself bancrupt because of the war. I am not sure if this is true because first off is the British Empire not British and secondly it is still there, their owners have just moved to another continent.

    So the reason for “regime change” in Germany was not because of competition to the British Empire. It was because

    1) Hitler tried to make an interest free currency
    2) he opposed an occult New World Order

    The UN – the idea of American president Wilson – has clearly occult roots. The predecessor of UN, the League of Nations, was depicted by NS propaganda as a “Jewish Monkey Theater” and Hitler left as protest the League of Nations. Because it did nothing to change the Treaty of Versailles. And it did nothing as England and France started – against the Treaty which was also mandatory for them – to produce arms.

    There are some good documentaries about the occult agenda of UN by Prof. Walter Veith from South Africa. Like here for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDmXXV6uEVA

    Or here:

    The UN the Occult Agenda Total Onslaught – Walter Veith

    The occult UN is trying to replace Christianity with a sort of New Age Religion and
    NS Germany was an obstacle to this plan.

    If this quotes are genuine it is clear why Nazi German had to vanish:


    It was not NS Germany which was “occult”, it is the New World Order which is occult.

    And the main reason why all this Hollywood nonsense about the “occult Nazis” is still existing are the self-styled “truth tellers” – they are even worse than any alleged disinfo agents, because they are spreading every half baked nonsense without checking. The bigger the nonsense the more they spread it. And they are therewith creating an impenetrable thicket for every truth seeker.

    Don t speak a word German, never read one Hitler speech but spreading every kind of mischief.

    This blog here is really a pearl, I hope the readers do appreciate this.

  3. fn says:

    Is there a book in English that covers the extent of the ant-German hate campaign in the US from 1933-41?

    • Hi, sorry but I am not aware of a book. There are some articles on the internet, and I think Mark Weber of the IHR has covered it. There are some YouTube videos that I have seen, though it was quite some time ago.

    • Hans says:

      From the cuff i don t know a book but consider this:

      Hitler (who made a deal with the church and paid them much money) was depicted by the jewish US press as someone “who wants to abolish all religions and drench the world in blood”.

      And someone who wants to occupy the world and South America.


      Deliciious is the reply from Geoebbels where he takes all this hair-raising nonsense apart. http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/goeb2.htm

      Hitler made many peace offers and had no problems with religions.

      Here an answer from Goebbels to the American smear campaigns:

      It was the dear ally of US, Uncle Joe from Soviet Union, who murdered thousands of priests!

      And who put priests into camps at a time when the Germans even didn t know who AH was.

      But of course this was worth not one sentence in your press.

      The SU was per definition against all religions and this (“Uncle Joe”) was your ally!

      Maybe Hitler was not a poster child Christian but what was he compared with your ally Uncle Joe ???

      Who murdered more Christian priests ? Hitler or your dear ally Uncle Joe ?

  4. Markus says:

    Haha, Greenwald’s “I said it” look on his face, when he mentioned Judaism.

    People like him always say how evil America has been in the last 5 or 6 decades. When it really started in the 1940’s to become overreaching by occupying Japan, Germany and both surrounding areas through proxy puppet states in concert with their UN ally and false opposition, the Soviet Union.

    But Greenwald and the like either don’t want to go so far to admit it, or they don’t know the truth and believe in “the good war”.

  5. fritzwiedemann says:

    Wayne, just another brilliant work of your’s. Keep on “fighting” for the cause.

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