Soviet Scorched-Earth Warfare: Facts And Consequences

Excerpt from “Soviet Scorched-Earth Warfare: Facts And Consequences”
By Walter N. Sanning (IHR)

Faced with a massive build-up of Soviet military strength across the line of demarcation, concerned by the Soviet breach of the so-called Hitler-Stalin Pact and forewarned by new and enormous Soviet demands for geographic concessions in Europe, Germany invaded the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941.

The Soviets immediately began to execute German prisoners-of-war right after capture or a short interrogation. Even seriously wounded soldiers were not spared. Numerous high level orders to this effect are on record. The West German Military History Research Institute (Militaergeschichtliche Forschungsamt), which is not known for its pro-German bias, puts the percentage of captured German soldiers who died while in Soviet captivity in the years 1941-1942 at 90-95 percent. /5a

Within days after hostilities began, the Kremlin’s Central Committee issued orders to the effect that only scorched earth be left to the enemy. Everything of value was ordered to be destroyed, regardless of the needs of the civilian population left behind. For this purpose special demolition battalions were sent into action.

The above-mentioned Military Research Institute commented further:

“From the very beginning of the war Stalin and the leadership of the Soviet Union indicated through these measures that as far as they were concerned the armed conflict with Germany was of an entirely different character than the historical ‘European national wars’.” /5b

The measures taken by the Soviet Union between 1940 and 1942 aimed not only at furthering the Soviet war effort, but also at harming the German enemy even at the cost of huge losses of life among Soviet civilians.

The Soviet scorched-earth strategy included the deportation of millions of men, women and children; the resettlement and reestablishment of thousands of factories; the withdrawal of almost the entire railway rolling stock; the-annihilation of raw material depots; the removal of most of the agricultural machinery, cattle and grain stocks; the systematic destruction, burning and blowing up of the immovable infrastructure, inventories of all kinds, factory buildings, mines, residential areas, public buildings, public records, and even cultural monuments; and the intentional starvation of the civilian population which remained behind to face German occupation. It was basically a policy which unscrupulously used the civilian population as a strategic pawn. The extent and timing of this policy action is confirmed by so many sources that no real difference of opinion exists in this regard. What is strange is how scantily it has been covered so far in the scholarly literature.

Until now, this policy has not been analyzed to the extent it deserves with an eye to identifying the party responsible for the conflict, nor to appreciating the German difficulties in prosecuting a war along established civilized lines, nor to assessing the claims of German brutality in Russia, nor to sizing up the numerical potential of the alleged German genocide of Soviet Jews, or indeed, of the Soviet Slavs.

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The Allied mass starvation of the German prisoners in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps (as depicted in my latest film) and of the civilian population under the Morgenthau Plan in post-war Germany was also essentially the same “scorched earth” policy!

It was a “free for all”, in which German factories were being dismantled, stolen and removed to allied countries, along with scientists, patents, etc millions of ethnic Germans were expelled from their homes, homes and property stolen, and where the women and girls were mass raped. Millions were starved to death or killed in bestial fashion!

Liberation?? The devil was liberated and all hell was unleashed upon Germany!

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  1. Dagmar says:

    Do you have a list of all the colonies that Germany lost at the Treaty of Versailles after WW I ? I am mostly interested in the colonies in the Caribbean. I tried to find out, but really I couldn’t find anything.

  2. Butterkeks says:

    It is a matter of heart.
    Could you please eventually fix some typos I made?

    Es ist eine Herzensangelegenheit. Es tut so weh das Alles in der BRD hautnah mit ansehen zu müssen, Und daß, nach dem wir die A********er in DDR 1989 wegbekommen haben. Es war leider nur ein Etappensieg zur Freiheit, die haben uns verraten und verkauft 1989.

    Groundhog day.

  3. Does anybody know about the top secret NKVD order No. 0428?
    According to this document, so-called “German atrocities” were made after the retreat of red army by “faux Germans” that were NKVD squads in reality.
    Even the “scorched earth” doesn’t give a picture of russian brutality full enough…

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